I was at a doctor conference many years ago and heard a lot of the older doctors state that even the illnesses and symptoms that used to be easy to correct are now getting more difficult. Many people’s bodies have become sluggish in their ability to heal, even with the best medicines and nutritional supplements. There is a reason for this observation, and the solution comes from a surprising source.

I am always amazed and fascinated when the latest in science confirms what is in the Holy Bible. In Isaiah 58, the children of Israel were grumbling about having to fast. Anyone who has fasted knows how difficult it can be to do without food for a period of time, so it is not hard to imagine people grumbling about fasting. However, God replies to their grumbling and essentially says, “Don’t you get it? If you will fast with the right heart and mind, that the light of your body will burst forth like the morning sun, and health will follow speedily…and your connection with me will be made perfect!”

We used to think that when the Bible spoke of the “light of the body” that it was just a figure of speech, such as when God says, we are the “apple of His eye.” Of course we are not an apple in His eye, however we definitely know from the latest advancements in science that there is proof that the light of the body does indeed exist. As a matter of fact, you cannot fully heal or heal quickly without correcting the light of the body.

We all want the best health we can get, so let’s follow the most obvious way that light enters the entire body, so that you can understand how important it is to fast with the right heart and mind, which enables the body and mind to clear the accumulated crud, enabling the light of the body to flow.

The photoreceptors in the retina of your eyes gate or regulate the amount of light that enters the body. These photoreceptors are called rods and cones. The photoreceptors called rods detect and regulate the low level light such as at dusk and dawn of the day. The photoreceptor called cones detect and regulate the various wavelengths of light that we experience as colored light.

65% of the cones only gate red wavelengths of light into the body, 30% gate green, and 5% gate blue light. From these cones we perceive all the colors of our world.

Most will remember from high school biology class that our perception of light is an electro-chemical impulse that transfers the image of what we are seeing into the brain, however, light also goes beyond just vision and travels through the Mueller cells in the eyes and enters the body itself, feeding and stimulating different tissues in the body based upon the type of wavelength of light.

Many of the top scientists, such as Mae Wan Ho, PhD, and Fritz Albert Popp, PhD, have now come to see light as a primary nutrient, just as important or possibly more important than food.

It is interesting to know that the body’s information system, essentially the body’s computer software, which runs every system of the body and controls the expression of your DNA blueprint, is mostly biophotonic, practically fiber-optic light. Neurologists know that a nerve impulse can only go 400 miles per hour at most…way too slow to be the operating software, or the hardware that enables the instantaneous adaption and information processing that occurs each second within the body.

We make energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate groups attached to it. This energy molecule is made inside the cells of your body by organelles called mitochondria. To put the importance of ATP into perspective, a 100-pound person will use 40 pounds of ATP every day for the body’s energy requirements. Obviously, we all recycle the used up ATP, otherwise we would disappear in a few days.

To make energy, our body will break one phosphate group off of the ATP molecule, which in the process of breaking off releases…wait for it… one photon of light and heat! So in essence your body is fueled by food, but ultimately runs off of light and heat.

This biophotonic light of the body, is not just “On or Off” like the light bulb in your lamp, but is coherent light that is encoded with specific information from the heart, which transmits the biophotonic information to the DNA found in every tissue in the body. We must stop thinking of the body as being just a chemical machine. The body is more like an incredibly sophisticated fiber-optic computer with quantum software. The software of the body can be corrupted through everything we put into our body and mind.

So hopefully you can see that if you want health to “follow speedily” on all levels, then you must decongest the tissues of the body and address the corrupted biophotonic transmissions of your body. I have developed several treatment innovations, such as NeuroPhotonic Therapy and NeuroCardial Synchronization, that directly address the biophotonic software of the body, and can attest to the often speedy resolution of symptoms when these issues are corrected.

If you are sick and no treatments are working, much improvement can be made by addressing the movement of biophotonic light in the body. I will be posting more on this topic in upcoming posts.”Let your light shine!”

Watch this video for more on NeuroCardial Synchronization.