The question that dominates most Lyme Disease Forums is “Why don’t I feel better, even after doing everything I can think of to get well?”

The dominant protocols are conventional medicine’s combinations of long-term antibiotics, and natural medicine protocols, such as the Buhner Protocol, Zhang Protocol, The Cowden Protocol, The Klinghardt Protocol, and the Jernigan Perfect-7 Protocol.

Each of the natural protocols were developed by doctors that have spent years pursuing the identification of the best remedies/natural medicines to help facilitate the restoration of health of real suffering in their clinics. Each one of these doctors had to eventually develop their own line of remedies where they were not getting results with products available on the open market.

Most of these natural health doctors use hundreds if not thousands of various remedies in their clinics and like myself have usually only developed a few unique formulas. I personally have only formulated about a dozen formulas, though I don’t own the company, Jernigan Nutraceuticals, yet I use over 3000 different natural remedies that we keep on hand at all times at the Biologix Center.

Antibiotic protocols are simplistic in their goals, when compared to any of the natural protocols, and especially compared to the Biologix Center goals. The antibiotic-prescribing doctors often have a handful of natural supplements to help the body. They are most often still following a “canned protocol” from some big name M.D.

The reality is that no canned protocol, natural or conventional, can do everything and cover every potential health issue, especially when dealing with people who have many symptoms and been sick for many years. The longer you have been sick, and the more symptoms you have, the less likely one of the “heal yourself at home” protocols is going to work. Please hear me. I am not saying that none of these various protocols will work. I am saying they are less likely to work for you, the more complex your illness.

The infections and accumulated toxins have caused disruptions in every system in the body. Simply seeking to kill the infections and mop up the toxins does nothing to repair the damage and does nothing to get the biochemistry of the body and bioenergetic regulation of the body restored.

I do understand that money is part of the problem, and it is a problem I cannot fix, beyond striving continually to exceed the expectations of everyone who comes, and to package care so that you receive way more services than you paid for at the Biologix Center.

Of course some of these protocols are much cheaper as they point people to herbs in a health food store or bulk herb supplier, but the skill and knowledge necessary to help the severely ill person can often not be passed on in any one book and placed in the hands of the person who is usually too sick to read. For example, if you are taking an herb and you start feeling worse, is it working or are you having an adverse reaction to the herb? Maybe it is a great herb, but your unique body needs it to be combined with a few other herbs to really get it to work right. Maybe you took too much or too little for your body size, or it just didn’t require very much of the herb even if you are big person. Maybe you are allergic to the herb or for some reason you got sent the wrong herb, or it just is wrong for your body type. A doctor trained in sensitive testing can determine these things before you ever put it in your mouth!

I don’t mean to scare you away from using herbs at home. I am stressing the point that there is a reason that the most common phrase in the LD world is, “Why don’t I feel better?”

My book and blogs on LD are clear that any one who is very sick is not likely going to regain the full quality of life they seek without the skill of a professional doctor who is trained to do sensitive testing of each patient.

Herbs are like any tools, they are only as good as the skill of the one using them. Our doctors would not have over 3000 different remedies in each of the treatment rooms if all you needed to do was take a standardized “canned” Biologix Center protocol. Every single treatment or remedy we give you, every single day, is tested specifically to determine that it will do what we want it to do without causing your body any problems.

People often ask me what we actually do at the Biologix Center that makes it where we get such remarkable results. It is this unique testing and innovative treatments that we developed at the Biologix Center that sets us apart and lets us often enjoy near miraculous results on the toughest cases. It doesn’t mean that we can win every case, guaranteed, but we can often do what no other previous doctor was able to do.

A great friend of mine, and one who is an M.D., PhD. said a wonderful statement today… “Lyme disease is not a true disease, but is more a syndrome and should actually be called Lyme Syndrome, since it is truly not one cause, but is indeed a tremendous range of symptoms unique to the various weaknesses in the body, mind, and spirit of the person who succumbed to the illness.”

Most if not all of the natural protocols are designed to address the most common issues that lead to illness in Lyme disease.

None of the canned protocols can address every issue, since not every issue needing to be corrected can be fixed with a pill or nutritional supplement. For example, if you dislocate your finger there isn’t a pill in the world that can correct that finger. You might think, “But I have infections, allergies, and toxicity issues, so I do need a pill!” The reality is that yes you often do need a pill, but not only a pill. You likely need a selection of tailor made, customized botanical and/or homeopathic formulas that are tested to specifically what your unique body, with it’s unique dysfunctions desperately needs.

If what you need is a Fascia Release Therapy or spinal alignment, or NeuroPhotonic Therapy to correct the biophotonic metabolism, or even to synchronize the brain and heart communication with NeuroCardial Synchronization, you cannot achieve these with a standard pill or supplement.

Any resistance or interference in your body, mind, or spirit will put a little resistance or interference throughout the entire organism. This means you can be taking the absolutely best medicine in the world and yet that medicine often cannot reach or work everywhere in your body because of these interferences.

You must find a doctor with the knowledge necessary to correctly eliminate the energetic and physical blockages on each office visit and streamline what you are taking so that they all “play nicely together” inside your body.

If a person is diligent with any given protocol, and is still not getting better or is even feeling worse, they should seek out professional help from a doctor trained in American Biological Medicine. As a matter of fact all of the doctors whose protocols are listed above do not actually use their own protocols in their clinics! All of these doctors tailor every treatment to the unique needs of the person they are treating.

The reality as this author sees it is that no doctor has all the answers, so if you are trying to be your own doctor and follow a canned protocol of any type, you will be very limited in your knowledge of what to do beyond that protocol to get the improvements you seek.

Find a doctor you trust. Do what he recommends until you feel that you don’t trust that it is enough. Find another doctor who does things differently that you can trust. Repeat until the last issue at the level of cause has been addressed and you will be well.

At the Biologix Center for Optimum Health we bring to bear an incredible array of healing modalities and techniques in functional diagnosis and treatments in order to facilitate the removal of everything that is interfering with your body’s ability to repair and regenerate what has been damaged.

Remember, every doctor can only go as far as they have been taught, so for years our doctors at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas have gone out of their way to travel the world learning from the best healing philosophies, and coming back and innovating new ways to get faster healing to occur. Come let us help you.