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The Biologix Center often treats Mold Toxicity with success when both mainstream and natural medicines have failed.

What is Mold Toxicity?

Mold Toxicity, sometimes diagnosed as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), results from prolonged exposure to toxic mold spores in our environment. Symptoms can vary widely, including respiratory issues, skin rashes, fatigue, and cognitive disturbances.

When most people think of mold, they picture a fuzzy substance growing on expired food or damp walls. But there’s a darker side to mold: the biotoxins they produce. These mycotoxins are formidable opponents to human health, affecting everything from our brain to our immune system. With the rise in chronic conditions like Lyme disease and even autism being linked to mold toxicity, understanding and treating this issue has become paramount.

Conventional medicine often leans on anti-fungal drugs to combat mold. However, these pharmaceuticals come with their own host of problems – they can be toxic, demand regular liver monitoring, and sometimes, they’re just not that effective.

Conventional treatments focus on:

  • Removing mold from the living environment.
  • Administering antifungal medications or steroids.

However, they often fall short in addressing:

  • Deep-seated systemic inflammation.
  • Long-term effects on organs and systems.
  • Recurrent symptoms due to incomplete mold eradication.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Exposure to molds and mycotoxins is linked with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Asthma: Asthma, especially in children, can frequently result from exposure to molds and mycotoxins.
  • Fungal Sinusitis: Studies have demonstrated that molds cause sinusitis and are more prevalent than previously believed.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Research indicates that exposure to molds and mycotoxins is a risk factor for MS.
  • Obesity: The impact of mycotoxins on gut bacteria (gut microbiome) can often lead to obesity.

Mold Toxicity Treatment

At the Biologix Center

In addition to our focus on eradicating harmful molds and mycotoxins, the Biologix Center’s approach prioritizes restoring the body’s ability to heal itself.

Toxins may have been wreaking havoc on the body’s tissues, sometimes for decades. Though mold removal will drastically reduce symptoms, complete healing requires addressing the cumulative tissue damage.

At the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, the goal isn’t just mold removal. It’s holistic healing. We’re pioneering a new path in treating mold toxicity, giving patients a non-toxic, effective alternative to conventional treatments. If mold toxicity has been plaguing your health, perhaps it’s time to consider a new approach.

With innovative diagnostic tools like the Biospectroscopic Emission Sequence Testing (BEST), pioneered by Dr. David A. Jernigan, D.C. over two decades ago, we transcend conventional methodologies. Instead of relying only on standard blood tests, which offer only a glimpse of the patient’s condition at a single point in time, our methods provide in-depth insights in real time. This technology allows our practitioners to delve deeper into the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms, ensuring treatments are tailored to the individual’s unique needs and physiology.

Recognizing that the body’s systems are intricately linked and interdependent, our treatments emphasize a holistic approach. This means that to truly address and manage the elements causing mold toxicity to occur, we need to look beyond just one system or organ. To this end, the Biologix Center employs a range of cutting-edge technologies. From Neurophotonic Therapy and Neurocardial Synchronization to Fractal Frequency Modulation, these therapies aim to restore the body’s optimal function and harmony, setting the stage for natural healing and well-being.

Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) for Mold Toxicity

One of the groundbreaking treatments offered by the Biologix Center is Induced Native Phage Therapy, the innovative approach to treating infections such as Mold Toxicity that harnesses the power of electromagnetic signatures to induce or stimulate mycophages – naturally occurring viruses within our body that have a singular purpose: to target and destroy fungi, molds, and yeasts. The treatment uses tailored mycophage inducers, turning these mycophages into targeted assassins, seeking out and neutralizing mold within the body.

PhagenCorp’s Inducen-MLD (Mold) is formulated to address Penicillium (e.g., mycophenolic acid), Alternaria Aspergillus (e.g., gliotoxin), Stachybotrys, Cladosporium, Aspergillus auto-toxin, Aspergillus/Penicillium neurotoxic mycotoxin, Ochratoxin, Satratoxin, T-2 Toxin, Vomitoxin, Verrucarin and verrucarol, and more mycotoxins associated with Mold Toxicity

  • Restoration: Phages help restore the microbial balance, which strengthens the body’s defenses against mold.
  • Stabilization: INPT stabilizes the body’s immune response, often hyper-reactive due to mold exposure.
  • Detoxification: The therapy can aid in flushing out mold toxins from the system.
  • Impressive Results: Preliminary findings suggest that patients undergoing INPT for mold toxicity show reduced IgG serum antibodies, significant reduction in symptoms, and improvement in overall well-being.
  1. Target-Specific: Each mycophage targets a specific type of mold. Whether it’s Aspergillus or Stachybotrys, there’s a mycophage waiting to tackle it.
  2. Complete Eradication: Unlike drugs, mycophages can penetrate every part of the body, including the brain, ensuring comprehensive treatment.
  3. Naturally-Occurring Defense: The treatment leverages and enhances a system already present in our body, reducing side effects and improving efficiency.
  4. Rapid Results: Initial results indicate that most mold types are eradicated within a week.
  5. Supporting the Body: The treatment is complemented by daily support to detoxification pathways and organs of elimination, ensuring the toxins are efficiently removed from the body.

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For almost 30-years the Biologix Center for Optimum Health has specialized in innovating new precision testing and treatments that work to rapidly identify what other tests and treatments are missing in people with treatment-resistant illnesses of all types.

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, reductionist type of treatment because LD does not stem from just one cause. Many potential causes that can be addressed in our chronic illness whole-body testing and treatment programs. We do not accept the idea that any illness is incurable. 

If you do not have Lyme Disease but have a different illness, the programs of care may still be your best next step. Financial assistance may be available upon approval to help those in financial distress who desire to be treated at the Biologix Center.