By Dr. David A. Jernigan

Your most important investment at this time is your health now, and your continued health in the years to come!

Whether a person is willing or unwilling, it is likely that COVID-19 vaccines will be mandated, or at the very least the vaccines will be required in order to travel, shop, enter hospitals, restaurants, and your place of work. This article is not fear-mongering, but simple and definite realities in plain talk. If you have the financial ability to do more than just hope everything will go well for you and your loved ones, there are some preventive and long-term actions you can take to minimize your risk.

The unfortunate reality is that no one really knows the long term harmful effects of these new vaccines, no matter what assurances the media, the government, and the pharmaceutical companies use to promote these vaccines. Keep in mind, no one knows the long term problems that may occur, since there are no long term studies. It is just that simple. This point is not debatable.

The point I am making is that as with all vaccines, the you, before receiving the vaccine, will never be the same after the vaccines. If something goes wrong inside your unique body, as a result of the vaccine, how will you and your doctor repair the damage? It would be nice if the pharmaceutical companies who develop the new vaccines, also developed an antidote, just in case something goes wrong in a person.

Since there are no long term studies of these vaccines, as they are being rushed, by all accounts, into production and distribution, all we can do is to look back at similar vaccines that were tried in the past. I encourage you to read the entire article linked here! It was not good, but in all vaccine failures, there is also the opportunity to learn and develop better vaccines, which is definitely what everyone, including me, is hoping.

Realities Don’t Fit the Scientific Facts

According to published peer-reviewed studies, experts from prestigious medical journals, such as the Annals of Internal Medicine, in Sept of this year have said,

“Ironically, the data we now have no longer support a mass vaccination mandate, considering the lethality of COVID-19 is lower than the flu for those under the age of 60. If you’re under the age of 40, your risk of dying from COVID-19 is just 0.01%, meaning you have a 99.99% chance of surviving the infection. Even people over the age of 60 who are not in nursing homes have a survival rate of 98.62%.”

Facts Over Feelings

The facts of these vaccines are irrefutable. You will likely be required to take every single vaccine they mandate from now on. The front runners in the vaccine race are designed to require two vaccinations, but experts agree there will likely be many more vaccines coming, which will likely also be required by law.

Already, a child now receives 69 doses of 16 vaccines by time they are 18 years old. No matter how you feel about vaccines, the fact from published research is overwhelming that children given these vaccines have 22 times the rate of ear infections. 32 times the rate of sinusitis, 4x allergies, 2x asthma, 4x hay fever, 3x ADHD and 19 times higher odds of Autism based on the many, many published scientific studies from around the world. This is not “anti-vaccination” rhetoric. Each of the 16 childhood vaccinations are deemed safe by the mainstream.

Whatever your feelings, whether you are pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination, the reality and fact is that absolutely no one knows the potential negative long-term effect of these new types of vaccines, since there are no long-term studies. Another fact is if you already have illness and certain infections, these new vaccinations may cause serious consequences.

I am not telling you to or not to get vaccinated, especially since it is likely that the government will make it law. Just consider your situation and what you might want to do to hedge your bets.

Your Safety Net or Personal Health “Bank Account”

Consider the fact that these new vaccines are designed to be manipulating your cells. In a quote from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Viral vector vaccines use another non-replicating virus to deliver SARS-CoV-2 genes, in the form of DNA, into human cells where viral proteins are produced to induce protective immune responses. The article goes on to say a disclaimer, As with all vaccines, the immunogenicity of new inactivated virus vaccines must be rigorously tested to ensure safety and efficacy.

Rigorous testing does not mean we should only consider the short-term benefits, but also the long-term consequences. I hope you understand now that only half of the rigorous testing that should be done is being done, and the long-term rigorous testing is being done on all of us. If something negative happens, it will happen, and be too late or at least difficult to antidote what has been done.

For better or worse, agree or not, your epigenetics and possibly your blueprint (DNA} will no longer be the same as prior to the COVID vaccinations.

Since it will likely be mandated that everyone get vaccinated within a certain amount of time, my very best recommendation is at the very least, try to be the last to get the vaccines, so that you can see what, if anything, happens to those who rush to be the first in line.

Your Personal Health Bank Account and Insurance Policy

The holy grail of medicine and healing is undeniably stem cells derived from your own body. My absolute best recommendation is that anyone and everyone who can afford to get your own stem cells harvested and bank your stem cells in a Stem Cell Bank that preserves your cells for years to come, enabling you to receive your own body’s stem cells, the way they were prior to the upcoming vaccines!

The article linked in the paragraph above says, Because so much of human disease is genetic in origin, and because stem cells loom larger all the time in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, stem cells will change the practice of medicine forever. And, They could alleviate all manner of suffering, whether it’s caused by disease, injury, or genetic fate.

It is interesting to me that the people at the top of industry, tech, athletics, and government are all planning to stay on top using their own stem cells.

However, I cannot stress it strongly enough to bank your own body’s stem cells BEFORE you get the first COVID vaccine. That does not give you much time to act, but it is what it is.

To bank your stem cells, fat cells are taken, in an almost painless process, from your body and the stem cells are extracted and purified. These cells are stored in the Cell Bank for your use whenever you and your doctor feel you need them to repair any adverse effects or damage to your body. Enough stem cells can be obtained from this one process to enable you to get as many as 25 doses across many years. As you age, having stem cells available from the younger you, from the Cell Bank, will be better than using older more damaged cells later in life. The stem cells can then be administered with an I.V. anytime it is needed.

Pre-Vaccination Issues to be Addressed

Every scientist and physician agrees, it is by far better to be healthy if you are going to receive any vaccine. Any active infection in your body, whether bacterial, viral, parasitic, or mold infection, should be addressed before receiving these vaccinations. Stem cells are not anti-microbial, however they will help your immune system regulate infections better.

In an ideal world, every person would address their underlying infections using Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) and receive at least their first dose of their stem cells, before these vaccines are mandated.

I cannot avoid all of this sounding self-serving, in that INPT is only available in our programs of care at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee, and we also offer the stem cell service, but I have been asked numerous times what I believe the best thing a person can do to prepare for the possibility of mandatory vaccines of dubious long-term effects. This is my answer to inform my readers on what I feel is the best Pre-and-Post Vaccination preparation to insure that you and your family have the best chance of getting and staying healthy.


We all hope that there are only benefits and no harmful effects from the upcoming vaccines. If you can find a good clinic that can do all of this for you in a rapid manner, I encourage you to be proactive with your life and loved ones and get treated and get your stem cells banked, and get as healthy as possible before these vaccines are mandated.

If you are interested in letting us help you achieve this health goal, please call us at 855-955-1395 to get scheduled. For almost 26 years, I and the doctors at the Biologix Center have specialized in helping restore health in some of the toughest cases from around the world. Over the many years, almost 90% of our patients came to us from other states and countries, and last year it was 98% with illnesses that no one else knew how to treat. That experience has taught our doctors and forced us to innovate new treatments that work with the natural form and function of the body. The premise is simple. If we can restore what is most optimum in the form and function of the body, then body can heal from virtually any illness.

Financial Assistance is available in the form of Foundation grants and other assistance for those who qualify and desire to undergo our programs of care. Insurance does not cover any of these programs or treatments at this time.