Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at the Biologix Center is to work with you to determine the root cause of your health concerns. That includes answering all of your questions about your health and how our approach can help restore it to its most optimal state. We make it our mission to prioritize an open, honest, and close relationship with each and every one of our patients, so if your question is not listed here, please give us a call at 615-680-9918 or send us an email at [email protected]. We are always here for you!

“I haven’t booked my treatment yet but I have questions about the Biologix Center!”

We are doctors of last resort because we will never give up on your case. In fact, we win a lot of cases because we believe that the body was designed to heal itself. Unlike conventional medicine which uses pharmaceuticals to merely suppress symptoms, we use advanced, unconventional testing and treatment technology that helps us to determine the actual sources of imbalance within your body. Doing so allows us to customize a personalized treatment program that will fit your body’s very unique and specific needs. By working to restore your body’s perfect design, we find that disease often falls away naturally.

At the Biologix Center, we do not believe that one treatment method fits all patients. Every person’s body responds differently to each treatment, even patients struggling with the same symptoms or diseases. For this reason, each person’s experience at the Biologix Center looks much different. However, most patients undergo a similar experience on their first day of treatment. Keep reading below to learn about a typical “first day” at the Biologix Center!

To start, the doctor will work to identify and correct any imbalances and blockages in the body’s electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields surround and permeate the body. This is not some esoteric, new age science. The electromagnetic fields are well documented by science referenced in the book, “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” by James Oschman, PhD.

The electromagnetic fields reflect the integrity of the physical body. Problems in the electromagnetic fields will also cause problems in the regulation of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body.

Our doctors work to assist the body in correcting the imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic fields using three, five-pound ceramic magnets that are 6” x 4” x 1” in size, to challenge the body’s electromagnetic fields. We then harmonize the fields using frequency-matched essential oils applied on specific points of the body, based on our testing. To complete this phase of the treatment the doctor positions six rotating frequency-modulated, low-level red and violet lasers at strategic positions on the body.

While this phase of the treatment is working, the doctor then works to identify all of the various musculoskeletal, joint and bone displacements and fixations from the pelvis to the entire spinal and rib head complex, using specialized testing to identify the pelvic sprains from the many muscle imbalances set off by organ circuits being off-line.

Each bone displacement has its own electromagnetic component remote to the point of joint issue that must be corrected as well, otherwise the adjustment will not hold. These corrections are applied manually and bio-energetically, through working with the body’s own energetic and bioregulation systems so that no twisting, popping, or stress to the joint is necessary. Again, if you must always get adjusted in the classic manner, then you are likely not getting to the bottom-line issue that is enabling that joint to rotate out of position. It is often during this initial phase of treatment that people with numbness and weakness in the legs begin to feel tingling from the restoration of nerve conduction getting to muscles of the legs…like your foot that has fallen asleep is finally waking up!

All this time the magnets, oils, and lasers are working in tandem to the manual corrections as the patient lies on their stomach on the treatment table.

The doctor then uses a 5th generation, electronic, activator-like device to adjust up and down the spine in a repetitive tapping of the points of the Bladder meridian points that run along each side of the spine from the base of the neck to the pelvis. This reflexively lifts the bladder and the uterus in a woman, and the bladder and the prostate in a man, as well as restores the proper tone in the muscles that control the position of the vertebrae of the spine. This treatment is performed during five different phases of respiration to get a deeper neurological effect.

Once the bladder meridian stimulation is completed, the doctor tests the spinal column for fascial restrictions. The fascia is a filmy, web looking membrane that sheaths the muscles and wraps the entire body. It is reported that the fascia membrane holds the cellular memory of trauma, whether it was a physical trauma, emotional trauma, or chemical trauma. Anywhere there is a problem in the fascia it will cause the body’s electromagnetic energy to leak into the atmosphere around the body, instead of being available to run things in the body. These fascial restrictions are corrected using a Percussor device to erase the cellular memory of trauma that is locked in these membranes. This ensures more of the body’s energy will be available to heal since the body is not leaking energy into the atmosphere. (You can take the best medicines in the world, but if your body doesn’t have the energy to properly utilize the medicines you will not get the desired effect.)

By the time all of these hands-on treatments are finished, the electromagnetic fields will hold their corrections. The doctor will now have the patient turn over onto his or her back.

As you lay on your back, the doctor will perform a test, challenging the adductor muscles on the inner thigh. By resisting the pulling apart of your raised knees, the doctor can identify any pubic bone misalignment and reproductive organ circuit problems. If these muscles are weak then the reproductive organ circuit is blown. The pubic bone misalignment and subsequent weak muscles are addressed by resetting the reproductive organ circuit, either with bio-energetic corrections, or by frequency testing to the selection of homeopathic remedies, or supplements that will address the causes of the circuit being blown. Once the circuit is up and working again, the muscle is amazingly strong once more, and pain in the region generally subsides exponentially. This test and correction is usually the patient’s first subjective way to really see the health restoration occurring.

The doctor continues to work with his hands to correct the various other basic, and common findings, such as malfunctioning Ilio-Cecal Valve and Valve of Houston that blow out the Large Intestine Circuit and take out the Tensor Fascia Lata muscle that runs down the outside of each thigh. Often after manually and bio-energetically correcting these valves in the colon, the abductor muscles of the leg begin working correctly again. This correction can also help relieve constipation by improving the peristalsis action of the colon.

The doctor then moves up the abdomen, testing for any Hiatal Hernia of the stomach into the chest. This is more common that one might think, but is easily corrected by manually pulling the stomach down and out of the chest cavity. Then the doctor, using bio-energetic corrections, resets the Lung Circuit and thereby the diaphragm tightens to its normal tone, which blocks the hiatal hernia from recurring. To make doubly sure, the doctor will use a Percussor device to help reset the proper tone and erase the cellular memory of the event from the myofascial membrane of the diaphragm. This one correction often enables the person to breathe much more deeply, as well as often ending the nightmare of GERD and heartburn.

At this point, the manual treatments switch to testing for the primary chemical issues, as determined by the results of the case history, physical exam, and Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing (BES). The doctor may begin by identifying the primary toxins in the body and use BRS to determine exactly what homeopathics/supplements are needed to neutralize these toxins all over the body. This testing is so precise that often no horrible detox effects are even noticed.

The doctor will then select from the testing all of the other most important problems, and based upon his knowledge and testing he will then determine the corrections in the form of compounded remedies…not the remedies needed to “suppress” the symptoms, but the remedies that will provide the body with essentially the corrective “software,” or corrective information, and building blocks needed for the BODY to restore its own bio-regulative condition. To do this the doctor can test very specific issues, or he can test using electromagnetic sentences that are less specific, but capture a large amount of problems all at once within the body that can be addressed in a very streamlined selection of remedies. The doctor compounds the remedies that have been identified at that time.

By the end of the office visit the doctor has determined a selection of remedies, which combined with all of his previous corrections, turns on every single organ circuit in the body, and has directly or indirectly shifted every conceivable issue in the body.

Barring any major pre-existing dysfunction, such as profound paralysis, by the end of the office visit ALL of the previously weak muscles will be stronger when challenged, and much of the associated muscle, bone, and joint pain is dramatically reduced! We have even seen cases of profound paralysis notice these effects.

And this is just the first office visit! Since your doctor is now better able to understand your body’s needs, he will work to find the best personalized treatment methods for the remainder of your two weeks. Download your patient info packet and get started on your path to healing!

We have helped people with nearly every condition, from rare chronic diseases to natural aging. If you have symptoms that have persisted for more than three months despite treatment, we most likely want your case. No matter the diagnosis, it comes down to identifying what has gone wrong inside the body and how we can help your body fix the problem. We enjoy great success because we specialize in the restoration of the optimal functioning of the body, mind, and spirit, instead of solely focusing on the treatment of symptoms and disease.

When considering a treatment facility, you must first ask yourself what type of medicine you are most comfortable receiving. With the use of pharmaceutical drugs comes many unwanted side-effects, and from a general treatment philosophy, these drugs only serve to mask most symptoms temporarily. As such, we believe that doctors who prescribe pharmaceutical drugs promote the idea that no illness can ever truly be healed. It is our opinion that pharmaceutical medications designed to be taken for the rest of a patient’s life should be a last resort, only implemented when all else has failed.

Our doctors believe that the goal of treatment should always be to restore the entire body to its most optimum structural and functional integrity, so that disease, as well as symptoms, can fall away for good. To achieve this state, all doctors of the Biologix Center use innovative, real-time testing, developed by Dr. David Jernigan, to directly target imbalances associated with every type of chronic illness. In doing so, we often see more rapid results than those achieved by powerful, symptom-suppressing, pharmaceutical drugs. In other words, we believe that treatment should make you feel better, not worse.

The doctors of the Biologix Center are world-renowned as some of the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors in healthcare. Our staff includes both medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic, all of whom are board-certified and have received extensive post-graduate training in Functional Medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and energy medicine. In fact, some of our chiropractic doctors have even been recognized as “Diplomats of Internal Medicine,” the highest level of training that can be awarded within the chiropractic space.

Some are surprised to learn that the scholastic training of medical physicians and chiropractic physicians is almost identical. Both have just over 4,000 classroom hours and many utilize almost all of the same textbooks. The major differences between the two are found within their treatment philosophies.

Regardless of their various medical degrees however, our doctors practice with a new, unified healing philosophy wherein we recognize and utilize one over-arching set of technologies and treatments to heal our patients. Since our medical physicians and chiropractic physicians practice with the same tools, technologies, and treatment philosophies that are unique to American Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine (ABBM), it matters little what type of doctor a person sees when he or she visits the Biologix Center for Optimum Health. What does matter is the level of individualized care we provide, which is greater than any other treatment facility in the country, and perhaps in the world.

Our doctors usually expect that patients will begin to see improvement in some areas within the first two days of treatment, and in several areas within just two weeks. They also coach patients on lifestyle, mindset, and spiritual components of health and healing, as well as on strategies for maintaining whole-person health after their treatment program is over. Click here to read more about our case outcomes!

Or program typically lasts one to three weeks. Your length of stay will depend on both the severity of your symptoms and your personal schedule. We do, however, require that our patients visit for at least one week so that we have enough time to learn your body and discover how best to begin its healing. 

It has taken your body a long time to get sick. Our doctors use a multi-week program of concentrated treatments to get the body jump-started back towards healing. Because our goal is to get every system of the body up and running correctly as rapidly as possible, our doctors perform different in-house testing and treatments each day, never repeating the same treatment during your initial treatment program.

Our doctors do not believe that you must feel worse before you can feel better. We fully expect you to notice improvement during your initial treatment program.

Our gentle system of treatment is so complete that within each office visit, most patients’ bodies are able to make necessary changes that result in rapid improvement in symptoms. While this is not always the case, we achieve it often enough that it has become our doctors’ standard expectation that our patients should feel better in some way even before they leave the treatment room following their first treatment. Most doctors would never place that much expectation and pressure on themselves if it were not such a common occurrence.

Unlike in conventional clinics, your doctor will spend one-on-on time with you each day. In addition, you will spend 4 to 5 hours undergoing various therapies to enhance and speed your healing process as well as taking nutritional supplements tested specifically for your unique body’s needs.

Our waitlist varies depending on several factors, but we usually recommend scheduling at least 3 to 4 months ahead of time. Due to our time-intensive office visits, our doctors can only see eight patients per day, which is why we recommend scheduling as soon as possible. Occasionally we are able to find last-minute appointments for patients who are in urgent need, but please do not rely on that. Your health is of the utmost importance. When you get here, rest assured that you will receive the full attention and care from one of the many doctors that has made us world-renowned

Because of the large amounts of time our doctors spend with patients in each office visit, we are not able to file to insurance or provide insurance codes. We are not participating providers with any insurance company, including Medicare and Medicaid.

We would love it if the healthcare industry was set up in a way that allowed doctors time to think outside the box and do everything they know to do in order to find healing for their patients. However, our services are not considered “usual and customary” by insurance providers. Please know that we do more than most other clinics to make our services available to people in financial distress. Providing world-class care, advanced technologies, and top staff is extremely expensive, but when you look at the amount of treatments and therapies we use on each patient in our clinic, the costs of covered providers would be ten to twenty times higher. Please request your patient info packet for more information on our treatment and payment plans!

Our doctors specialize in restoring the optimum structure and function of every aspect of the person in order to address disease. Biologix Center is unable to complete disability and FMLA forms due to the forms requiring conventional diagnosis. However, we are able to provide you with all of your patient records and treatment dates to assist you.

Most patients can start with a one-week program which costs $6,250. Two-week programs are also available for those that need them and cost $12,500. Three and four-week programs are also available. 

The all-inclusive program includes daily, one-on-one treatment with your doctor, any and all in-house testing required for your healing process, 40+ hours of detox therapies, access to relevant educational seminars, and all natural supplements prepared prepared specifically for you while you are at our clinic for your program.

We want to help you! Please visit our financial resources page to learn more about the ways we can help make our treatment programs more affordable for you.

We require a deposit at the time of scheduling to book your initial treatment program and also a pre-payment for your two-week program upon arrival at the clinic. We also ask that you provide an additional $1,025 lab fee for the blood work necessary to begin your healing process.

Payment is due upon arrival at the clinic. We accept cashier’s checks (no personal checks), money orders, and major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We can offer a 6-month, no interest payment program and a 24-month extended payment program at 14.9% interest through Care Credit.

In addition, there is a not-for-profit foundation that offers partial scholarships for patients of the Biologix Center who qualify for financial assistance. Please contact us at (316) 699-3783 x1 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Our doctors specialize in treating people with chronic, unresponsive illness and therefore recommend 10 days of initial treatments performed sequentially over a two-week period. Even if you are local, we believe your best path to healing begins with our two-week intensive program. After your two-week program, your doctor will advise you on at-home treatment methods and whether or not you should return for a follow-up appointment.

Our doctors cannot provide people who are not established patients of the Biologix Center with any treatment advice over the phone or internet. The best thing to do is to come in for an examination and treatment program designed just for you!

Call our office at (316) 686-5900 ext. 1 to schedule your treatment program! We will then ask that you provide us with your deposit, lab fee, and completed patient info packet questions. We can also answer any other questions you may have as well!

“I HAVE booked my treatment and I’m wondering what to do next!”

We recommend reading and understanding our health philosophies illustrated in Dr. Jerniagan’s books, Beating Lyme Disease 2nd Edition: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme and Everyday Miracles by God’s Design. These books are relevant to you even if you do not suffer from Lyme disease.

Tennessee experiences all four seasons but the temperatures can vary from one day to the next. We suggest packing layers so that you have several options for clothing, no matter what the weather looks like. Online weather websites can give you a 10-day forecast to help with your planning as well. For your treatments, we suggest wearing loose-fitting shirts (button-downs or pullovers) or tank tops (for ladies). Do not wear dresses to treatment sessions.

Please bring any recent lab work that has been made available to you with you to your treatment, even if your results appear normal. In addition, bring any other records you feel are relevant to your case. We want to work with you as a team to restore your body to optimal health!

Rental cars are available at the Nashville International Airport. Otherwise, you can schedule a trip with Uber, Lyft, or another taxi service.

Many patients choose to cook in their hotel suite. For organic and natural groceries, we recommend Herban Market, Whole Foods and Sprouts. Kroger and Publix also offer selections of natural and organic foods. We can provide a list of recommended restaurants upon your arrival at the clinic.

The comprehensive urine and stool tests we use allows our doctors to establish a baseline of biomarkers to track your individual health and nutritional needs. Using these tests and other diagnostic tools, an in depth analysis of your bodily functions will be performed. The testing will show where problem areas are occurring or even just developing. Your detailed report will explain your test findings, as well as provide nutrient and dietary recommendations based on your test results.

Most patients spend between 4 to 6 hours per day in the clinic, so your days will be full. You may have a little time in the evenings, but many people choose to rest during that time. The clinic is closed on the weekends, so you may have time for sightseeing on Saturday and Sunday. For more information on tourism in Nashville, please visit

Our doctors will give you a plan for your return home, including continuing supplements and therapies. If a return visit to Biologix is needed, we will help you coordinate your next treatment session as well. Supplements may be re-ordered by phone if your doctor readjusts your at-home protocol at any time.

Whether or not you will need to return to Biologix will be a discussion between you and your doctor. Our doctors often recommend that patients return 1 to 3 months after their initial program for 3 to 5 days of follow-up care. Biologix will never give up on your case, and our doctors truly want to see you through to healing.

The Perfect-7 Treatment and Detoxification Protocol is our best recommendation for at-home suggestions. Read it in Dr. Jernigan’s book, Beating Lyme Disease 2nd Edition: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme.

We are an out-patient facility and therefore do not house any patients at the Biologix Center. We have, however, secured special rates for our patients at several nearby hotels.