It is interesting to watch the media and the government officials shift their story about how contagious and widespread the COVID-19 is from one day to the next. One minute they are saying how threatening it is then the next how we shouldn’t worry.

Should you worry? Yes and no! You can see with the economy already in a critical place that the last thing the government wants is for the “worker bees” to panic and the gross national product go down even more! So the reality of these contagious viruses being a threat to everyone is real.

The reality is that in the same way as we have all seen the “smoke” of our breath on a cold day, that moisture is always being breathed into the air even though we cannot see it on a warm day. Each of us are breathing out waste from our body and passing gas and breathing in the same from other people’s body.

Every single thing we touch, from door knobs to pencils and pens to tables and chairs to your shoe strings are contaminated with all manner of bacteria and viruses.

The problem is compounded when we shake hands which puts you in contact with everything that person has touched, their face, their nose…

So all that said, isn’t it amazing that so many of us are healthy in spite of all of the cross contamination that is continually going on? This is because microbes (Bacteria and viruses) are not the full story. Just having a virus in your body does not mean you will get sick.

A healthy body, mind, and spirit is naturally impervious to any infection.

Prevention is the key!

The follow points are the primary issues that must be addressed:

  • Maintain cleanliness of your hands – Nothing does this better than Protection Shield Lotion! It is a non-toxic, natural product that creates a grease-less, odorless, hypoallergenic barrier on your hands like invisible gloves. It lasts eight hours and actually kills the MRSA strains of Staph infections as well as viruses that come in contact with your skin. You cannot stop touching things, but this gives you the confidence beyond washing your hands that you are safe to touch anything! Protection Shield lotion will not wash off for 24 hours, even with aggressive hand washing.
  • Control Air Quality – The best way to do this in an office space, home, or car is to diffuse therapeutic-grade essential oils into the air. I recommend using the purest grade of oils you can find, such as Young Living Oils (available at Biologix Center just call us). The best oils would be the proprietary blends of oils by YLO called R/C, Thieve’s blend, Egyptian Gold, Exodus II blend, and Transformation blend. Single oils might include Lemon, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, or Idaho Balsam Fir oil. These oils will kill microbes on contact in the air and when you breath the diffused oils into your lungs it kills the bugs in your body as well with no toxicity to normal tissue…something you cannot say about any over-the-counter spray disinfectants. If you wear a mask to work then adding a few drops of these essential oils to the mask will increase your protection dramatically!
  • Keep the surfaces of your space clean – I recommend using the Young Living Oil essential oil spray Thieve’s Disinfectant for any surface you want to be clean.
  • Anti-Viral and Antibacterial Herbal Supplements: I would keep Virogen and Microbojen on hand at all times! I formulated these myself, although I do not own any interest in the company. Microbojen was my best answer for biological warfare agents, and it has proven its effectiveness in helping the body fight the most treatment resistant infections on many continents. Virogen was my first anti-viral remedy that I pioneered. I have so much mileage and much experience with this remedy. I would start with Virogen as a preventive measure at about 1-2 droppers 2-3 times a day. Save the Microbojen for if you still feel like you are getting sick and then add it in with your Virogen in the same dosage.
  • Intravenous Vitamin C: If you can find a local clinic that is doing high-dose Vitamin C (12.5-25 grams/i.v.) I would recommend getting an I.V. at least once per week until this situation passes. It is better to be proactive than to wait for symptoms to occur, since you can be symptom-free for as much as 30 days with the COVID-19.
  • Diffuse essential oils at your home and office: I would recommend diffusing the Young Living Oil blend, Thieve’s oil, which was a recipe found in the archives of England from the days of the Bubonic Plague that resulted in the deaths of up to 200 million people. Thieves were caught stealing valuables from the homes of the dead and dying and never got sick. The judge told them if they would tell him what they did to not get sick he would be lenient on them. They gave him this recipe of oils that protected them from getting the plague. Thieve’s oil, from Young Living Oil company has been university tested to kill on contact many different microbes. Many other essential oils are highly anti-viral, from both DoTerra company and Young Living, find a rep to order or call our clinic supplement dept.