Treating root causes, not just symptoms.

For nearly 25 years, The Biologix Center for Optimum Health has been healing people with treatment-resistant chronic illness, or symptoms that persist for longer than 3 months. Using extremely precise and scientifically advanced alternative treatments and therapies, our doctors seek to treat the root causes of illness by promoting the functional integrity of the entire human person, thereby restoring the body’s ability to heal itself.

Biologix has succeeded in helping thousands of people from around the world who have exhausted conventional medicine treatments—and often alternative medicine treatments—with what was essentially incurable, or at least non-responsive chronic illness. Our initiative of treating the underlying causes of disease as opposed to just its symptoms has resulted in thousands of success stories. We look forward to adding yours.

What makes Biologix different:

All-Natural, Scientific Methodology

Every system of the body is interconnected and interdependent, meaning that each system must be precisely addressed in order for the body to achieve optimal health. We have helped thousands of patients without using pharmaceuticals, instead bringing the highest levels of health sciences to work alongside the body’s own efforts to correct the underlying issues, whatever the cause.

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High-Tech Diagnostic Tools

Using exclusive tests such as Bio Resonance Scanning (BRS), Neurophotonic Therapy, Neurocardial Synchronization, Fractal Frequency Modulation, and other scientifically-based technologies developed by Dr. David Jernigan, D.C., we can restore the optimum functional integrity of the body.

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All-Inclusive Clinical Program

Conventional health insurance dictates what a doctor can and cannot do for their patients, even limiting the amount of time spent with patients and what treatments they can and cannot offer. For this reason, Biologix Center has created an all-inclusive, 10-day program of care that enables our doctors to spend the time necessary to really understand your case and to use whatever treatments necessary to help your body finally heal.

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Comprehensive Treatment Philosophy

99.9% of medicine uses the same treatment philosophy, often resulting in the same poor results. Dr. Jernigan has been a pioneer in advancing a pure philosophy of treatment that breaks free from the practice of masking or controlling symptoms with pharmaceuticals, instead treating the body in its entirety by addressing symptoms’ underlying causes. To do so, we use precise, innovative, real-time testing and treatment methods, developed by Dr. David Jernigan, to directly target the multiple structural and functional imbalances associated with every illness.

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Multi-Specialty Physicians

Our doctors specialize in healing acute and chronic illness from the treatment philosophy of American Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine. American Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine (ABBM) is a profoundly eloquent and scientifically sound philosophy of healing that is recognized as one of the most effective, results-based healing philosophies by industry leaders. ABBM doctors are board-certified and classically trained to diagnose any and all pathologies, however they specialize in restoring the most optimal structure and function of the body. From there, disease often falls away.

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Maximum Applied Effort

Conventional health care delivery is often a minimalistic approach. It is much easier to prescribe a painkiller or antibiotic than it is to provide the maximum applied effort needed to truly restore the optimum form and function of the body. At the Biologix Center, the best of every healing method and testing is brought to your unique case, in daily, one-on-one, hour-long treatment sessions with the doctor treating you.

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I Don’t See My Condition.

The Biologix approach to medicine can help people with a wide range of disorders. We believe that since every system of the body is interconnected and interdependent, each system must be precisely addressed in order for the body to achieve optimal health. Click below for additional disorders we have succeeded in treating at the Biologix Center.

I Don’t Have a Diagnosed Disorder.

At the Biologix Center, we believe you are so much more than your diagnosis, so if you haven’t been diagnosed with a specific disorder, that is perfectly okay! Just because your condition hasn’t been given a name, does not mean that your symptoms are any less real. We can help you get your life back!

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“Fantastic!! Keep up the great work Biologix Center of Optimum Health”
“The doctors, staff and clinic atmosphere are all fantastic and faultless in every way. I feel very humbled and blessed to have found your clinic. There is no doubt in our minds that you have “saved” Georgia’s life!!!”
David Easley
In response to recommending Biologix Center of Optimum Health to others, one patient replied: “I do so to so many people! Constantly spreading the word of the incredible work you all do!”
“I absolutely loved how it’s always evolving here. Every 6 months, I’m more amazed than the previous trip. I love the advances and changes! Biologix Center of Optimum Health feels even more amazing and special! :)”
“The Biologix Center of Optimum Health has saved my life. The changes in my health and growth as a person, is more than I could have ever dreamt of. Two years of hard work by all and I get to LIVE a life. I’m forever grateful for everyone at the Biologix Center of Optimum Health. The doctors, and staff are so knowledgeable, caring and supportive and the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful. It makes for the perfect healing place. I highly recommend”
Georgia Eastley
“Staff and everyone is amazing!”
“Wonderful treatment by Dr. Farney and the great staff! So warm, caring and friendly!”
Cindy Wood and Thomas Cade Edens
“I believe this is the medicine of the future and I truly would be considered preventive!”
“Everything about the Biologix Center of Optimum Health promotes healing. I believe the doctors truly have God-given talents they use to help others. I’m not only fascinated by what they do, but truly grateful for the compassion and caring they show, as well as, a component as the others. They are determined to figure it out! The staff that facilitates the therapies are just as concerned about your healing and comfort as the docs and that’s apparent in the smallest details and their amazing personalities! Even the building is designed for healing with its colors, inspirational signs, and therapy rooms that are cozy, inviting and comfortable and where else can you get swans in the pond outside the doors?!”
Karen Crawford
“Thank you so much for the treatment!!!! It was so helpful and everyone was so welcoming and supportive. Thank you for helping me and so many others!”
“I’ve improved energy-wise and I’m less tired than I am in the morning. I used to be more tired. All the doctors were great!! I loved their personalities. Same with the helpers like Elise, Megan, Krisit, etc. Thank you for being helpful, nice and funny.”
Ruby Husenpiller
“I can’t say enough about the exceptional staff!!!! ALL of the staff are very considerate, understanding, and accommodating and pleasant! Biologix is an uplifting and healing atmosphere. I would most definitely recommend Biologix to anyone!”
Kathleen Noonan
“So grateful for Biologix Center of Optimum Health and all the wonderful staff and brilliant doctors. Such a special place!”
Rebekah Sauvan
“I had heard some wonderful stories of healing from friends of family. I had tried soooo many treatments over my decade plus of dealing with my CFS, alternative or traditional. My experience has been tremendous. The staff is beyond awesome - so supportive and helpful. The doctor really wants to help and he listens. My healing steps have been small but moving in the right direction - thankful!!”
Liz Renner

Our initiative of treating the whole person has resulted in thousands of success stories. Virtually all of these people came having exhausted all the conventional and often alternative medicine treatments, with what was essentially incurable, or at least non-responsive illness. – Dr. David A. Jernigan, DC, Founder/Owner of Biologix Center

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