Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT)

Phages—or viruses that infect and kill bacteria, yet do not infect human cells—are well-known entities in the scientific community, whose sole purpose is to seek out a very specific population of host bacteria and cause them to replicate more phages, a process that ultimately kills the bactera.

Using Induced Native Phage Therapy, we at the Biologix Center have discovered exactly how to induce or activate the bacteriophages to completely eliminate their host bacteria. The same process appears to work with mycophages (phages that attack mold and fungi), and virophages (phages that attack other viruses) that already reside inside your body and induce them to eliminate, in most cases, all and only the targeted infectious microbe.

  • We target just the primary infection(s) that are causing the problems.
  • We use subtle electromagnetic frequencies in a tasteless liquid solution to activate phages that already live in your body to kill your infection. (Something that has never been done)
  • We use the naturally-occurring nanoparticle silica and nanoparticle gold from the mineral ash of the Horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense) to store and deliver into the body the phage-activating electromagnetic frequencies.
  • The activated phages themselves die within three days after the last of their target bacteria are dead.
  • We do not introduce bacteriophages from outside the body into the body
  • We do not use genetically-altered bacteriophages (phages)
  • We do not use nanobot technologies
  • We do not use any nutritional, botanical or manufactured compounds within the treatment
  • We do not use any homeopathic, Rife, Radionic remedies in this treatment
  • We do not alter the cells of the body
  • We do not stimulate the immune system
  • We do not stimulate cytokine release leading to greater inflammation
  • We do not cause any side-effects or residual effects
  • We are not supported by big pharma, big biotech, or big money

Why settle for antibiotic side-effects that can cause permanent damage to the body when INPT is much safer and far more effective?

Induced Native Phage Therapy

  • Nothing works as rapidly
  • Has no known adverse effects.
  • Causes minimal Herxheimer reactions (worsening of symptoms).
  • Only targets targeted bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses (leaves friendly flora alone).
  • Can be used to address any strain of bacteria, mold, fungi, or bacteria.
  • Is designed to penetrate bacterial biofilms.
  • Crosses the blood-brain barrier.
  • Is completely non-toxic and non-allergenic (frequency-based oral remedy).
  • Does not require a healthy immune system, nor a good detoxification system.

Induced Native Phage Therapy for the Treatment of Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever: A Retrospective Review of First 14 Months in One Clinic

Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test

Phage Facts

Below, we have summarized just a few of the many facts that demonstrate the sheer power of phages and how we put them to work. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our blog!

  • INPT Therapy has been documented as effective using the newest, most sensitive, and accurate lab test for acute or chronic infection with any of the 20 different strains of Borrelia spirochetes, such as B. burgdorferi, B. miyamotoi, B. hermsii, B. duttonii, etc. This test is the Phelix Borrelia-Phage test developed by R.E.D. Laboratory in Belgium.
  • INPT is currently U.S. Patent-Pending technology and is available exclusively at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Phages are specific types of viruses that only infect a specific type of microbe…not human cells, therefore they do not cause illness in humans.
  • Phages are everywhere. Ubiquitous in nature and as an organism, phages outnumber all other microbes, animals, and humans combined! They are so prevalent that if they were the size of ladybugs, they would completely cover the earth and be 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) deep! If phages were the size of grains of sand, they would cover the earth and be almost 50 miles (80 kilometers) deep!
  • Every microbe, bacteria, molds/yeasts/fungi, parasites, and even other viruses on the planet get infected by phages.
  • Phages, being viruses, cannot replicate (reproduce) by themselves, and therefore they need a specific type of host. The phages hijack the genetic engine of their host by inserting the phage-genetic replication code into the host and in turn causing the host to start manufacturing more of the phages.
  • Phages are generally named after the host they infect, so a phage that only infects a bacterium is called a bacteriophage, a phage that only infects molds are called mycophages, a phage that infects other viruses is called a virophage, and so on.
  • There are innumerable types of phages on the planet. Each type of phage usually only infects one or two types of microbe, so the phages are often named more precisely by the type of microbe they infect. A phage that infects the primary bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia spirochetes, is called a Borrelia-phage. A phage that only infects Bartonella bacteria is called a Bartonella-phage. A phage that infects only Aspergillus mold is called an Aspergillus-phage, and so on. Our testing shows that each strain of a microbe, such as Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia hermsii need to be targeted individually.
  • Phages are the dominant species in the human body. Only 43% of your body is human cells, the remaining 57% are microbes! (There are more bacteria in your body than there are cells. However there are up to a 100 times more phages in your body than there are bacteria.)
  • Phages do not infect human cells or cause human illness, even though they are viruses. Although phages do not infect human cells, through INPT they can enter human cells in order to kill the microbes that have infected your cells.
  • Friendly flora, or the good bacteria in your body, could turn bad if they were to replicate to huge numbers. It is the phages that keep the good bacterial populations from growing out of control. Without being induced to kill the good bacteria, something that no one would do, phages only kill the usual 40%, which maintains a healthy homeostasis of these friendly bacteria.
  • Phages cause a trillion trillion infections of host microbes…per second, killing half the bacteria on the planet everyday! Every microbe is already infected with phages. Our research demonstrates, and this is an important key finding, that when a person becomes infected with a microbe such as Borrelia from Lyme Disease, Strep bacteria, Staph, or molds, those infections enter the body already infected themselves with phages! It may also be possible for certain types of phages to be induced to go after a new type of host microbe.
  • Phages kill microbes in two different ways, either through lysis or by lysogenic cycles. In lysis, the phages land on their target microbe and essentially “cut” or cause lysis of the host’s cell membrane, which in turn causes the microbe’s outer membrane to break apart. The other method phages kill their target microbe is by entering a lysogenic cycle, wherein the phage lands on the surface of the microbe and injects phage genetic material into the microbe, causing the host to replicate so many phages inside of the host that it explodes and releases the new phages to go find and kill more of that same host microbe. In this lysogenic cycle, the target microbe’s genetic engine produces approximately 5,200 new phages, which then collectively produce an enzyme that causes the microbe to explode, again releasing the new phages into the body to find more of that type of microbe and repeat the process. All the while the phages do not harm human tissues!!
  • Without INPT Phages most often just “farm” their hosts. In other words, phages need their specific hosts to replicate more phages. Unless specifically stimulated via our INPT system, phages seem to only kill about 40% of their host microbe. (Remember, you are not the host, since the phages only infect other microbes.) According to phage researchers, if 100% of the host microbes are killed, the phages that need that specific host in order to replicate more phages will themselves die within about three days.
  • Phages can reach microbes anywhere in the body, even crossing the blood-brain-barrier and can penetrate through bacterial biofilms and even can get inside the cells of the body to kill the microbes that are living inside your cells.
  • Phages can kill all of a targeted microbe at times within 24-48 hours for some types of infections, and almost always appear to completely work to eliminate the targeted microbe within 5-7 days for larger bacterial populations, although research is still ongoing to verify this finding. The hyperlink is a picture of Taenia Solium tapeworms that were targeted with INPT phages. (If you are squeamish don’t look) The remarkable thing is the fact that these worms look like they have been dead for a few days, but in reality they were eliminated after only 5 hours of starting the INPT. It appears that the phages attacked the worms in the intestines from all sides, since the outer membranes of the worms are all fuzzy and broken down from apparent phage-induced lysis. No other treatments were given to this patient other than the INPT targeting of the worms. Not even the best pharmaceutical anti-parasitic medications can kill this quickly.
  • A Herx reaction is due to the proinflammatory cytokines released by the body’s immune cells that engulfed the dying bacteria. With phage killing of the bacteria the bacteria explodes where it sits and only the debris is cleaned up by the immune cells. The debris doesn’t cause much of a proinflammatory cytokine release and therefore the best treatment outcome is possible, faster and complete annihilation of the target microbe, with less worsening of the patient’s symptoms.
  • Remission is a temporary pause in an illness. Because antibiotics are reported to most often only ever kill up to 85% of the targeted bacteria,— leaving 15% now treatment-resistant mutations of the original bacteria— the best that can be achieved is remission, or that the human body can keep the rest of the microbes from causing any more problems. Commonly, when a person is stressed either physically, emotionally, chemically, environmentally, or a combination of these, the body’s defenses weaken and the 15% returns with a vengeance. If and when phages are induced to kill 100% of the target bacteria, there can be no remission, since there are no more of the infecting bacteria to regenerate. The person would have to get reinfected in order to become ill once more.j
  • Antibiotics can cause bacteria to mutate in ways that their native phages can no longer attack, such as bacterial Persistor Cells, or when the bacteria goes into a dormant-form called an L-form. With no metabolically active host bacteria, the native phages themselves die. This situation requires is another reason it is best to not pursue aggressive antibiotic treatments. Our doctors are working to develop a work-around for this situation and ways to test a person to determine if they do indeed have native phages still in their body, before undertaking INPT treatment.
  • Phages can do more than just kill microbes. Recent research has identified a type of phage that can eliminate the plaques in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. When laboratory rats with amyloid plaques on their brains were given a newly discovered phage called M13, the phages cleared out almost all of the plaques and the rats’ memory and cognition returned.

INPT is a proprietary invention by PhagenCorp, LLC and is currently U.S. Patent-Pending and available exclusively at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Franklin, Tennessee. Our founder, Dr. David Jernigan, states that he “has never been more excited for people to come to the Biologix Center,” as this epiphany has resulted in amazing improvements that could never have been achieved otherwise. Through the use of this treatment, we have learned so much about the incredible world of phages and their effect on microbes of all types and we look forward to using them to help you leave your chronic illness behind for good.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate disease, but are intended to work with the natural healing mechanisms within the naturally-occurring regulatory aspects within the human body to restore optimum functional and structural integrity.

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