It can seem harsh to think that every aspect of our life is reporting back to us like grades on a report card as to how well we are doing in living and applying the universal rules governing all that we are creating in our life.

In my early years of elementary, middle, and high school I was not a particularly good student. My report cards definitely reflected this fact. “David, you can do anything you put your mind to if you would just put your mind to something…anything!” was the common plea of my parents at this time of my life. School and studying didn’t interest me much however and my grades reflected this fact.

Little did I know as a young man that all of life was much like school; there are multiple subjects and the better we learn and apply the rules the better grade or results we will get out of life.

In school, the better you study and understand the lessons, the better grade you get when tested. It seems self-evident that real life, life after school, operates upon specific rules/laws, yet for many years I was not interested in really studying the necessary lessons to learn how to be successful in every aspect of my life.

We all can readily spout off our ABCs and much of the book learning of our school education, yet can we readily spout off the spiritual truths that govern how we are getting everything that we are getting in life?

Our report card of life reveals how well we are doing in our interpersonal relationships, our finances, our spiritual growth, our peace of mind, our joy, our health, our ability to manifest the desires of our hearts. I know that many of us are getting A’s or B’s in one or two of these classes, but the rest…

It can be easier to think that the situations of our lives are too random and out of our control to ever truly master and get “straight A’s.” Yet many of us partake in self-help seminars, read books on getting better results in various aspects of our life, go to church to learn, and follow mentors in the hope that we can figure out what we missed in the school of life in order to get an A.

We all live life, yet often we wish for someone to write the book titled, “Life for Dummies” because life seems so complex and unfair. The real truths of life are simple. Life does not require a Ph.D., it does, however, require consistency and accuracy in applying them!

As a doctor practicing natural medicine, people come to me for help for every issue involving the body, mind, and spirit. The true definition of a doctor is not a healer, but a teacher. So much of the time I am presented with people who will fight to the death to hold onto medicines, ideas, life concepts, unforgiveness, and other self-deprecating thoughts, never realizing that those same issues are what is giving them such bad grades!

Why hold onto beliefs and life concepts that are not working for you? I occasionally say to them “So how is that belief working for you?” just hoping to open their mind to help them see how that belief is affecting their life.

Do I personally get “Straight A’s” in every aspect of my life now? No, yet I am getting better grades all the time as I study diligently and apply the lessons I have learned.

Life is not made up of random events. Like it or not you are much more indirect control of what experiences you have in your life.
Thankfully your life is not like a Credit Report which tracks all the mistakes and less than perfect times in your past and limits your choice in the future.

I have written these educational blog posts to inspire you to really understand and consistently apply the life lessons necessary in order to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

May this be a bright light unto your path.