In the 1800’s Dr. Constantine Hering developed the “Laws of Cure” that are still taught and believed to be true in conventional medical schools, and all other health care training. Hering’s Laws of Cure state that in healing will follow a predictable pattern. This pattern is obviously not possible by simply treating the symptoms.

Dr. Hering’s laws state:

  1. A person heals from the top down and inside out, from the head towards the feet.
  2. In reverse order of the occurrence of symptoms, meaning the latest symptom will disappear first while the first symptom will resolve lastly.
  3. Healing occurs from the most important organ to the least important organ, ie. generally from the heart to the skin which is the most important and most superficial organ.
  4. Symptoms improve from the center of the body to the periphery (hands and feet).

The only exception to these laws of cure are high-level, instantaneous energetic forms of spontaneous healing. These energetic forms of healing are great, but if you have a knife stuck in your leg then you will need physical medicine. This just so energetic gurus don’t think too highly of themselves. There is a place and correct tool for every situation in the quest for pristine health.

But what is needed in order to achieve a complete restoration of health…cure? How can the body’s hardware, it’s physicality, and everything else down to the body’s software, the bio-energetic computer system, undergo a complete restoration and systems reboot?

To answer this we must consider what the doctor is up against in general to truly completely restore pristine health. The pristine health I am talking about is something that no person in recorded history has ever experienced.

If everything that is within and about the human body is interconnected and interdependent, which it is, then literally the entire body, mind, spirit, and energetic fields must be addressed in the most comprehensive and eloquent manner.

All it takes is one system to crash in order for an eventual and inevitable total systems crash.

The harsh reality is that each new generation of humans is progressively being born with more systems and subsystems already malfunctioning. Each generation acquires more bio-software glitches that are passed on to the next generation, who pass even more corrupted hardware and software to the each subsequent generation.

So if we are to achieve the goal of pristine health, the health that is the most optimum we can achieve, we must be able to diagnose and treat every system of the body, from the most physical to the most energetic.

Over the years, I have come up with my own definition of this pristine or optimum health. Optimum health is that point where the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any challenge from its internal and external environment, without losing optimum structure, function, and overall coherence.

This level of pristine or optimum health is what the doctors and staff at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health strive to help people achieve. We do not just do the a “cookie-cutter,” or standard combination of “pieces and parts” type treatments, such as when doctors say, “Lets treat your adrenals, bacteria, and toxins, and then after a few months we will see where how you do.” This pieces and parts type doctoring may help you feel better, but it is not global enough to shift a person to truly pristine health.

In my next post you will see why we are working on a person for about 50 hours in their first two weeks at the Biologix Center. The initial two weeks is just the starting point, since multi-generational problems cannot be turned around in just two weeks.

We continue to innovate deeper, more profound ways to get longer lasting, and more complete restoration. We strive to facilitate the repair and rebooting of every system. From there dis-ease falls away. Pristine health is indeed a worthy goal. The quest for pristine health involves every choice we make in life. Pristine health is not just what we eat, or how much we exercise, it is how we successfully relate to our world.

Philosophers from every age have made us painfully aware that trials and tribulations are always going to be a part of human existence. It is how fit we are to face those trials and tribulations that matters. If life is a race, a proverbial obstacle course, then those who are most fit, those with pristine health on all levels will be better prepared to navigate through the challenges that face us all.