Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT)

New Hope For People With Ulcerative Colitis

Eliminate Your UC. Reclaim Your Life.

Our IRB-supported published research demonstrates that 92% of participants tested negative for drug-resistant Borrelia and Lyme disease infection within just weeks of applying INPT Inducen treatment. Biologix is now observing a similar effect inducing naturally-occurring phages from the body’s virome against Ulcerative Colitis, and we’re expecting extremely encouraging results. Keep reading to learn how our two-week Induced Native Phage Therapy regimen may eliminate your UC bacteria and give you back your life!

Induced Native Phage Therapy Defined

Phages—or viruses that infect and kill bacteria, yet do not infect human cells—are well-known entities in the scientific community whose sole purpose is to seek out a very specific population of host bacteria and cause them to replicate more phages, a process that ultimately kills the targeted bacteria in due time. Using Induced Native Phage Therapy, we at the Biologix Center have discovered exactly how to induce or activate native bacteriophages within your body to completely eliminate their host bacteria and in doing so, your disease! 


By introducing subtle electromagnetic frequencies to the body in a tasteless, naturally-occurring liquid (nanoparticle silica and nanoparticle gold from the mineral ash of the Horsetail plant, Equisetum arvense) we target your primary infection and eliminate its bacteria. Once the last of the targeted bacteria are dead, the activated phages themselves die within three days AND with no adverse effects.

*Inducen formulas do not treat, diagnose, prevent, or mitigate any human illness or medical conditions, rather they offer a new paradigm of bioinformatics/ bioregulatory therapeutics to help establish overall health optimization in order for the body’s natural resources, in this case the naturally-occurring phages, can work in fighting bacterial and other microbial infections. Click here to learn more about phages.

Why Two Weeks?

Having UC, or any chronic illness for that matter,  is like having termites invade the walls of your house. You can kill the termites (UC bacteria), with pesticides (antibiotics), but it does nothing to repair the damage already affecting the wood of your house (body). What’s more, your house (body) will become sicker from the poisons (drugs) used to kill the termites (UC bacteria), sometimes to the point where any stiff wind will further damage your now weakened house (body).

In other words, all new challenges presented to your body will create new symptoms that your incapacitated body must now overcome as well. That is why our 2-3 week programs of care are ideal for UC and all chronic illness patients. We not only rid the body of the toxins themselves, but we also prepare the body for long-term and continued success. 

Since insurance will not pay for programs that are outside of what they consider, usual and customary, our 2-3 week programs also allow for all-inclusive treatment, which means all of our in-house testing and treatments are included in the package price. About 90% of our patients come from other states and countries, having exhausted all other available treatment options. These patient-funded, all-inclusive packages are specifically designed so that our doctors and staff can do anything and everything possible to facilitate the rapid improvement of your condition, without making you worry about accumulating a huge bill.

We Are Here To Help.

For almost 30-years the Biologix Center for Optimum Health has specialized in innovating new precision testing and treatments that work to rapidly identify what other tests and treatments are missing in people with treatment-resistant illnesses of all types. Biologix is a center of last resort for many people who are out of options, even following treatment at big-name hospitals and treatment centers.

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, reductionist type of treatment. After all, LD does not stem from just one cause. There are many potential causes that can be addressed in our whole-body testing and treatments. Our difference is that we do not accept the idea that any illness is incurable. Doctors should at least strive towards that goal. 

Call our Patient Care team to get started: 615-398-6196. If you do not have Ulcerative Colitis but have a different illness, the programs of care may still be your best next step. Financial assistance may be available upon approval to help those in financial distress who desire to be treated at the Biologix Center.