If you are chronically sick then you have experienced that much of medical care is blindly treating numbers on lab tests. Thankfully new science has largely made archaic this form of medicine. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people will not see the scientific breakthroughs that I am discussing for many decades, since they will never venture outside of the mainstream.

The challenge is that mainstream medicine is largely resisting change, and often seeks to suppress and oppress anything outside of their model of health care. The mainstream health care model is largely treating from the outside in and seeks to only manage or suppress the symptoms of disease with pharmaceutical drugs and other invasive treatments.

The Difference is in the Goals of the Treatments

Restorative care is the new frontier of health care and it is racking up often dramatic and rapid successes where prescription treatments failed. The dominant “healthcare” delivery system, mainstream medicine, is designed to give the masses what they think they want…the symptoms to go away. Almost without exception, no matter how many tests are run, in the end, their answer is going to be one of the following two choices, give a prescription that will suppress the symptoms or one that replaces a substance the body should be producing.

Just like its name suggests, Restorative Care seeks to enable the body to heal from the inside out. Restorative care does not require any toxic medications, and when successful, the person is truly well without having to destroy parts of their body with the effects and side-effects of their toxic drug treatments or having to take drugs for the rest of their life.

There are several assumptions made by mainstream medicine. One assumption is that the human body is a purely chemical machine. Another assumption is that the body is mostly unaffected by this modern world that is shrouded in an inescapable barrage of manmade electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, computers, power lines, and smart meters, and that the body can tolerate generations of pharmaceutical interventions, not to mention the mutated superbugs, viruses, and pharmaceutical corruption of the genetics of those people taking them.

Yet another assumption mainstream medicine seems to make is that the true causes cannot be found and corrected, so the only way to treat is to either manage or mask the symptoms or give so-called, “lifetime drugs,” since they are expecting the person to need to take the medication for the rest of their life. Even bioidentical hormones are only substituting what the body should be doing for itself.

In the end, no real efforts are made in the mainstream to attempt to determine how to work with the body in order to facilitate the restoration of proper structure and function, so that optimum health is restored, and no purely symptom-suppressing or lifetime medications are needed.

Real Help and Real Results with Restorative Care

The reality is that the body is not born with the software to know how to deal with the multitude of challenges of this modern age, however it is definitely not dumb. If all we are going to do is look at blood tests we can never see or figure out how to correct the bio-energetic “software” glitches that are behind the many symptoms and problems seen in the blood tests.

I am not saying that blood tests and physical exams are not important, but they too are often just finding the symptoms and not the true cause of the illness, even if we are discussing infections. We all know that blood tests are also very limited in what they can reveal. We know this from the millions of people who are profoundly sick, and yet their blood tests do not show anything of great consequence is wrong.

Thankfully, outside the mainstream mentality, new scientific innovations have been developed which offer a new way to determine the causes and interferences preventing optimum functioning of the body. These new innovations can help us enable the brain and body to essentially “reset to factory specs” and retrain the body to handle all of these issues.

Accessing Bio-Information: Hacking into the Body’s Bio-Communication System

Computer analogies work perfectly to help understand what has gone wrong with the human body. Anyone who has used a computer, especially a PC-type computer, knows that every website you visit, every window you open, every file you open, work on, delete, every picture you open, leaves behind fragments of computer code. These fragments of information corrupt and slow down your computer, and make it more vulnerable to attacks of computer viruses and other forms of attack. Eventually, you need to defrag the computer and install new protective anti-virus software to correct the way information is handled by your computer. Once restored your computer is faster and more efficient than before!

It appears that the brain and body operate in much the same way. From conception to old age, every micro-trauma and absolute trauma from any cause affecting you structurally, chemically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, environmentally, energetically…will corrupt the hardwiring and software program of the brain and body. These interferences slowdown and corrupt the regulation of the immune system, and every other system in the body, leading to disease.

Restorative care seeks, through state-of-the-science technologies, to access the body’s electromagnetic bio-regulation and bio-communication system to help identity not only what has gone wrong in every aspect of the human organism, but also how to identify the corrective treatment that will enable the body to heal itself. Other innovative technologies are now available that essentially help the brain, the body’s computer, to defrag, or in other words, release the various stuck frequencies that are perpetuating the downstream symptoms. Never before has a healthcare system been able to enable the brain to reset itself. Your body, mind, and spirit can also run faster and be more efficient than it ever was, due to the newly restored hardware and software.

You do not have diseases from infections, due to a deficiency of antibiotics, although in serious conditions you may ultimately need an antibiotic. You do not have cancer from a deficiency of chemo drugs, although in certain situations where they can save a life. You don’t have allergies from a deficiency of antihistamines, although they can be of tremendous benefit in an allergic crisis. You don’t have depression from a deficiency of antidepressants. You don’t have high blood pressure from a deficiency of high blood pressure medications, although in a crisis they can be crucial. There is no argument that prescriptive drugs have proven highly effective at relieving many symptoms and prolonging life. At the end of the day however, once the crisis is averted, deeper testing needs to be done to identify and correct what caused the crisis in the first place. This is a huge void in the mainstream treatment philosophy. Unless you are willing to go outside of the mainstream, and most often outside of health insurance coverage, the best you can hope for is a lifetime of prescriptions with their ever-increasing side-effects.

Restorative care seeks to restore your optimum design. Once the optimum structure and functional integrity are restored, your body can often heal itself and keep you as well.

Easier to Stay Well than Get Truly Well Once You Have Lost It!

True healing never seeks to simply mask the symptoms, since that would defeat the point of truly healing. If we want to truly enable the body to heal we absolutely must achieve these same things. We must defrag the brain so that it can run fast and efficiently as it was originally designed to do, and we need to address all of the accumulated damage and interferences in every system and tissue of the body while providing the body all the building blocks and information it needs to heal. Only then can your body truly heal and reach its maximum potential on all levels.

You Likely Haven’t Tried Everything- The Latest Technologies of Restorative Care.

Many people report that they often have felt a little better at the start of almost every type of treatment only to regress after a while. Our doctors feel that this is a hallmark of the person’s brainwave frequency spectrum being stuck in various lobes of the brain. The reasons for being stuck are limitless but might include the various infections, toxins, physical and emotional traumas, just to name a few. These stuck brainwave patterns can accumulate throughout our lives and seem to be the corrupting “software glitch” in the body’s regulation systems that prevent any treatment from working for very long.

One remarkable technology our doctors use is Biospectroscopic Emission Sequence Testing (BEST), formerly known as BioResonanceScanning™, an adjunctive technology that enables the doctor to determine what new software then the body needs to undo your lifetime of cumulative problems. Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing helps eliminate much of the guesswork involved in doctoring.

NeuroPhotonic Therapy (NPT) is another healing innovation that uses the guidance of BEST to help the body open up the biophotonic communication so that information can flow at the speed of light throughout the body. Among other things, NPT has enjoyed success in helping restore optimum function in people with seizures, autism, ligamentous laxity, pain syndromes, and because of its global effects, it appears to be beneficial in people with any chronic condition.

NeuroCardial Synchronization is a new technology that uses High-Definition Acoustic (audio) recordings of the heart sounds that are subsequently played through headphones into the brain. Again, BEST is used to detect disharmonies between the heart and brain with real-time testing and support treatments. The heart and the brain are the dual processors of the body. Recent research has verified that up to 65% of the neurons in the heart are identical to brain neurons. The heart is a brain in its own right. These two organs are now understood to be corrupted in Lyme disease and every other illness. Synchronizing the heart and brain can correct many of the issues affecting the heart, brain, and body.

In summary, everything that Restorative Care does really is like rebooting and defragging the body’s dual-processor computer…the brain and the heart, and then problem-solving the remaining issues in the rest of the body so that your body can heal itself.

Healing is Limited by the Degree of Damage of the Tissues of Your Body

Obviously to take it to an extreme, if you have a thirty-foot tapeworm in your intestines, all of this defragging, rebooting, synchronizing, and such will not eliminate the worm. The worm and every other issue and damaged tissue must be addressed in such a way as to not upset your freshly restored bio-computer. If you have had surgeries and other tissue damage from things such as chemical/microbial toxins, physical trauma, and medical and cosmetic interventions, your body’s ability to heal completely will be proportionally hindered.

The Biologix Center Difference

Our goal is to provide the maximum applied thought and effort to get a person as rapidly restored as possible, using the most innovative scientific advancements.

On top of all the technologies discussed earlier, and all of our innovations developed over the last 20 years of helping only the toughest cases, from literally all over the world, we have recently added the following huge advancements in the past year.

Not only did we get the best electronically-controlled, zero-gravity chairs to increase the comfort of all of our therapies, we also recently brought on four PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) BEMER mats on zero-gravity chairs to increase blood micro-circulation, which not only is accumulating more and more testimonials of dramatic relief of circulatory problems but also is helping with neuropathy and the reduction of pain. Improving micro-circulation is vital to the delivery of nutrients to the tissues that are so deprived from the poor delivery of even the best remedies and medications.

We built three state-of-the-art therapeutic massage rooms with Solfeggio resonances, Biomats, targeted homeopathic ointments and oils, and custom painted copper painted ceilings to help create the warming, healing frequencies in the room.

Often overlooked by every healthcare center are the caregivers of those who are sick. These are parents of sick children, or friends and family who are usually not trained to be on call 24/7 for their sick loved one. Caregivers are often just barely holding on to their own health and sanity. In order to not just help the one who is sick, but also the one who is working 24/7 to take care of them, the Biologix Center offers free “Taking care of the Caregiver group support sessions” twice a week.

Our doctors and staff do everything we can to create the ultimate healing experience.

We have posted signs around the clinic and therapy rooms that “This is a no negative conversation zone…” to protect everyone under our care from having to deal with someone’s negativity as they are striving to maintain a healing outlook.

Every effort has been made to shield patients and staff from harmful electromagnetic pollution. We added EMF blocking paint in all electrical equipment rooms, and EMF blocking devices all over the clinic to shield you from stray electromagnetic pollution from computers and electrical wiring.

We have eliminated most of our WiFi computer networking and hard-wired almost all of our computers to eliminate as much WiFi interference to the healing process as possible.

We custom built our clinic software so that from the time you book your first appointment to the day you leave the clinic, the coordinating of your treatments, therapies, and accounting is as seamless as we can make it.

We provide educational recorded lunch lectures, understanding that you need to be empowered through knowledge. These are posted on our Biologix Center YouTube channel so that you can increase your knowledge of what we do and why we believe it is all important to your healing.

We have improved our newsletters and blog to give you more scientific references to the concepts we are using and writing about on Facebook and on Dr. Jernigan’s blog www.DavidJernigan.blogspot.com. Increasing the peer-reviewed references gives you more knowledge and confidence in sharing our articles with your friends and family.

We have greatly expanded our arsenal of natural botanical, nutraceutical, and homeopathic remedies in our ongoing quest to always have several thousand of the best remedy options in each treatment room to help facilitate achieving the most optimum structure and function that we can for your body.

We brought in five Sulis Master Remedy making devices that bring the potential for many thousands more types of homeo-energetic remedies, as well as Tautopathic remedies that help antidote the residual, energetic, adverse effects of prescription medication, and Homeo-Energetic Autogenous Immunotherapy (HEAIT) to create powerful healing remedies from your own body fluids.

We also brought in two of the advanced models of the Halo system for using powerful UV light to deliver remedies in situations where the person cannot process remedies through the digestive system.

To deal with sublingual meridian and scar tissue meridian interferences, pain syndromes, and neuropathic issues we brought in the two probe Dolphin NeuroStim device.

We recently also brought on programmable, broad-spectrum infrared saunas, that combine Acoustic Resonance Therapy and Chromo-therapy all at the same time for enhanced healing.

We brought in new blood test interpretation software that helps our doctors determine many associations and issues that most doctors miss.

We innovated new in-house tests and treatments to help identify and address the following:

  • MTHFR and other SNP Mutation testing
  • Mitochondrial energy pathway testing, such as each step of Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis
  • Alcohol intolerance, enhancing your body’s production of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase, and Alcohol Dehydrogenase, the two primary enzymes needed to properly metabolize alcohol.
  • Histamine intolerance, assessing all the enzymes in the histamine metabolic pathway that leads to histamine toxicity, which is often confused with many diseases.
  • Ways to detect and address empathic symptom susceptibility, where a person experiences the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms emitted passively by other people around them.
  • Interleukin beta-1 metabolic pathway testing to specifically address runaway inflammation.
  • Hemoglobin metabolic pathway testing through the production of heme, and porphyrins, from Succinyl-CoA to ALA to PBG and all the way to Cytochrome A, Cytochrome P450, and other highly important substances in the body’s detox pathways. This is often called Mauve Factor or Mavaria, and is also known as KPU (Kryptopyrroluria) and more accurately called HPU (Hemopyrrollactamuria). Problems in this metabolic pathway are involved in many chronic illnesses.
  • New testing for bacterial urease enzymes that lead to the accumulation of ammonia in the brain and body.
  • Many more treatments that are too numerous to do justice here.

We Invest in Your Healing

Insurance does not pay for Restorative Care for several reasons. The primary reason is that we are outside of what is considered, in insurance terms, “usual and customary.” This is dominantly due to the large amount of time our doctors spend every day with each patient.

If you want a doctor to take the time to do everything they can to really dig down and figure out all they can to help your body heal, it takes a lot of time and training. Because of the time required to complete our dynamic testing and the multitude of treatments and therapies, our doctors can only see a maximum of 6 people per doctor each day. We are not trying to run huge numbers of people through the clinic but to provide the best care we can to the ones who can come. In our opinion, there is only one way to do things, and that is the right way.

The Biologix Difference is bringing the maximum applied effort and the best healing tools to do everything we can to restore every single issue in the human body. When the optimum structural and functional integrity has been restored, disease, by whatever name often falls away as health replaces illness.

Many people still think antibiotics are the only way to go. I’m not saying you can’t beat LD using antibiotics, but often trying to kill every last bug can destroy your body. When health is restored, Lyme bacteria and confections just become one of the many microbes that live in the healthy human body without causing disease.

Our doctors don’t care what diagnosis a person has been given, because our focus is on winning through empowering the body to dominate any issue. We are not treating diseases, we are changing lives from the inside out and the outside in.

The only way to address all the myriad of issues that are definitely going on in every system of the body is to have thousands of remedies, superior training and healing technologies, and a tailored approach for each individual, instead of just a canned protocol. Every effort should be employed to ensure that every treatment and therapy work synergistically to restore the body’s ability to function at its highest level of coherence.

The Biologix Center for Optimum Health spends millions of dollars every year to ensure our healthcare center has the best facilities, the best remedies and supplements, the best healing tools, therapies, and staff, and the most state-of-the-science systems to achieve the maximum healing of your body.