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Restore Health to Virtually Any Illness Using Targeted Bacteria!

A person may have diabetes, asthma, bowel disease, mitochondrial diseases, dysautonomia, autism, cancer, MS, ALS, and virtually every other named illness from alterations in their body's symbiotic (friendly) bacterial populations caused by a myriad of [...]

Let your food be thy medicine, not your food be thy demise!

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, from whom we get the Hippocratic oath every doctor takes upon graduating as a doctor, famously said, "Let they food [...]

Are You Buying Into Drug-Induced Illusions of Health?

I am often amazed as I watch TV and see all the pharmaceutical commercials that spend half of the commercial telling you how wonderful their new pharmaceutical drug is, then the other half of the commercial telling you the side-effects. I think, "Don't people care what they put in their body?"

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