Health thought of the day: Did you know that no matter the diagnosis there are only four general ways a person can get sick? Chronic illness always affects a person in all four ways, yet most doctors only are addressing one of the ways.

Most doctors are trained to deal with only one way your body can experience dysfunction. If this is the case, and your doctor is only addressing one of the ways, then there is a high probability that you will only get so far in your quest for optimum health.

The four ways you can experience dysfunction are, 1) Structural problems, 2) Chemical problems, 3) Stress-related problems, and 4) Bio-energetic problems.

If a doctor is going to address all four ways they will need good ways to test in order to find the problems. The doctor will also need many ways to address the dysfunctions he finds. The Biologix Center is world-renowned for our many testing and treatment innovations that have enabled our doctors to stop much of the guesswork common in the healing arts. Precision, sensitive, real-time testing allows our doctors to adjunctively identify much of what has gone wrong in a person’s body, much like accessing the operating system in a computer, and also determine what treatments your unique body needs to correct what is wrong. We are never at a loss of wondering what is wrong with someone, nor are we having to send away thousands of dollars of blood tests and wait days to weeks on the test results.

Although our doctors cannot always undo what has been done to you, and are not miracle workers, it can be amazing what good results can happen when all four ways are being addressed all at the same time, with such elegant and dynamic testing.

The real challenge and goal is to find ways to completely restore what is optimum in structure and function on all levels. This is made more difficult the more damaged and toxic the body already is from life choices, trauma, inherited issues, and the adverse effects previous years of drug treatments.

The ideal doctor is one who understands disease, but specializes in restoring what is optimal on all levels of human existence… from there dis-ease often falls away!

If no one can figure out why you are experiencing symptoms, come experience what precision testing and dynamic treatments can do for you!