The following is a true story from the Biologix Center, told with permission from the patient, but the name has been changed to protect his privacy.

Every conventional test had been done to no avail by the time John and his wife came to the Biologix Center in desperation. The medical doctors had ruled-out everything, but had ruled-in nothing. It was a puzzle that ultimately led the medical doctors to proclaim that there was no actual problem…John must be needing attention and must be under a lot of stress – “Antidepressants should do the job!” was there final verdict. After all, if nothing showed up in their tests then nothing was actually there…right?

John and his wife contacted Mayo Clinic. Their response was to agree that every test that should have been performed had been done already and they could offer no hope for explaining the very real numbness, tingling, muscle tremors, and pain in John’s extremities, not to mention the dizziness and swollen feeling in his head.

Like so many others John, a successful builder, came to us on the recommendation of a friend who had been helped at the Biologix Center after medicine had also given up on them.

Amazingly, a huge amount of problems were revealed upon examination at the Biologix Center. The narrative report after the CRT test, BRS, Physical and Neurological exams filled five pages. There was plenty wrong, it just was not things that would necessarily show up on the basic medical testing protocols.

John returned three days after his first treatment at the Biologix Center delighted to be able to say, “For over a day, I thought I was cured!” “All of my symptoms were gone, but an interesting thing happened…last night, while helping my son with his homework, I got really angry and almost immediately all the numbness and tingling came back in my arms!” “Could my anger really have caused it to come back?” He asked me.

I assured him that the anger could indeed have brought back his symptoms. Every cell in our body, I explained, is taking every thought and emotion as a direct command to support making that thought or emotion come true. When you got angry at your son, concerning his homework, it likely had not much to do with him and had all to do with what it touched within you John. If you are like me, I said, I never thought I would have to see this school stuff again, and I too have to help my own children with their homework. If I am not careful I can feel pretty resentful since I already paid my dues in high school and didn’t want to have to deal with it again!

The point is though, like I heard Wayne Dyer say, “You can squeeze an orange with your hands; run over it with a car; press it with a juicer, but the only thing that will ever come out of the orange is what is inside – orange juice!”

So we must recognize that if someone “squeezes” us and anger comes out, it is not them “Making” us angry, they are simply revealing something that is unresolved within us.

Anger or any other negative emotion is a symptom of an unresolved conflict with us. It is just as important as physical pain to tell us there is a problem with what we are doing or not doing.

This illness is an opportunity to change who you are on the inside and it will definitely be reflected on the outside. Recognize when you are being triggered by circumstances in your life and choose to remain in a loving and peaceful position.

“John, you need to see that allowing yourself to stay in negative emotions for any length of time will poison your body, and potentially block the effectiveness of all our treatments and remedies.”

John didn’t know what to really think of all of this, but on some level he knew that it must be true. Besides, no other doctor had even budged any of his symptoms, and after all, he had felt cured in one treatment. He might as well go with it.

A few days after his second treatment, John returned, again stating that he had felt cured for a day and a half. He went on to say that he had been working hard at avoiding potentially stressful situations, but that a letter had arrived in the mail from a disgruntled customer. Now all of his symptoms were full blown again.

John asked, “Were the M.D.’s right all along that I am just doing this to myself?” No I assured him, without the correct treatments like we have been giving you, all of the body’s circuits would still be off line, and your biochemistry would still have been a mess. The microbes would still be having a field day in your body. However, the continued self-devaluing emotions will override our treatments and you will decline until you get bad enough that mainstream medical tests will label you as a Multiple Sclerosis case or some other disease label.

“But I tried so hard to avoid anything stressful,” John said. My first response was to tell him what I feel is a primary Divine universal law.

(Universal laws, for those of you who are uneasy with the term, are general rules that appear to apply to everyone of every nation and of every faith. For example, one might say that we all will get hurt if we jump off the roof of a tall building without a net. This fact is accepted everywhere. The Holy Bible is filled with universal laws, and even though it doesn’t deal with the fact of gravity, it remains true just the same. )

It doesn’t work to try to avoid stress. The goal is to remain unchanged in your heart of perfect love and trust in the Divine in spite of perceptively stressful events.

We all know there is an eye of a hurricane that can be miles wide. Tornados also have an eye though much smaller, which is why I believe it is more applicable to real life. Real life is in your face, up close, and personal!

The key is definitely to remain steadfast, unchanged in spite of the circumstances around you. From where you stand, walk, and live within the eye of the tornado, everything is calm.

I am happy to say that John is now doing fantastically. Almost all of his symptoms have remained gone and he is proud of the fact that he now recognizes the benefit of knowing what is being triggered within him when he experiences a negative emotion. He can now correct within himself what was causing the conflict instead of blaming life and the people around him for “making him upset, or causing something he perceives as negative!”

Most people have a difficult time applying what John found for himself. I believe this is because of the disharmonies within most people’s body, mind, and spirit. The body, mind, and spirit are so interconnected and interdependent that these three are too much to overcome to get the laws to work consistently when there is disharmony by any name…disease, depression, fear, hate…

At the Biologix Center our belief is that true healing is the product of guiding and facilitating the restoration of integrity of the body, mind, and spirit through thoughtfully applied physical treatments, natural medicines, therapies, and through teaching and coaching one back to optimum health.

Optimum health is the product of living with the highest degree of functional integrity within the body, mind, and spirit. Optimum health is also the ability of the body, mind, and spirit to adapt instantly and correctly to any changes in its internal and external environment.

From a condition of optimum health, all things become possible; disease falls away, and your ability to love is maximized.
Live with joy!