Recent studies have indicated that as much as 14% of the world population is infected with bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. To learn more, see this recent coverage of the BMJ research article by TODAY.

Lyme Disease, which exists worldwide and is transmitted through tick bites, is more common than previously thought and is possibly even on the rise. Lyme disease can be related to general symptoms of illness like fatigue, brain fog, and joint pain, so it often goes undiagnosed or is confused with other disorders. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine offers little help for people with Lyme Disease because the few existing pharmaceutical solutions, such as antibiotics, are not truly effective at permanently and completely fighting the underlying bacterial infection. In addition, they do not address other underlying health conditions that may make your body susceptible to the disease in the future, and can even cause more complications, such as herx reactions or dysbiosis.

Dr. David Jernigan of The Biologix Center is world-renowned for his holistic and Biological Medicine-based approaches to treating bacterial infections, such as Lyme. His innovations in the treatment of Lyme go back decades, and he has seen thousands of successful recoveries. In addition, the Biologix Center is the only clinic in the world where you can receive personalized formulations of Induced Native Phage Therapy. INPT has been shown to facilitate the elimination of Borrelia (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease) more rapidly, efficiently, and with less harm to the patient than conventional treatments.

INPT is a natural therapy based on ingesting a small amount of clear flavorless water, which has been calibrated using frequential attunement to induce the body’s endogenous production of infection-specific bacteriophages, encouraging the body to fight the infection with its own natural resources, and avoiding adverse reactions like Herx or dysbiosis. When combined with Biologix’s holistic and personalized clinical protocol, your body can get back on track toward health and healing.

We know Chronic Lyme Disease may leave you exhausted and desperate for solutions, but don’t put yourself at risk with medications that have been shown to be ineffective or even damaging to your health. Instead, come see us at the Biologix Center, where we are committed to working with your body’s natural design and restoring its ability to be resilient against infection so you can experience a lifetime of health.