Induced Native Phage Therapy (Inducen-LD/RF) Antibiotics for Lyme Disease
None to minimal Borrelia Herxheimer reactions due to the speed and the way phages kill the bacteria. Predictably bad to severe Herxheimer Reaction symptoms, due to damage and incomplete killing of Borrelia that are engulfed by immune cells which then release proinflammatory cytokines.
Minimal treatment stress is placed on the already weakened condition of the chronically infected person. High treatment stress on already weakened conditions due to difficult Herx’s and antibiotic side-effects.
Tasteless, odorless, individually packaged oral liquid doses, so easy compliance from infants to geriatric patients. Generally, pills, tablets, capsules, or IV’s, which sometimes are difficult to comply with depending upon age and condition.
Penetrates bacterial biofilms. Cannot reach the bacteria within biofilms, leading to chronic infections and mutations.
Reaches all tissues, safely crossing the blood-brain-barrier to kill neurological infections Often limited to reaching all of the infected tissues or crossing the blood-brain-barrier.
Optimum treatment period 4 weeks (2-weeks on, 1-week off, 1 week on). Treatments often extend for months to decades of rotating antibiotics.
100% elimination of infection in 92% of people studied, verified by independent third-party laboratory testing. Unknown.
Works with the natural design and function of the body. Works outside of the natural design and function of the body.
Broad-spectrum, precision targeting of the specific types and strains of the infection and most common co-infections. Broad-spectrum, indiscriminately harms or kills innumerable beneficial microbes along with the target infection
Does not require direct involvement of the humoral immune system yet activates the native phageome system of the body. Hinders or harms the humoral immune system responses to infections.
Non-toxic treatment, taking too much would have no greater or worse effect. Designed to be a chemical toxin that inhibits or kills bacteria with “acceptable” adverse consequences on the patient. Patient tolerance can be much lower than effective dosage.
Safe for hypersensitive people. Hypersensitive people have difficulty finding an effective antibiotic that will work. The range of hypersensitivities often increases.
Non-allergenic, due to no chemical constituents Commonly cause allergic issues.
No harm to beneficial bacteria Indiscriminately harms or kills beneficial bacteria, beyond what can be replaced with probiotics.
No short- or long-term damage to organs and glands. May cause short term or permanent damage to the body.
No ties to Big Pharm, Big Money, or shadow organizations. Big Pharma, with ties to Big Government and Big Money, and shadow organizations that control reporting and peer-reviewed publications.
Does not reach bacteria within parasites (Worms) Does not reach bacteria within parasites (Worms)
Mechanism of action: Precise targeting of a specific type of phages to turn lytic (virulent), thereby causing the phages to attack and kill their normal host bacteria. Indiscriminate, broad-spectrum, direct chemical actions that work either by hindering the growth of the target bacteria (bacteriostatic antibiotics) or by direct killing of the bacteria (bactericidal antibiotics).
When successful, there is 100% elimination of all the targeted bacteria. When unsuccessful, the phages can be retargeted or natural or prescription antimicrobials may be necessary. When successful, an estimated 15% of the targeted bacterial population, which mutated around the antibiotic, will persist.
Treatment does not need to be tailored to the person. It is exclusively tailored to the specific type of native bacteriophages. Treatment is broadly selected for the infection and adjusted to the person’s tolerance.
Precise Broad-spectrum targeting of over 60 specific Lyme-related bacteria, with no harm to any other friendly flora. General broad-spectrum treatment with the hope of also killing the primary infection.
No conferred immunity. Treatment most often still works if a person is reinfected at a later date. No conferred immunity. Treatment may work a second time.
Cost/Insurance: < $100/round and due to typically short treatment duration total cost is expected to be < $500 Not covered by insurance, since it is non-prescription. Cost/Insurance: Up to $100,000/year is common for chronic infections. Insurance may defray some of the initial treatments for the first 2-4 weeks, after which office visits and treatments are out of pocket.

How do we know it is safe?

Phages are a natural part of your body from birth to death. Phages do not infect human tissues or cells. Phages already kill almost half the bacteria of the body per day preventing all bacterial populations from growing out of control in the body. This process 

How do we know our technology works by stimulating native bacteriophages to kill the targeted bacterial infection?

It took almost 3-decades of progressive learning, testing and treatment innovations and a total of 5-years of phage work to get to the epiphany that brought it all together. Inducing native phages to kill their bacterial hosts is what we set out to achieve. Regardless of what the elites of the phage science community says, there is much about phages that remains unknown, and undue arrogance is revealed when they say, this or that cannot happen. “If we don’t know any science that supports this then it just cannot be true. It is a shame when this happens, since there is room for everyone to expand the science and one technology does not negate the other. 

We know it works because clinical testing demonstrates the specific phage titers increase when we induce them, and the bacterial load numbers immediately begin to decrease rapidly by magnitudes. 

We also can often correlate the improvement of symptoms with decreasing bacterial load. 

The ultimate indication of phage activation is the independent phage lab testing, which shows high phage titers prior to treatment and after treatment. With no bacteria left, their phages also die, resulting in a zero-phage titer. 

Lastly, no other form of medicine, natural, pharmaceutical, or energy medicine has ever been documented with such comprehensive and sensitive independent lab testing to be able to eliminate the entire targeted bacterial population so rapidly and completely. The only known mechanism in the body ever documented in any laboratory, anywhere in the world to be able to eliminate the target infection this rapidly and completely, is the action of lytic bacteriophages. This is not a manipulation of the science to fit our views, it is a fact.

Borrelia bacteria are sexually transmitted, therefore any treatment strategy should include abstinence of all forms of sexual contact, and the spouse/partner should undergo treatment even if they are symptom-free, or if they have already been treated with antibiotics, since it has been documented that there are always 15% of the target population of Borrelia that antibiotics will never kill.

More About Native Phages

The following facts were extracted from the recently published article, The Gut Virome Database Reveals Age-Dependent Patterns of Virome Diversity in the Human Gut, in the Cell Host and Microbe Journal

  • Low levels of phages in the body are associated with disease and shortened lifespan. 
  • A healthy person has huge amounts of phages in the body. 
  • The amount of native phages in the body in a person eating the poor standard American processed food diet and partaking in the standard American mainstream healthcare, diminishes from high levels at birth to very low levels as they age. 
  • Longevity and health are a component of maintaining high levels of native phages.


When successful, native phage therapy has outstanding attributes. As in all forms of treatment, there are no guarantees of 100% success. However, in published research to establish the minimum amount of treatment necessary to eliminate the Borrelia, native phage therapy had a 92% success rate.  As you will see below, the facts contrasting native phage therapy to antibiotic therapy are beyond opinion and bias. 

Being symptom-free from antibiotics does not mean being bacteria-free. Being bacteria-free from native phage therapy does not mean a person will always be immediately symptom-free. Antibiotics often require months to years of treatment to achieve the symptom-free condition. These months and years also give the body time to heal, and most patients report combining many natural medicines and supplements, as well as making dramatic lifestyle changes during that period of time. 

When native phage therapy works, it works very quickly. Therefore, the person with a chronic infection must do the hard work to repair the damage done to their body by the months to years of infection. If a person has been only recently infected and there is minimal damage to their body, then both antibiotics and native phage therapy have both rapid elimination of the infections and the person rapidly experiences the condition of being symptom-free. 

The real question of which form of treatment a person may choose is to consider the known harm of antibiotics to the microbiome and harmful aspects on the body, and no harm from native phage therapy.

At this point, the only place to receive this form of treatment is in 1-2 week, all-inclusive programs on total body treatments at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee. This clinic specializes in helping those with chronic illness. The Inducen formulas are just a tool in the toolbox of treatment options employed in striving to restore complete health, not just helping the body rid itself of infections, which although a worthy goal, is not all that is usually needed to restore optimum health to the chronically ill.

It is expected that PhagenCorp will be making the Inducen formulas available to healthcare professionals within the next four months.