Although some doctors and organizations are unaware or uneducated about inducing or stimulating naturally-occurring bacteriophages to help the body resolve infections, this exciting new treatment continues to shock doctors at its speed and gentleness. It works with a previously underappreciated component that already exists in everyone’s body from birth to death, native bacteriophages, natural assassins of bacteria!

Many tens of thousands of people suffering with Lyme disease were subjected to many years of more and more powerful antibiotics, which likely prolonged their suffering much greater than possibly the original infection would have caused. Although still being studied, the most exciting new treatment, Inducen-LD/RF, is so fast and so gentle that the industry cannot fathom the research. The following peer-reviewed research article was recently published using one of the most sensitive lab tests ever developed to for detecting either recent or chronic Borrelia infections, and as used here to track pre-and-post-treatment results of chronically infected people treated with Inducen-LD/RF.

Of the people tested three times over a few months post-treatment,92% were found to still be negative, documenting that it can be a long-term elimination of the infections. Beyond the lab testing there are increasingly high numbers of people undergoing this innovative treatment program that have experienced dramatic improvements, often in a few weeks of treatment, even getting out of the wheelchair or seeing the disappearance of stubborn symptoms that nothing touched for over a decade. Since this article was published, the technology behind the Inducen-LD/RF has been successfully used in an amazing array of various infections, including the co-infections, molds, yeast, parasites, and mycoplasma organisms.

With this new, completely non-toxic treatment solution, the primary focus of the doctor can shift to facilitating the body’s ability to repair the damage from the infections and the damage from all of the previous harsh treatments. Please take the time to read the peer-reviewed article link here. What if the nightmare could be over? While we cannot guarantee anything, as in all of healthcare, the treatment philosophy we follow at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health often provide more relief than any other form of treatment a person has received elsewhere. Read here about another of our studies documenting the effectiveness of our overall treatment philosophy and the 1-week, all-inclusive treatment program at the Biologix Center. In this study we tracked the daily response of 29 people previously considered “incurable” with an astounding 385 total symptoms for the group! You will have to read to find out our results.

An important side-note: Not only can ticks infect you with Lyme disease, but the bacteria that cause LD can be sexually transmitted. If your significant other is also sick or is an asymptomatic carrier, then even if you get your infection effectively eliminated, you could be repeatedly reinfected, and the nightmare would continue. Why doctors often do not educate on treating the spouse/partner at the same time, is beyond understanding. Now that a potentially much faster and much gentler treatment is available, consider a preventive treatment program for your loved ones, even if they are not sick yet, whatever treatment program you choose to pursue.

The bacteria of LD can be transmitted in-utero to infect a baby in the womb. It is always recommended that any child be treated who is believed to have been birthed with the mother being infected. Another nice thing about the Inducen-LD/RF is that it is odorless and flavorless, making it well tolerated by sensitive children. As all phage science documents, when stimulated to attack an infection, the phages will only attack the types of bacteria being targeted, unlike antibiotics which set a child or adult on a predictable path of problems as it damages the mitochondria, the cellular engine that produces all of the energy your body and brain need to function correctly.

Inducen formulas do not treat, diagnose, prevent, or mitigate any human illness or medical conditions, rather they offer a new paradigm of bioinformatics/ bioregulatory therapeutics to help establish overall health optimization in order for the body’s natural resources, in this case the naturally-occurring phages, can work in fighting bacterial and other microbial infections. Click here to learn more about phages.