The results are in and it is irrefutable that a large number of people around the world have been damaged by the “mRNA vaccines,” if that is truly what they are intended to be…vaccines. The most recently updated numbers from the CDC reports the number of  vaccine injuries from Dec. 2020 through Feb, 17, 2023 the of injuries is 1,524,482, and the deaths is 34,478 and number of hospitalizations is 192,756, although the actual numbers are certainly much higher. This is just the reported COVID vaccine numbers! The mRNA technology is now being put in the flu shots and many other places to ensure their plans for humanity come to pass. Time will tell if everyone who has been vaxed will ultimately have complications, but many, many people are conspicuously experiencing life-altering health conditions, or are going from apparent symptom-free life to sudden death since taking these shots. As harsh as it may sound, it is this author’s opinion to agree with Nobel-prize winner, Luc Montagnier, that we may see a time that people who received these shots will universally ultimately be injured and die prematurely.

Before these shots, living a largely symptom-free life has been equated with being healthy, however being symptom-free is no guarantee of being truly healthy, as many can attest to when all of life was going along good, until they found a lump, and were diagnosed with cancer. By the time the very first indications of cancer are found, we now know that a multitude of problems were going on in the body for 5-7 years. It appears much the same with these shots, with many people feeling fine, until they are suddenly not, or suddenly dead.

We are seeing people who received these shots with diverse neurological, cardiovascular, and other systemic conditions and symptoms that are directly or indirectly causing neuro-muscular, musculoskeletal conditions, and associated disturbances in overall health and well-being. A short list of the more common symptoms found to be worsened only after receiving the shot include, muscle and joint pain, head pressure and pain, neuro-muscular referred pain, neuropathies, and altered blood flow from associated conditions, muscle weakness and overall fatigue and malaise, profound loss of the sense of wellbeing, with anxiety, and systemic dysregulation of metabolic function affecting the musculoskeletal system, and causing hypersensitivity to foods, fragrances, and even sensitivities caused by electromagnetic smart devices.

The reality is that if it were an acid that was injected in body and it burned all of the muscles and joints, ligament and tendons, organs and tissues as it went through your body, then successfully treating to neutralize the acid would essentially stop further damage. Stopping further damage is a good thing, however the burned tissues remain a problem and therefore their associated symptoms don’t go away until the damaged areas are addressed. This is why we are striving to develop something that will eliminate the causes but at the same time apply the best treatment strategies to restore the optimum structural and metabolic integrity to the entire body. Without this awareness, a person may think the treatment did not work, because their symptoms did not immediately go away. Conversely, if a person has very few or no symptoms, yet, then if the causes are addressed, life goes back to normal and the ticking time bomb has been defused.

Two Issues at Hand in Treating This Problem

If you were on fire and I grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out, that would be a good thing, however putting the fire out does not correct the many burns you suffered!  The challenge for all doctors is to find ways to not just make you feel better, but to find ways to reverse in your body, what was designed to be irreversible. We are delighted to be working with the most amazing technologies of natural medicine to enlist or stimulate the microbes of your body to attack and dissolve the products of the shots. As that is being accomplished, our doctors are working diligently, using natural medicines and treatments to reverse the damage.

The two issues at hand are:

  1.  Eliminate the products in your body from the shots, so that it cannot continue causing ongoing problems. This is the primary goal of our research.
  2.  Facilitate the restoration of normal body structure and metabolic function so that the symptoms and damage can be eliminated and you feel back to normal.

Researching a Cure

The Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee is a treatment a largely patient-funded research center*, that is researching a cure for the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal and their associated conditions as the result of the recent vaccine injury. Based upon our early results we are excited by our innovative treatments.

The word, cure, is an interesting word. To cure means to restore and bring one back to normal structural and functional health through eliminating the causes of illness and providing the body with the building blocks and bioinformation needed for the body to be able to heal itself. Historically a doctor using the word, cure, is frowned upon. The accepted term to use is “Remission.” Remission fits the mainstream medical model of the pharmaceutical suppression of symptoms. Remission is a temporary pause or diminishing of the symptoms through pharmaceutical treatment. Remission is time that the drug suppresses the symptom, yet underneath that pill the cause of the symptom remains unaddressed and continues to worsen, which is why the physician must either increase the dosage or switch to a more powerful pharmaceutical. If the goal is remission, then the best that can be hoped for is a life-long pursuit of symptom relief of every increasing symptoms.

We are searching for a true cure, to undo what has been done, and believe we have possibly already discovered ways to address each of the complex problems creating the post-vax injuries. Ongoing research will provide more documentation of effectiveness as greater numbers of people undergo the research treatment programs. While giving a person symptom-relief is also the goal, it is primarily sought to eliminate/reverse the cause or causes of the symptoms, so that the symptoms can be relieved as well.  The primary goal is to achieve permanent elimination of the things driving the progressive worsening of the vax-related problems. Our quest for a cure to facilitate the body’s ability to eliminate the causes, the clots and other foreign changes, is a worthy goal, in that the hope is after that is achieved the body can stand a chance of healing the damage. The reality is that the tissue and systems damage to the body may be too great for the body to repair. The age of the magic pill that makes it all go away is largely gone, unless you catch it before major damage occurs. It is the long-term damage that will take the longest to treat and may be permanent, even if our treatments are successful at eliminating the complex causes.

Our IRB-supported research is seeking to use our innovations, Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT)** and Induced Native Microbial Therapy (INMT) to induce, enlist, or otherwise activate key populations within the native (naturally-occurring) microbial communities already living within the human body, to actively, safely, and aggressively target, dissolve, and eliminate the mechanisms driving the self-assembling of the “clots,” which we have determined using BES analysis, are not made from human cells. These clots are the direct result the shots, from all of the various manufacturers. According to our innovation, Biospectral Emission Sequence (BES) analysis, regardless of the differences between the shots from each manufacturer, they all contain the mechanisms necessary to cause either the granular material, called coffee grounds, which seem to be unique in their ability to cause cancer, bring cancer out of remission, or greatly accelerate cancer growth, or the large clots that clog the circulatory system, ultimately leading to systemic disruption of blood flow to tissues, such as the muscles, organs, and lymphatic system. The clots do not appear, from our BES testing, to be associated with cancer, although the possibility remains.

At this time, it is unclear if there can ever be true immunity to the onslaught of newer delivery systems, such as in the mass-produced, vaccum-packed beef, and newer “vaccines” such as the flu shots, that are being developed. The goal of this research is to develop highly-effective and cost-effective oral, natural dietary supplements that works exclusively in harmony with the native microbial lifeforms that largely form what we consider to be the healthy human body. At this time, these new treatments are only available in our research one to two-week programs of care in patient-funded research, until charitable donations can help subsidize this important work.

Vitamins and Supplements versus Self-Assembling Nanopolymers

We have all heard the saying, “You must fight fire with fire,” we must now fight nanotechnology with things on the nano-scale. Taking vitamins, herbs, off-label prescriptions will help your minimize the body’s inflammatory response to nanotechnology, however once the nanotechnology is inside your body, either from being injected, absorbed into your body through shedding, by consuming tainted genetically-modified food, or having unknowingly breathed it in through aerosols in big box store ventilation systems, the technology will continue to do its damage on your body, regardless of your nutritional status.  Of course, living a clean, non-toxic life, eliminating your exposure to smart devices and EMF/RF pollution, and maintaining optimum vitamin and nutrient levels, and all the other preventive measures you can do to improve your health is crucial, however it will not stop or reverse what has been set off inside your body by this nanotechnology.

Testing For the Invisible

There is not a good blood test to detect the effects of these shots. Thankfully, it is well documented that every molecule, microbe, and substance has its own unique electromagnetic signature, based upon its molecular structure’s unique vibratory pattern. Published research has documented that subtle electromagnetic emissions from the body can be used to non-invasively diagnose a wide-range of pathologies. High-tech testing called frequency-Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify any unknown substance, such as the rapid identification of bacterial types determined by their unique emitted molecular vibratory signature. Our innovation, Biospectral Emission Sequence** *(BES) testing is an advanced, adjunctive biogenically-sequenced, frequency-Raman-like that shares features with the technology of autofluorescence emission analysis. Once we received some of the actual “clot” material we were able to use BES analysis to identify the clot’s exact autofluorescing electromagnetic signature. From this we were able to use the signature with BES analysis to test people who did not receive the shot and had not been exposed to the potential of shedding, and found that none of these individuals tested positive for the clot signature emission. From this testing we documented that this clot material is unique to people who were directly or indirectly affected by the shot nanotechnology. We have also found people with the clot signature who did not receive the shots but apparently got through other mechanisms, such as self-spreading vaccines, or ingested in nanotech contaminated food.

Vaccine Remorse

Many people are suffering from vax/shot remorse, wishing they had never taken the shot, or that they could get it out of their body. They may either have no symptoms yet, or have new, or worsened pre-existing symptoms. BES analysis has enabled our doctors to determine if a person does indeed have the frequencies in their body of the clots and other vaccine associated issues. BES cannot determine if it is a little or a large clot. The reality is that the clot emission signature is not a normal body product, and ideally none should be detectable inside a person. The fact that clot frequencies can be detected in individuals who only received one shot at the very beginning of the introduction of the shots, verifies that the effects continue years after the initial shot. Based on this finding, it is believed that the “software” inputs, or genetic changes made in the vax person, continue to run for the rest of the person’s life, which is why this article starts off saying we believe everyone who received the shot will be damaged. Everything a person does is either adding days to one’s life, such as clean living and true healing modalities, or taking away days, as seen in anything that is continuously damaging or has damaged key processes in the body.

The challenge for doctors is to determine what to do in order to reverse what was designed to be irreversible. The technology being released on the world is understood to be a gene therapy, meaning it is a nanotechnology designed to cause your DNA to be forced to manufacture ongoing amounts of spike protein and manufacture self-assembling/self-organizing structures within your body, forever and ever. Even if one were to discover a way to dissolve these structures (clots), one must be able to reverse the gene-editing that it caused, otherwise the nanotechnology and mechanisms that created them will simply continue producing more of these foreign substances in the body. Viruses have been manipulating the human genome since the beginning of time. We believe and are researching that possibility that native phages, naturally-occurring beneficial viruses that we are born with and also acquire throughout our life, can be induced to reverse the genetic programming the shots caused, and that by enlisting the assistance of the body’s own microbial populations, break down or dissolve the clots in a safe manner. These phages (viruses) are part of our natural phageal immune system, killing as much as 40% of every bacterial population in your body…everyday! With over 32,000 unique phage populations in the healthy human body, to induce native phages does not require the doctor to introduce externally-sourced phages into the body, something that is not legal in the U.S., beyond tightly controlled compassionate use protocols.

Scientific Discovery of Microbial Control with INPT and INMT

I am writing this to give you hope, knowing that there are doctors who are scrambling to push back in ways that the mad scientists never anticipated, using your body’s own, God-designed microbial armies that were established within the human body from the beginning of creation. I am talking about the hundreds of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma, and phages that inhabit your body, veritable nano-armys. The working hypothesis driving our the research at the Biologix Center is that by developing and using complex Inducen formulations combining Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) and Induced Native Microbial Therapy (INMT) it is believed and being researched that these microbial populations already living inside the body can now be mobilized using complex electromagnetic signatures imprinted into an oral dietary supplement (see independent published research on this newly discovered treatment concept) with the idea to induce epigenetic-altering changes in targeted microbial populations to attack and gently dissolve/destroy the nanotechnology that has been forced upon you. To date, preliminary treatments have worked quickly and gently with excellent clinical improvements where there is no permanent tissue damage.

The microbial community of the human body, including the armies of bacteria that comprise up to 90% of the cells in the body, the native phages that recent science shows can number in the tens of thousands of unique phage populations in the body, the native fungal communities that are the decomposers of junk material the body, and other microbes are the most formidable armies in the nano-world. These microbial populations, for the most part, will not mobilize against the foreign nanotechnology without being first induced or enlisted through the specific targeting ability of INPT and INMT.

The Nano-Army Within your Body

Imagine, from the beginning of time, the nano-world of microbes have been developing strategies to control their environment to improve their survival, as well as your survival. Bacteria produce a defensive weapon against invading viruses called CRISPR-cas an enzyme that can chop up viral DNA, killing invading viruses. Purposely manipulating this bacterial CRISPR-cas mechnisim won the Nobel Prize, and is how medical science is doing gene-editing. Imagine if the key bacterial types in your body could be induced to cut out and delete the changes the shot caused in people. Retrons are another bacterial weapon that can defeat invading viruses. Part of our research is to see if we can enlist the assistance of the native, naturally-occurring bacterial populations inside a person’s body to specifically attack the foreign substance and delete the bad changes in a person’s DNA.

Phages called Virophages, can kill other viruses through defensive weapons that chop up the DNA of the invading virus. Other phages called Bacteriophages can kill bacteria, through lytic activity, cutting actions that chop up the invaders of their turf. Fungi decompose everything, it is their primary function! Since the beginning of time, these hordes of fungal microbes within the healthy human body, which indeed are ubiquitous throughout nature, have been battling with each other, developing better and better weaponry and strategies against each other, all can be induced to swiftly target and cleanse the body of the foreign nanotechnologies and the substances clogging the circulatory system.

Although phages are technically viruses, they are unique in the fact that they cannot infect human cells and tissues, but reside peacefully within the healthy human infecting other microbes. Viruses that do infect human cells have helped in shaping the human body from the beginning of time, by inputting their own genetics into our DNA. These viral changes to human DNA have been passed down from every generation.

The idea that you don’t have any viruses when you are enjoying a symptom-free existence is completely untrue. You are a soup of innumerable viruses. Recent research documents up to 32,000 different types of phages in the healthy human. Some are dormant, essentially not active, others are active but not causing enough problems that you feel bad. Good or bad, viruses change your DNA and mRNA all the time. Our technology appears to stimulate or induce phages to reverse the changes that have happened in recent years.

Let’s get back to the nanotechnology. This is a purposeful manipulation of the human gene pool. Whether you got it and still feel healthy, or your got it and now feel sick, it is still changing you in purposeful ways that scientists want to change you. The nanotechnology has the effect of a virus infecting the human cells and tissues, without the actual virus being present in most cases. They put this into people as a Trojan Horse, delivering a genetic stealth bomb into your body. You will need your natural nano-army to defuse the bomb before it is too late.

Could Population Control be the Goal of the Great Reset?

If there was a group who thought they controlled or at least could control the destiny of the entire world, and felt only they and their top friends really knew what would happen if the global population continued growing unchecked, how would they address the problems of feeding and providing every bigger infrastructure for the masses? Solution, convince the world population that there is are more and more terrifying global infections, and get the entire planetary population to willingly submit their arms to their nanotech for the “good of the planet.”   They believe that they absolutely must decrease the population to more manageable levels…a great reset. It is almost like the old Uncle Sam poster from World War 2 which said, “I want you to volunteer to fight for your country!” Now the Uncle Sam poster would say, “I want you to volunteer to die for your planet!” With two-thirds of the population gone, and fertility rates dialed down to a minimum through gene manipulation and out-right destruction of the male and female reproductive systems, there would be plenty of resources for everyone who was left, everyone would be rich and the smaller population would be much easier to control with the advanced surveillance and the ongoing genetic-manipulations that made for a more docile human.

In the immortal words of the fictional race on Star Trek, the Borg, “Resistance is futile.” At least that is what the World Health Organization seems believe.

Could I be completely wrong? Of course, however it does not mean that real people are not dying and real lives of previously healthy people are being ruined from this nanotechnology and frequency manipulations. I have heard people supporting their decisions, who talk about how they and nobody they know has died or gotten sick. Does not knowing the people who have been injured or outright killed by taking it in the arm, make those lives just fake news? Those lives are acceptable losses? The reality is that many of those who have had issues or have died, never had a problem…until they did!

The question is, how do we save humanity or at least those who are remorseful? 

The reality is that everyone who has gotten the life-altering nano and frequency-manipulation is now epigenetically and genetically-altered. Anyone who argues this is likely just scared or maybe believes it is going to lead to a new, better human being. In this author’s opinion, it is just the start of more and more types of the biomedical nanotechnologies that have already been put into the pipeline. Expect announcements of more types of supposed or actually deadly viruses on the planet, so that more nanotech can be forced upon the world population.

Something needs to be done before human beings no longer remember what it was like being human!

All of this is to say, there is a problem from the frequency-controlled, self-assembling, nanotechnologies that have been given to so many people with more on the way, and we are working on a solution using the natural nano-world of microbes and viruses to undo the damage of the nanotechnology that was falsely advertised as being for our own good. The body’s armies will not just naturally target the foreign technologies in the body, they must be induced and strategically directed to attack it.

It is our work, no, our God-given responsibility to apply the most advanced natural science to activate and control key viruses, and microbes that already live within the human body, to cut out the genetic changes in a person’s DNA that these nanotechnologies and erase the disruptive frequencies that are being directed at us, that cause the body to produce harmful substances and the other harmful effects. Again, it is the natural function of a virus to infect our genetics to cause our cells to manufacture more of that virus. With more purposeful direction, it appears that these viruses can be manipulated to reverse the vaccine genetic changes that have occurred.

If you believe you have been injured by the vax or have vax remorse we would like you to consider helping us document these treatment as we work to help you. Call our Patient Care department at 615-398-6196 or visit our website for more information:

*Patient-funded research is a more common situation when research is done outside of large instituations, however we have set up a Foundation so that philanthropic individuals can donate to support this important work. If and when that happens, we will announce it on our website.

**INPT and INMT were developed by Dr. David A. Jernigan and are available only under the research protocols at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee. INPT and INMT formulations are produced and owned by PhagenCorp, LLC

***BES was developed, by Dr. David A. Jernigan, and is only available at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee.