Case Outcome Review of the Effectiveness of the Biological Medicine Treatment Philosophy

As Practiced at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health Among Patients With Diverse Chronic Unresponsive Symptoms

Abstract Background and Objectives

Few reviews have examined the overall effectiveness of a complete treatment philosophy upon the suffering of the chronically ill whose only inclusion requirement to be in the study is that nothing they have done in the conventional or alternative medicine treatment philosophies had ever provided any relief. This case review used a daily interview approach to examine the improvements experienced in the wide range of symptoms after 5 and 10 days of the various tailored treatments and therapies unique to the healing philosophy of American Biological Medicine (ABM) as performed at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Wichita, Kansas.


The goal of this study is to take participants through a maximally applied knowledge and effort to restore the functional and structural integrity of the entire human organism, as opposed to the minimum effort and reductionist philosophies of conventional medicine. The goal is to document the rapid relief that is possible even in cases that had not responded to any natural or conventional medicine. The ultimate goal in Biological Medicine’s philosophy of treatment is to restore health in order to provide lasting improvement, although the long-term tracking of improvements is outside of the parameters of this report.


Twenty-nine individuals experiencing diverse chronic unresponsive symptoms were accepted for participation and completed the full 2-week protocol. The treatment protocol included ten days (Monday through Friday) for two straight weeks. Each day included at least one hour of one-on-one doctor treatments and approximately four additional hours of therapies.

The group reported a total of 385 symptoms. Although every participant in this study had previously received classical diagnosis of several named diseases, it is not the philosophy of American Biological Medicine to diagnose and treat named diseases. American Biological Medicine specializes in restoring health and functional integrity to the entire human being, using all the sciences, and from this stance the various symptoms are improved.

Statistics were gathered after completing five days and ten days of treatments.

This non-sham, non-blinded, in-house study was conducted and results compiled and reported from daily interviews of the participants by the attending doctor.

American Biological Medicine is unique in its healthcare philosophy in that it encompasses the knowledge of the complete interconnectedness of all the body systems, as well as the concept of the body being set up on somewhat dedicated circuits with each organ sharing an energetic connection with specific glands, neurological tissues, joints, muscles, and emotions. As such, anything that goes wrong along any aspect of one of these circuits will cause the entire circuit to suffer a decrease in functional integrity.

American Biological Medicine is also unique in that it views all the healing sciences, techniques, and technologies as tools that are to be skillfully and synergistically implemented within each office visit by the doctor. The more various healing tools a doctor can bring to bear on a case the more likely it is that they will have the correct tool for the task at hand. The knowledge level of the doctor of ABM enables all of the various treatment modalities to be used dynamically by the attending doctor under one roof.

The AMB doctor seeks to utilize the correct tools for the condition at hand., applying virtually all the various treatments himself dynamically as determined by his testing. Doctors specializing in ABM are trained to have mastery of physical medicine, radiological and conventional laboratory testing, nutritional and energy medicine, and all of the natural life and healing sciences. The goal of each doctor treatment is to identify and address any issue that may be interfering with the body’s own ability to heal. Each treatment is applied with the understanding that it must work with the body’s own wisdom and design and each treatment, whether manual, energetic, or nutritive must work synergistically with each other and synergistically with the efforts of the body, without harming or disrupting any aspect of the human organism. The true restoration of health of any aspect of the human organism is addressed in ABM, no matter how remote the issue is to the area in which the symptoms are being experienced.

The testing protocol used the dynamic adjunctive testing techniques of American Biological Medicine, to include Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, Computerized Regulation Thermography, Tongue and eye diagnostics, physical examination, neurological and orthopedic testing.

Treatments included one hour per day utilizing but not limited to, dynamic testing to systematically align all body systems, electromagnetic field balancing, neurological balancing,, musculoskeletal alignments, Multi-posture/Intraoral Cranial Fixation therapy, NeuroPhotonic Therapies, homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutrition, essential oils, polarity treatments, myofascial release therapy, detoxification therapies, dietary counseling, lifestyle counseling, and emotional counseling, and lymphatic stimulation.

No symptom-masking remedies were utilized throughout this study, such as natural, OTC, or pharmaceutical pain relievers. Analyses examined self-reported, subjective, symptom severity or improvement. Objective improvements were apparent, yet are outside of the confines of this report.

Symptoms Followed by this Study

1. Fatigue 2. Malaise 3. Muscle Soreness/Pain 4. Muscle Twitching 5. Muscle Fasciculation 6. Environmental Sensitivities 7. Chemical Sensitivities 8. Food Allergies 9. Cognitive Difficulties 10. Joint Popping 11. Stomach Pain 12. Nausea, chronic 13. Vomiting, chronic 14. Headache, Throbbing/Pulsating 15. Headache, Occipital 16. Headache, Frontal 17. Headache, random 18. Headache, Migraine 19. Strange Sensations in Head 20. Uneven Bite 21. Plantar Warts 22. Finger Nodules 23. Lymph Node Tenderness 24. Sound Sensitivity 25. Finger skin cracking 26. Toe skin cracking 27. Sinus Congestion 28. Cold Extremities 29. Cold Body 30. Skin itching 31. Insomnia 32. Nightmares, chronic 33. Alcohol-intolerance 34. Sugar Cravings 35. Personality changes 36. Emotional Detachment 37. Irritability 38. Brain Instability 39. Stomach Bloating 40. Weight Fluctuations, unexplained 41. Liver pain, hot 42. Paleness of face 43. Dark Circles under Eyes 44. Excessive Perspiration of Hands 45. Excessive Perspiration of Feet 46. Axillary Lymph Node pain and swelling 47. Tongue tenderness 48. Teeth, cold sensitivity 49. Jaw stiffness 50. Nose Twitching 51. Light Sensitivity 52. Dyslexia 53. Attention Deficit 54. Bipolar (Manic Depressive) 55. Decreased Sex Drive 56. Shortness of breath 57. Kidney Pain 58. Bladder Pain 59. Bladder Incontinence 60. Bladder Spasms 61. Rash, face 62. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 63. Undigested Food in Bowel Movement 64. Constipation 65. Diarrhea 66. Loss of Sense of Wellbeing 67. Heaviness in Legs 68. Leg stiffness 69. Ankle/Foot Edema 70. Global Edema 71. Heavy/Sluggish Feeling 72. Head movement, involuntary 73. Arm twitching/involuntary movement 74. Brain Fog 75. Can’t Turn Brain Off 76. Obsessive/Compulsive 77. Eye Fatigue 78. Acne 79. Cherry Angiomas 80. Abdominal Pain 81. Global Muscle Pain 82. Chest Pain, band-like 83. Knee Pain 84. Neck Pain 85. Throat Pain 86. Ear Pain 87. Upper back Pain 88. Elbow Pain 89. Wrist Pain 90. Finger Pain 91. Teeth Painful 92. Low back Pain 93. Hip Pain 94. Tailbone Pain 95. Ribcage Pain 96. Solar Plexus Pain 97. Shin Pain 98. Heel Pain 99. Jaw Pain 100.Wandering Pains 101. Joint Popping, chronic 102. Arm Tremors 103. Skin eruptions 104. Decreased Endurance 105. High Blood Sugar 106. Cough, chronic 107. Cough, Nervous 108. Lung Pain 109. Menstrual Cramping 110. Frequent Urination 111. Urinary urgency 112. Night Urination 113. Rectal Incontinence 114. Sciatica 115. Hot Flashes 116. Sadness 117. Depression 118. Anxiety 119. Shoulder stiffness/pain 120. Vein pain in Legs 121. Foot neuralgia 122. Blurry Vision 123. Double Vision 124. Neck Stiffness 125. Thirst, excessive 126. Anger 127. Dizziness 128. Vertigo/Equilibrium 129. Dandruff 130. Vision, floaters 131. Toxic Feeling 132. Mid-back, Numbness 133. Foot Numbness 134. Rash 135. Skin Infections, chronic 136. Dry Skin 137. Hair Loss, excessive 138. Brittle Hair and Nails 139. Neuralgia (Nerve Pain) 140. Heart Palpitations 141. Heart Tachycardia 142. High Blood Pressure 143. Low Blood Pressure 144. Positional Low Blood Pressure 145. Urine, odd odor


The case review goals were met with 85%, 327 of the 385 total symptoms for the group showing improvement after 10 days of treatment and 273 symptoms (71%) after just five days of treatment. Significant to this study was that 110 symptoms (29%) reported as no longer present by the end of 5 days of treatment. There were 174 symptoms (45%) reported as no longer present by the end of 10 days of treatment With respect to symptom variability, 2 distinct subgroups were observed, with approximately ninety-four percent of participants reporting high levels of improvement and six percent reporting low levels of improvement. There were no significant variations in response to treatment based upon the severity of the symptoms, how long the patient had suffered from their symptoms, age, or gender. No serious adverse events occurred during or after 10 treatment sessions.

Total number of patients: 29
Average age: 35
Average number of years being sick: 11
Average number of major symptoms: 13
Total number of symptoms reported by group: 385
Total number of symptoms improved in 5 days 273 71%
Total number of symptoms improved in 10 days 328 85%
Total number of symptoms that did not improve in 10 days 57 15%
Total number of symptoms reported 25% better in 5 days 68 18%
Total number of symptoms reported 25% better in 10 days 42 11%
Total number of symptoms reported 50% better in 5 days 61 16%
Total number of symptoms reported 50% better in 10 days 58 15%
Total number of symptoms reported 75% better in 5 days 35 1%
Total number of symptoms reported 75% better in 10 days 5 14%
Total number of symptoms reported “No Complaint” in 5 days 110 29%
Total number of symptoms reported “No Complaint” in 10 days 174 45%


It has been reported that 88% of all conventional medicine treatments address an illness by seeking to suppress the symptoms through pharmaceutical drugs or invasive interventions. This is the definition of the Allopathic Medicine philosophy. Allopathic Medicine’s philosophy treats pain with pain-relievers, allergies with antihistamines, infections with antibiotics, depression with antidepressants, and so on. Due to the fact that the symptom suppression treatment never seeks to identify the interfering causative factors the best that can be hoped for with this philosophy is drug-dependence and remission of symptoms.

The results of this short case study demonstrate that it is possible to enable often rapid and dramatic improvements by seeking to restore the health and integrity of the whole organism. With the ABM goal of true restoration of health, the patient does not need to continue with years of treatments, or continue taking medicines, supplements, or remedies in order to continue feeling well.


The criterion for being included in this case review was any person with chronic symptoms who has not improved with any conventional or alternative treatments. Many studies have been performed reporting on the efficacy of the various treatment modalities utilized in this review, such as meridian therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, etc. Very few studies have attempted to study the effectiveness of a complete healing philosophy (American Biological Medicine) that encompasses many different modalities applied as a functional system.

This study is designed to answer some primary questions. How effective is the treatment system of American Biological Medicine, and can it improve the lives of a group of chronically ill patients whom no conventional or alternative medicines had been able to improve. The study is limited to what occurred within the first two weeks of care.

The significance of these results must be recognized in the context of the fact that each of the 385 symptoms was reported as non-responsive to all previous conventional and alternative medicine. The limitations of this study are that the long-term correction and symptom relief was not followed at the time of this publication.

Excluded from this review were any persons suffering from suicidal tendencies, severe psychological disorders, late-stage cancer, and anyone without the ability to get themselves on and off the treatment/therapy tables.

In conclusion, this case review effectively demonstrated the ability of the comprehensive healing philosophy of American Biological Medicine to dramatically provide the restoration of health by addressing core interferences resulting in significant relief of chronic, unrelenting symptoms. While the long-term improvement and true restoration of health is always the ultimate goal, ten days of treatment is a not realistic amount of time and treatments to completely address all the dynamic nature of conditions that have been present for many years.

With continued support, beyond the two weeks, it is believed that lasting relief can be achieved in virtually any type of chronic illness. This case review would ideally be repeated with an independent reviewer and a grant to enable a six to twelve month study based upon the same initial two week protocol followed by a determined amount of follow up treatments. A review of these patients would be carried out over a five and ten year interval to determine the long-term effect of the treatment philosophy of American Biological Medicine.

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