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Preparing the Body for Probiotic Success Against Disease

This article could be entitled, "Bacterial Wars: Preparing the Battlefield for Probiotic Success." It is now understood that the biggest part of our immunity to [...]

How to Choose and Use the Best Probiotic for Your Situation

You can take a pharmaceutical drug which has one function and many side-effects, or you can take these friendly bacteria listed in this article [...]

Correcting Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – Histamine Intolerance – Mastocytosis

By David A. Jernigan, DNM, DC Do you envy people who can eat anything they want, wear perfume/cologne, and are exposed to daily scents without [...]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

As I drove down the road tonight with the windows down, what we used to call “going convertible” when I was a child, I was thinking about all the people I treat at the clinic who suffer with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.