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The Biologix Center Difference

If You Have Even One of These in Your Mouth You Are in Danger!

A major victory for the health of hundreds of millions of people is truly happening! After poisoning the world population, and creating much of the autoimmune, neuro-degenerative, and autonomic illnesses, the use and promotion of mercury-based dental amalgams is being eliminated from dental practice by governments worldwide!

New Drug-free Help for People with POTS, Seizures, Strokes, Autism, Cognition, and Neurological Problems.

Research has determined that all living tissues, whether the body’s tissues or the molecular structure of microbes, are made up of these unique molecular liquid crystalline structures. These living, pliable, crystalline structures are capable of creating, transmitting and receiving laser-like bio-photons (energy packets of light, generated by the tissues of the body) to communicate between tissues and molecules.