Mark’s Story

Induced Native #Phage Therapy (INPT) is one of the most important advancements in the healing arts today. The details and results of our first IRB study will be published soon.

Listen to Mark talk about his incredible, rapid results achieved in just two weeks at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, TN, including his experience with their newest innovation, INPT. INPT is a therapy that induces native phages (phages which already exist within #Lyme bacteria and #coinfections and that already reside inside the tick or vector entering the body when a person is bitten by a tick or other vector) to flip epigenetic switches that cause the phages to eliminate the targeted microbes in unison with the immune system, all without harming friendly microbes or causing toxic effects.

Now accepting applications for our next round of this non-pharmaceutical study.

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