Our All-Inclusive, Two-Week Treatment Program

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How Is Biologix Different?

It has taken your body time to get sick. That’s why we do not expect to heal your body in just one appointment. Our doctors use a two-week program of concentrated treatments to get your body jump-started on the path towards healing, performing different in-house testing and treatments each day you are with us.

Our goal is to get every system of the body up and running as rapidly as possible, but we cannot do so without getting to know you and your body’s unique needs on a deeper level. Over the course of your two-week treatment intensive, you will spend up to one hour per day with your doctor, facing your symptoms together.

Most doctors will spend only a few minutes with you, looking over your lab results and writing up a script. At the Biologix Center, our doctors come out from behind their desks to perform hands-on testing and treatment for virtually your entire visit, as well as to discuss and explain their findings in real time so that you can understand exactly what they are doing to fix it.

Download your Patient Info Packet for more details on our treatment methods and procedures!

“Before I came to the Biologix Center, visiting the doctor’s office time and time again was very frustrating for me. I never felt like I had enough time to fully explain my symptoms, which resulted in treatments that didn’t really work.” – Patient

What Does “All-Inclusive” Mean?

Because of the nature of chronic illness, we have found that a comprehensive assessment and treatment of every single symptom and issue is critical. Our approach is tailored to each individual, in an all-inclusive package of care that allows your doctor to do everything required to heal your body, without requiring you to worry about the cost of each test and treatment.

Our Two-Week Intensive costs $10,505. While that number may seem scary at first, think of everything that it includes:

  • Up to 1 hour of daily, one-on-one treatment with your doctor, Monday through Friday
  • Any and all in-house testing required for your healing process
  • 40+ hours of supportive, personalized detox therapies
  • All supplements and remedies prepared specifically for you while you are at the clinic

*We do ask that you provide us with a $1,000 deposit at the time of scheduling to hold your spot!

What Does “All-Inclusive” NOT Include?

  1. Initial Lab Fee: An additional $550 lab work fee is due at the time of scheduling, along with your deposit. This lab work fee is not included in your package price, but it is crucial to beginning your healing journey.
  2. Travel: Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport includes most major airlines. Rental car service is also available at the airport, but if you prefer, your hotel may be able to shuttle you to and from the airport. Please contact your hotel directly to arrange shuttle service.
  3. Lodging: We are an out-patient facility and therefore do not house any patients at the Biologix Center. We have, however, secured special rates for our patients at several nearby hotels. Please download your Patient Info Packet for more information about lodging options near our facility.

We recognize that it would be much more preferable if our services were covered by health insurance and we are very sensitive to the fact that out-of-pocket payments may place our patients in financial hardship. As such, we place a lot of pressure on our doctors to perform to the best of their ability and give you the best care available anywhere. We want to win your case and, at the very least, achieve better results than any of your previous doctors.

Investing in your health and wellness is always worthwhile, as it will surely provide you a higher quality of life. Let us help you get your life back!

Does Biologix Offer Payment Plans?

Since our doctors spend large amounts of time with our patients, our services are not considered “usual and customary” by insurance companies. Therefore, we are not able to accept insurance or provide insurance codes, including Medicare and Medicaid.

However, we can offer a 6-month, no interest payment program and a 24-month extended payment program at 14.9% interest through Care Credit for those who qualify.

What Happens After The Two-Week Program?

Following your initial two-week treatment intensive, your doctor will recommend an at-home treatment program to continue your healing process. This may include the use of therapeutic devices that may enhance the speed of your healing at home. While you are at home, we will continue to track your progress by scheduling follow-up communication with you. If you find you are not healing as well as we had hoped, your doctor can make strategic recommendations to your-at home protocol or advise you on next steps.

Your doctor may recommend that you return to the Biologix Center 2 to 3 months after your initial visit. Length of stay will depend on how you are progressing and how many issues still need to be addressed, but it is typically no more than 3 to 5 days. Please find the returning patient package prices in your Patient Info Packet as well.

Again, it has taken your body some time to get sick. We do not expect to find your best path to healing overnight. However, we can promise that we will never give up on you or your symptoms, and that we will work to solve your case together. Never give up hope!

“Health in a bottle is a myth. If you must continually take a pill, it is not correcting what is necessary in order for your body to heal.” – Dr. David Jernigan, D.C.

Our initiative of treating the whole person has resulted in thousands of success stories. We look forward to adding yours.

Download your Patient Info Packet to learn more about our unique approach to treating people struggling with chronic illness. You are so much more than your diagnosis and we can help you regain control and take back your life… starting right now!

  • Step 1: Schedule a consultation with our New Patient Coordinator to see if Biologix is right for you!

  • Step 2: Schedule your treatments at our comfortable, supportive facility! Your treatment should last between 1-3 weeks to allow our doctors time to get to know your unique case and begin your path to healing!

  • Step 3: Continue treatment at home and follow up with the Biologix team to manage your care remotely until your next visit with us! We will always be here for you!

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