Remember how as children everything went into the mouth, including really disgusting things? Some parasites can live inside the body for up to 25 years!

Parasites can be the cause of ADD, mood swings, and chronic fatigue in children and adults.

Parasites are a common cause of yeast and bacterial overgrowth. Parasites are organisms that vary in size from microscopic to up to 30 foot worms, many of which can live for  10-25 years without ever leaving the body.

Parasites compete with your own body for the nutrients you eat. In hyper-infections of parasites, the competitive uptake of nutrients can deprive your body of the nutrients so important to maintain balance.

Parasites seem to most often consume B vitamins from your food and vitamin supplements. Without adequate B vitamins you cannot regulate your stress responses correctly, or produce hormones, or produce energy! This sets up a chain reaction of systemic deficiencies ultimately altering the body’s acid/alkaline pH balance.

A normal pH balance in the body is important to maintain, because yeast and other microbes cannot survive and overpopulate unless the pH balance of the body is upset. An alkaline environment promotes health, while an acidic environment promotes dysfunction.

Killing the parasites can go a long way towards bringing the pH back into balance. There are many parasite cleanses and supplements on the market. Obviously my personal favorite is the one I developed, Paragen, from Jernigan Nutraceuticals, which is broad acting and gentle on the gut.

Other botanicals that are typically used are combinations of Black Walnut extract, Artemisia, Green Pumpkin seed, garlic, and others.

Clove oil is very important since it can dissolve the parasite eggs, not just kill the adult parasites.

Remember parasites are often not easy to eliminate and can require the help of your natural doctor to determine if you have them and what your unique body needs to correct the problem.

You should do a parasite cleanse at least two times a year no matter what. By the way, the egg of a tapeworm, the largest worm in the human body, is just a little bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. So keep your fingers out of your mouth and stop biting your fingernails, which are like little parasite egg filled shovels!

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