The Biologix Center for Optimum Health

Are you or someone you know battling treatment-resistant Lyme Disease?

Discover new avenues of hope through our groundbreaking clinical trial at The Biologix Center for Optimum Health.

About the Study:

With IRB support, we’re committed to replicating our early positive outcomes consistently. Our approach targets the underlying microbial infections, including Borrelia and other co-infections commonly associated with Lyme Disease. Learn more about the virome and its role in maintaining human health.

Treatment Details:

Participate in comprehensive treatments and supportive therapies daily (Monday to Friday). Understand what to expect during our program of care.

Embark on a one-to-two-week program of care, supplemented by virtual follow-up appointments.

Experience a personalized approach with induced native phage therapy, offering a safe and non-allergenic treatment option.


Our primary goal is to reduce or eliminate the causative bacterial and microbial infections, along with their toxins, to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being.


Recent Phelix Borrelia-Phage laboratory test results demonstrating positivity for one or more types of Borrelia and a commitment to retesting with the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test post-treatment.

Ready to take proactive steps towards managing treatment-resistant Lyme Disease? Join our clinical trial today! Reach out via the form below to secure your participation.

It’s important to note that our clinical trial program is not free; rather, it is embedded within our standard Chronic Illness Treatment Program, and standard program rates apply.

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