The Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind and we are getting a few people contacting us wanting to know what we plan to do concerning our patients who are scheduled to come to the Biologix Center, in Franklin, TN.

I can definitely say, we are open and we are prepared to do battle with all of our innovative testing and treatments, if and when COVID-19 shows up at our door.

There has never been a time where it was more important to be as healthy as possible, if the worst happens and COVID-19 continues to spread…especially for those already fighting other infections, such as in Lyme disease, and its co-infections, and any other infection. It is reported that COVID-19 will weaken the immune system, much like HIV, lowering your defenses to bacterial, fungal, and other viral issues.

Our doctors are prepared to use our latest innovation, Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) to help the body knock out the primary microbial challenges already present in your body. Since its recent development and implementation of INPT in our center in November of 2019, we have not seen a microbe that could not be brought to zero population within a week, according to our adjunctive testing. While these adjunctive tests are not primary diagnostic tests, neither are conventional antibody tests. Positive clinical patient improvements, beyond those of previous treatment methods, also provide encouraging proof of concept. We have set up an IRB retrospective registry research study to document and publish this ground-breaking work. We are also paying for the Borrelia-Phage laboratory testing for those we find are good candidates who come for our standard 2-week program of care, to help verify our findings. (Treatment is not covered by insurance, however we have many options for those in financial distress.)

Let me also say, I do expect the spread of COVID-19 to get much worse around the world. Before the spread of the virus makes it nearly impossible to travel, I would advise those who can to schedule to get in to the Biologix Center. The best defense against COVID-19 is to work to eliminate all of your bad infections now, quickly, and be as healthy as possible.

We are also following the advise of some of the top researchers and offering I.V. high-dose Vitamin C to our patients. If you happen to live in an area that has a clinic doing I.V. Vitamin C, I would strongly suggest you get in weekly for at least one I.V. per week until this situation passes. I.V. Vitamin C can also be easily done at one of the many hydration clinics that are common in some states for hangover relief. Please click this hyperlink to read how Vitamin C is being implemented in China against COVID-19.

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