Beliefs are thoughts that live at the heart level. Whatever you think with conviction is what you truly believe. What you truly believe is often revealed by what follows three letter “dirty words.”

Never before in history has knowledge been so available to so many people. Many people now understand that thinking positive thoughts, memorizing truths, and speaking in positive ways are more powerful than wallowing in negativity.

While thinking and speaking positively is wonderful, they do not have the power to actually change your body’s chemistry or manifest the desired positive situation. It is the things that living in the heart that have the power to change your health and your entire life.

Knowing the truth and actually living and doing the truth are two different things. What comes out of your mouth are the beliefs of your heart.

Knowing the truths that govern manifesting good things in life are often just head-knowledge that is constantly negated by the reality in that person’s heart. Heart-knowledge trumps head-knowledge.

An example of this is a person saying something positive to start with and then negating it with its complete opposite. This may sound like, “I am a very positive person, but my life is so stressful!”

The dirty, three-letter word here is “But.” All the “buts” of the world stink! Anything that follows a “but” stinks. The phrase, “I am a very positive person…” is what the person wants to believe and is negated by their real heart truth…after the “But”, that they see so much negativity in their life, manifesting by the phrase “…my life is so stressful!”

It doesn’t matter how positive this person talks. In their heart lives a very different reality.

Another dirty, three-letter word is the word, “try.”

To say “Try” gives the speaker permission not to fully commit to an action. When the word “Try” is used in regard to whether a person will do something, it provides the person with an escape clause. In over twenty years as a doctor, I knew if I asked a person if they are taking all of their recommended natural medicines, and their answer was, “I try”, then I knew they were not. If they were, they would just say, “Yes!” Almost always the person was missing one or two doses everyday and wondering why they were still not feeling good.

The three-letter dirty word, “Try” is dirty because it sabotages the positive manifestation of what the person says they want to do, and liberates the person from taking full responsibility for doing it.

This is seen in a similar phrase to the last one, when someone says, “I will try to be positive all day.” There is a condition of the heart where a person must come to the decision to really “Do” what they say they will to do.

To get back to the very first sentences of this article, “Beliefs are thoughts that live at the heart level. Whatever you think with conviction is what you truly believe. What you truly believe is often revealed by what follows three letter “dirty words.”

The phrase, “I will try to be positive all day” reveals that the true belief is that they cannot and likely will not be positive all day. This person likely also believes that no one can really be positive all day, therefore, the person fluctuates in there positive stance with each passing moment and when confronted with new situations.

It requires a conscious decision and deep self-awareness to recognize where we are blocking the manifestation of what we want by using these “dirty” words.

Watch your thoughts and observe your speaking habits and align them with the truths you really desire. Write down what follows your “buts.” Write down the sentence that you used the word, “try” in order to not really commit to something. Consider what heart truths are driving you to say these things and rewrite better truths upon your heart.

Speak from your heart with these new beliefs that you can and you will do! You will be amazed at how much more productive and powerful you will be in achieving your goals.