Our Specialty

Our Specialty

Our doctors’ specialty is working with the natural structure and function of the body to help restore optimum health in chronic and previously treatment-resistant cases.

These cases most often require knowledge of the entire body, something few physicians can address in the present mainstream medical specialist setting. In fact, these tough chronic illness cases would normally, yet unrealistically, require patients to be seen by every specialist in the hospital because of the systemic nature of their illnesses. As it is in today’s medical system, the patient is lucky to get in with one specialist who gives them a drug that only treats one aspect of their illness and ignores all the many other issues that are going on in the person’s body. This pieces and parts doctoring does not work to do more than shift the symptoms. It is like the old adage of dropping a hammer on your toe in order to forget about your headache.

Doctors of Chiropractic are uniquely trained to see and treat the body in its entirety, using only those means that restore the body’s ability to function normally. The contrast of mainstream medicine treatments is most often to provide treatments that suppress symptoms of a disease or provide medications that do for the body what the body should be doing for itself.

There are those that are unaware that the training for Doctors of Chiropractic match and often exceed the training of medical doctors. Just as there are M.D.’s who choose to just push pills and never use much of their training, there are also D.C.’s who opt to restrict their treatments to only adjusting the spine and also never use much of the full spectrum of training they received to become a doctor.

The doctors at the Biologix Center have chosen to not just use the full-spectrum of our training, but have built upon that training in extensive post-graduate studies of the most up to date healing technologies.

chiropractic-1200x407Source: https://chiro.org/LINKS/ABSTRACTS/Chiropractic_vs_Medical_Training.shtml

The medical doctor who is a nephrologist almost exclusively concerns themselves with the kidneys, he would send you down the hall to the rheumatologist for your hip pain. The rheumatologist would refer you to the endocrinologist for the hormone symptoms you might tell him about. The endocrinologist likely would not suspect a hidden infection was causing your hormone problem, but if he did, he would then refer you to the infectious disease specialist, who would maybe run a generic lab panel that wouldn’t show much. As such, he’d send you to a psychiatrist because you are obviously exhibiting attention-seeking behavior and are not truly sick at all.

Of course lives are also saved by this hospital system almost every moment of every day. Our patients however, are those who have fallen through the cracks of medicine.

Being responsible for treating every part of the body in these types of chronic, non-responsive cases is daunting for certain, and we, too, at times can not budge the case.

Most of our patients eventually realize that doing the same things that are not working is intolerable, just as doing nothing is a seriously bad idea. Doing something radically different, such as visiting the Biologix Center, which works with the goal of restoring the optimum structural and functional integrity of the entire body in a maximum applied effort, might be the next best step.

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained in exactly the same ways as medical physicians. The only difference is that they do not receive training in pharmaceutical drugs or toxicology, since you only need that coursework if you plan to treat with toxic drugs.

It is said that a little tension anywhere puts a little tension everywhere. The body is not pieces and parts, but rather is one interconnected and interdependent organism. If you have liver trouble, the right shoulder often experiences pain and dysfunction as an result. If you have heart trouble, the left shoulder will often hurt. The number one cause of low back pain in men is prostate problems, and so on.

The reality is that in order for the entire neuromuscular system to function correctly, it requires the rest of the entire body to be functioning perfectly.

Yes, medical specialists are often at the top in their field of study. Doctors of Chiropractic also feature specialists within the profession. There are Doctors of Chiropractic with a diplomate status in their specialty, denoting the highest training any type doctor can achieve within a specialty. There are Chiropractic Internists who specialize in the interpretation of blood tests, as well as Chiropractic Functional medicine specialists, pediatric specialists, sports medicine specialists, and many more. Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed to order any blood test or special testing, and can collaborate and/or refer to any medical specialist and vice versa.

No doctor of any degree can go beyond what they have been taught. To the mainstream physician, our form of medicine will seem foreign since they were trained to treat using predominantly pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, and surgery.

100% of mainstream medicine utilizes the same philosophy and treatments, which is why the top hospitals often turn people away because they have already received all of the available drug treatments.

The doctors at the Biologix Center are extremely well-trained in many healing techniques and are specialists in the Bioregulatory medicine philosophy. Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed to treat every tissue in the body using almost completely natural means, including manual and/or mechanical modalities, light/biophotons, sound, electricity, thermal, dietary, magnetic, counseling, biological energetics, and through modifying the lifestyle and hygiene of their patients.

At the Biologix Center we don’t desire or need to treat diseases with pharmaceutical drugs, because we know that the ONLY hope of truly healing anything is through working with what ALREADY exists. Exciting new discoveries in the field of native phages or those that employ the body’s own information and building blocks (nutrients and bioinformatics needed in order to restore the ideal balance and optimum integrity of the structure, form, and function) cam come only from the thing that can create and maintain true healing…your body.

The world’s most astute and celebrated physicians cannot heal even the simplest paper cut, much less more serious illnesses. If the paper cut won’t heal, would you be satisfied with your physician prescribing a lifetime supply of bandages? Almost no prescription drug does more than mask the symptoms or do for the body what the body should be doing for itself. Even antibiotics are doing for the body what the healthy body should not allow to happen.

Lifetime bandages and drugs that must be taken forever may be all that is left for many extreme cases, however every effort should be made to determine why the cut is not healing or why the infection or disease is not resolving. It is time to restore the only true healer…your body.

We look forward to seeing if we can facilitate the most optimum health for you!

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