People often read my articles and my books, and even watch my YouTube videos, where I and the doctors at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health teach on aspects of health and healing, and still do not understand what exactly we do.  So I thought I would do my best to summarize everything we do for every person who comes to the Biologix Center. If you are wanting more details of what we do then I would refer you to my hundreds of articles archived on my blog, my books, the Biologix website, or our Youtube channel. We also have a live chat option on our website, or you can call and speak to our Patient Care coordinator.

First I want to tell you that there is almost no illness, syndrome, or condition that will not benefit from the myriad of things we do in order to facilitate the restoration of the integrity and functioning of the entire body. This may seem obvious, that restoring optimum function and integrity on all levels can greatly help any condition, yet if you look around at health care around the world, it is often what I call “pieces and parts” doctoring.

Pieces and parts doctoring is where the doctor or healthcare professional is addressing only one or maybe several issues in their patient’s body, as if the body can be viewed like a car engine that each part of the engine may breakdown independently of the rest of the parts of the engine. These doctors will say, “Well lets treat your adrenals for awhile and see how you do.” “Let’s treat your gut for awhile and see how you do.” “Do this restrictive diet for awhile and see how you do.” “Do a round of these antibiotics and see how you do.” Maybe they do several different things, yet it is still not really addressing the totality of what is going wrong. This type of “pieces and parts” doctoring has lead many people to distrust any doctor, and to often get stuck in apathy about their condition and disbelief that they can ever really get well.

I have often said health is much like a bank vault, with the millions of dollars inside the vault representing your optimum health and improved quality of life.  A doctor can give you many of the correct numbers to the combination lock on the vault door, but without all the numbers in the correct order, the door will not open. Health will often elude you unless the totality of you is addressed all at the same time, from your brain waves to your structure and function and mindset.

When considering healing tools, techniques, supplements, remedies, medications, and therapies, a tool is only as good as the skill of the one using it, and each tool only does what it does. If you need a screwdriver, then a hammer will not be of much help. A doctor cannot fix what they don’t know is “broken.”

No matter how good a medication is, it only will do what it will do, and taking more of it beyond that point will not get more benefit. An antibiotic may be great at killing bacteria, but if you nervous system is you primary issue, or you have chronic trauma to the tissues and structure of your body, then the antibiotics are the proverbial hammer when you need a screwdriver. It is the same situation with the phenomenal new innovation created right here at the Biologix Center, Induced Native Phage Therapy. As amazing as INPT can be at facilitating native phages to completely eliminate the targeted bacterial infections, INPT also will only do what it can do. Simply killing the termites that have destroyed the wood in your house, while definitely a fantastic thing, will not repair the damage to the wood. Until the damage is corrected, the damage will attract new bugs, infections, that seize the opportunity to move in where the old infection used to live.

Of course, if there is not much damage to the tissues and systems of your body, then killing the infections will allow your body to heal the little bit of issues the infection caused.

Now consider how that everything, and I mean everything in your body and brain is interconnected and interdependent. In any chronic condition, even with just a handful of symptoms, every system in your body is affected. There are no miracle pills, I.V.’s, or energy devices that can address every issue that has gone wrong.

This is why at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health our focus is spelled out in our name…on helping you achieve “Optimum Health” throughout the entire body. We are not the Biologix Center for _______ disease.

No matter your age, or what illness your other doctors have diagnosed you with, a 100% of our focus does not change. Our focus is always to strategically, and as gently, yet powerfully as possible, go through every system of your body in a 2-3 week foundational program and beyond, using the best tests, tools, and treatment philosophy to restore your body’s ability to rapidly heal itself…of virtually anything…without drugs/medications.

Armed with the latest technologies that we do at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Franklin, Tennessee we are often able to help people who are not getting help from any other natural or conventional care, or who were cast aside as incurable, or who were told it was all in their head, or who are just tired of simply managing their symptoms with drug-induced illusions of health.

Our doctors have traveled the world studying the best healing systems, and we, with humility, are convinced that we debatably have the most healing tools, techniques, and solutions that can help restore the optimum structure, biochemical, emotional/mental, environmental, bioenergetic, and brain function issue all skillfully applied in one dynamic program of care, of any natural health facility in the world.

Our staff of 4 doctors and 20 therapists and support staff strive to achieve 100% resolution for everyone who comes to us, with skill, love, and compassion. While we cannot heal the millions of people suffering in the world, we do our best to provide the best care for money available anywhere. With our all-inclusive 2-3 week program of care, we are routinely providing $500 to as much as $3200 more services and remedies than a person would pay if they had to pay for everything as they go each day. With the all-inclusive program we can do the maximum applied effort to facilitate your body to heal, without having to worry about the money aspect, or minimize what we would do in order to keep the cost down. Please call us for the most up to date information on the cost of our programs.  Better brain function = Better Body Function and vs-vs!

Health can often follow speedily when the correct questions are asked of your body, and the correct tools are used to restore your body’s ability to heal itself, combined with the ideal treatment philosophy. Health in a bottle is most often a myth, although the well-selected bottle can do much good. That medicine you have been taking may be the proverbial hammer when you also need an entire toolbox to really get everything done that is needed to enable the body to heal itself (yes even of tough infections).

It is time to really empower your body and brain to completely heal itself. Let us help you.