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Preparing the Body for Probiotic Success Against Disease

This article could be entitled, "Bacterial Wars: Preparing the Battlefield for Probiotic Success." It is now understood that the biggest part of our immunity to [...]

Parasites Could be the Real Reason for these Chronic Illness Symptoms

Many of you will remember the old song, "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play penuckle on your snout!" Now that I have your attention, remember how as infants and children everything went into the mouth, including really disgusting things?

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Worms in your body are a leading cause of hyper-infection of bacteria.

Many people are mortified to find out that they have parasites, however the world is much smaller now, with people traveling to and from other countries, and many types of parasites are now found in the U.S. that were not characteristically found here.

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