This post is for those who already know the many dangers and horror of chronic mold infection and their biotoxin poisons. Instead of another dissertation on all of the nuances and devastation of the ill-effects of mold, of which there are many, I am going to focus on new innovative treatments.

Many are hoping for an inexpensive pill that will solve all of their problems. That is the drug mentality sold to us by pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who push the pills. Don’t get me wrong, anti-fungal drugs can have their place, however these drugs are some of the most toxic medications in the drug arsenal. It is time for an effective, fast-acting, non-toxic solution.

At the Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Franklin, Tennessee, we believe we have discovered a new way to address people with mold illness, that we believe is all of these; effective, fast-acting, and non-toxic. At this point it is not the easy, at-home solution that many desire, since it requires daily testing and well-rounded treatments to address the many issues and tissues that have been disrupted in the body of those with mold illness. Health insurance does not cover these treatments, however the Biologix Center offers many financial assistance programs. Those with these illnesses would agree however that effective treatment is much preferable to the months and years of suffering with little hope in sight.

Three mold spores – 3d illustration

The Treatment in Summary

  •  Every life-form, including fungi (mold) and yeast, are vulnerable to and infected by phages. Mycophages are viruses that only infect and ultimately kill fungi or yeasts. These phages do not infect human cells, only specific molds/yeasts. One type of mycophage will kill one type of mold, so an Aspergillus-mycophage will only infect and kill Aspergillus mold. Stachybotrys-mycophage will only infect and kill Stachybotrys mold.  Click the hyperlink to read more about the science and using mycophages to kill mold.
  • When a person is infected with a harmful mold, that mold comes into the body already infected with mycophages. These mycophages need the mold to reproduce more mycophages, since the mycophages cannot self-reproduce. As the mold’s genetic engine cranks out more offspring of the mycophages, the mycophages eventually kill the mold, spilling all of the new mycophages into the body to go out and find more of that type of mold. The cycle continues until all of the mold is killed.
  • Mycophages can reach the mold anywhere in the body, including the brain, something even the best pharmaceuticals struggle to achieve.
  • The treatment is called Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT). INPT is a process by which subtle frequencies are used to induce, or cause naturally-occurring mycophages to more completely eradicate their specific type of mold host. This process was developed at the Biologix Center and is already showing great clinical results.
  • INPT is activating and enhancing a natural process that is occurring every moment within the body. Phages are always killing an estimated 40% of their host, the mold-type they infect. The INPT is striving to get them to kill 100% of the mold-type.  So we are not treating the mold disease directly, but simply activating a second, previously unrecognized defense system in your body.
  • Daily adjustments to the INPT are necessary to keep the mycophages on target, however it is our experience that most types of mold are eliminated within 5-7 days. It is rare that there is only one type of mold or yeast involved, which is why we recommend a standard one week treatment program. Those with more serious illness may want to opt for the three to four week programs.
  • At present, our doctors can use adjunctive testing to help determine out of of 66 different types, what types of mold and yeast are most problematic in a person. It is necessary to know the primary type of mold that is causing the illness in a person, in order to use the correct INPT frequencies to activate the specific mycophages that will kill that mold.
  • At the same time, the doctors must use adjunctive testing to help address the detoxification of the specific mycotoxins. At present our doctors can use this adjunctive testing to help identify the presence of up to 32 different types of mycotoxins.
  • It is essential to support and correct any interference that can be found in the metabolic pathways. This is done using Fractal Frequency Modulation in daily treatments.
  • The organs of elimination and lymphatic system must be supported daily using many different therapeutic modalities.

Benefits of INPT Mold Treatment

  • Targeted to specific types of mold or yeast
  • Non-toxic, subtle frequency-based treatment
  • Rapid resolution
  • Well-tolerated in comparison to drug therapy

It should be understood that while the complete annihilation of pathogenic mold is a worthy goal, their toxins have been damaging tissues in your body for months to years, possibly decades. Symptom improvement will also require the corrective care for these issues before complete symptom elimination can be achieved. All of these issues are addressed in our comprehensive program of care. We want to help you truly heal!



For over 25 years the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee, located just minutes south of Nashville, has specialized in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive and chronic illnesses of virtually all types. Over 10,000 people have come for our innovative and proprietary treatments. 85% of people have come from other states and countries having exhausted mainstream and alternative medicine in their area. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling, contact our Patient Care staff at [email protected], or call us at 615-680-9918 for information on the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health. For additional info, visit our website at

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