I definitely receive 10,000 x 10,000 in blessings from God. My life seems to be spent learning to notice the blessings and learning to trust that as I continue to give to others, of my time, love, care, compassion, and service, that all I could ever want and all that I do want is coming to me within each moment.

If we are not observant of blessings within each moment…the joyful journey through life passes unnoticed and uncelebrated…like the ever-changing, scintillating flashes of color and light from the many facets of a well cut diamond ring, which if we are not observant puts on its fiery show, yet is largely unappreciated and lost in the moment amongst the busy-ness of the day.

Blessings pelt us like millions of raindrops as heaven and earth is moved like clockwork in the orchestra of Divine synchronicity to bring about that which we steadfastly hold in the “want chamber” our heart.

The spice of life is tasted in the many flashes of all that is.

Each interaction in our lives is a lesson in developing compassion. Our interactions are the fine grit with which the progressive soul can polish the awareness of its own and other’s Divine nature.

Every life we get to touch and every life that touches us is a lesson and a blessing. I am a better man for having known you, and you, and you!

Dr. David Jernigan