While none of these recommendations are absolutely required prior to getting tested for Borrelia infection, it can greatly enhance your chances of getting a true positive test result. Many people have done lab tests and were initially found to be negative, only to find out years later that the test was not sensitive enough to detect the infection and suffered needlessly for many years before finally being retested and found to be positive. All of these recommendations are also very good to do while being treated.

Borrelia bacteria, can cause Lyme disease or Relapsing Fever, depending upon the strain of Borrelia in your body. Borrelia bacteria live in two primary phases in the human body. One phase is active, and the other is dormant. Both life phases are either in the tissues actively replicating, while the dormant phase is inactive and covered in a protective coating called biofilm. 

The Phelix Borrelia-Phage test is the most sensitive lab test for Borrelia infection, whether newly acquired, chronic infection, or to detect live bacteria even after aggressive antibiotic treatments. The following recommendations apply regardless of what type of Borrelia test your doctor is going to use. If you are doing the Phelix Borrelia-Phage test, the goal is to improve the detection of the Borrelia-phages, which are always present in the body when there are live Borrelia bacteria anywhere in the infected body. The Borrelia-phages, are bacteriophages that entered your body as a hitchhiker within the Borrelia bacteria when you were first infected. To increase your odds of getting an accurate positive test, it is ideal to activate the dormant Borrelia bacteria and dormant Borrelia-phages in your body, energize the active phages, and breakdown the biofilms, the mucus-like film that bacteria and fungi coat themselves with to hide from the immune system and to avoid the antibiotics. It is also beneficial to increase the metabolic activity of the active Borrelia so the Borrelia-phages are more prevalent. This is all important for treatment with the Inducen-LD/RF.

Important: It is critical that you do not do the following recommendations if you and your doctor are not prepared to immediately begin  treatment as soon after doing these suggestions and your blood is drawn for the test your doctor chooses to use. The Phelix Borrelia-Phage test, is now thought to be the most sensitive Borrelia test, and it has a 92% sensitivity and 100% specificity and will identify the exact strain of Borrelia you have, if you are found to be positive. Unlike many Lyme lab tests, the Phelix test easy to interpret and will let you know exactly which of the many types of Borrelia bacteria you have. It is possible to have more than one type of Borrelia.

Important: Whatever type treatment you and your doctor choose needs to be started as soon as possible, since these pre-test recommendations will essentially “stir up the hornets’ nest” of Borrelia and your symptoms could dramatically increase. Being prepared to start preventive treatment prior to confirmation of a positive test may be warranted by any worsening of symptoms after doing these pre-test recommendations. The worsening of your symptoms when doing these suggestions in combination with your presenting case, may be a sign to your doctor, that Borrelia are very possibly present in your body even if you have previously been under treatment.

48-hours to 2 Weeks Before Getting Tested:

Start an anti-parasitic treatment.

Ideally one-two weeks prior to testing and throughout treatment phase. Researchers have found that Lyme bacteria hide inside of parasitic worms causing chronic brain diseases and systemic illnesses. Clinical observations have verified that people who have undergone successful Borrelia treatment confirmed by a negative post-treatment Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test, were later found to have more Borrelia released into their body after parasites were treated. The Inducen-LD/RF nor other Borrelia treatments will not kill the borrelia living inside these large parasites. The vast majority of chronically ill, and health people have parasites. It should be assumed that you do have parasites without testing, and proactive treatment should be done to eliminate parasites as a potential source of reinfection in the future. Treatments can be botanical or prescription

Invest in a personal infrared sauna.

Or find a facility that offers sauna therapy. Infrared saunas can help activate dormant Borrelia and dormant phages, and increase phage activity, and dissolve biofilms, greatly improving the detection of Borrelia-Phages when you get the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test done. Many heath spa’s offer saunas of various types, however the best currently are those with zero EMF radiation and a non-wood sauna for sensitive people. I recommend the SaunaSpace brand, which I feel is the most advanced and superior model on the market when comparing the science. This type sauna does not take up much space in your home, has zero emited harmful EMF radiation, or wood resins that might make you more ill. SaunaSpace is offering a stress-free, no obligation, 100-day home trial.  If a wood sided sauna is all that is available then seek to find one made from poplar wood, or other wood that does not have much resin or fragrance. Ideally, the infrared sauna that will quickly heat up above 160 degrees F, and only stay in the sauna for a maximum of 20 minutes per session or as your healthcare professional recommends. See manufacturer recommendations for potential contraindications based upon your unique illness. Sauna therapy is a good idea to continue throughout the treatment phase, and indeed throughout your life to help maintain health.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake.

When Borrelia bacteria are deprived of sugar, they become metabolically stressed, causing the bacteria to generate more phages. The more phages the bacteria replicate, the easier to detect those Borrelia-phages in the blood with the Phelix Borrelia-phage test. For 1-week prior to drawing the blood for the test, eliminate all sugar intake, no carbs, no sweetened drinks, no fruit, no wine, or beer. If you must drink alcohol then opt for brandy, or vodka. No processed foods. These foods often have hidden carbs and toxins and tend to clog the lymphatic system. Avoiding sugar will reduce the acidic pH of the blood, enhancing phage activity. While on the dietary topic, it is also highly beneficial to eliminate all seed-based oils and foods that are cooked in these oils, such as corn, canola, sunflower, and such oils. Cook with organic beef tallow, lard, butter, or ghee. Eliminating these oils will reduce inflammation and blood acidity.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy or Deep-Tissue Massage

Research has shown that disruption of lymphatic vessels in the body impairs lymph fluid drainage and the body’s ability to activate an immune response to a pathogen, which leads to persistent infection. At least 48-hours, but ideally 1-week prior to getting your blood drawn for the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Testing, it is recommended that you do two or more of these massages to dislodge the blocked lymph fluid drainage to be able to push the bacteria out of hiding and free the Borrelia-phages to move about the body more easily, seeking Borrelia bacteria to kill. This therapy is good to also do throughout your treatment phase.

Receive an I.V. of Minerals.

This recommendation is primarily for those who are going to use Inducen-LD/RF as a treatment. Many hydration clinics offer this IV on a walk in basis, without the need for a doctor’s prescription. It is best to do one IV 48-hours prior to drawing the blood for testing, and then at least weekly or as directed by your healthcare professional during treatment using Inducen-LD/RF. Research has revealed that in anticoagulated blood, increasing blood levels of free, exogenous Magnesium, Calcium, either singly or in combination with, will increase phage activity and killing of the target bacteria, by approximately 10,000 fold. In this research, EDTA was the anticoagulant used, however the addition of Lumbrokinase or Bolouke, both are a very safe, systemic fibrinolytic enzyme, should provide a safer anti-coagulant than EDTA, and is readily available online from reputable companies. It is not enough to take these minerals orally, since the oral supplements are not free ions in the blood. This therapy is primarily relevant for those people who are undergoing Inducen-LD/RF as a treatment, although it can still be of benefit for those taking prescription and natural antibiotic treatments to influence phage killing of the bacteria, which is the only action of the Inducen-LD/RF treatments. 

Weaken or Breakdown Bacterial Biofilms.

Start 1-2-weeks prior to testing and continue through treatment phase regardless of which form of treatment is being implemented. Bacterial biofilms are a protective film that bacteria produce to create a shield of sorts that protects the bacteria from the immune system. While phages are known to be able to get through these biofilms, the eliminating of the biofilms exposes the bacteria to the immune system and helps activate dormant bacteria and phages. The previous recommendations of sauna therapy, and lumbrokinase are a good start towards breaking down biofilms. There are other readily available enzyme supplements online that are more specific to bacterial biofilms, such as Muco-Solve. Other microbes can also create large amounts of biofilm, such as the fungus, Protomyxzoa rheumatica (Funneliformis mosseae) and a host of other fungi. Muco-solve may also help breakdown this type of biofilm, which is different composition than the Borrelia biofilm. It is due to the excessive amounts of biofilm produced by Protomyxzoa that it is also now targeted within the Inducen-LD/RF formula.

Borrelia are sexually transmitted.

Borrelia bacteria are in the same family as Syphilis, a very well-documented STD. Borrelia are also believed to be sexually transmitted. There should be no sexual intercourse of any orifice, including oral sex, for the full period of testing and treatment. The use of a condom may possibly be acceptable, with caution. The abstinence period must obviously extend long enough to be sufficient time for the antibody to reasonably be expected to possibly clear before doing any antibody testing. It should be assumed that any sex partner is also infected, whether they are symptomatic or not, and can transmit their infections of Borrelia, Babesia, and Bartonella to you, until they also get treated and tested as being negative.