I have a saying that came to me one day that I want to share with you. “The heart of the wise knows the way by heart.” Research has demonstrated that the heart is generating the command signals to the DNA, that the heart has a brain of its own, and that the heart knows the truth of all things 5-10 seconds before the head brain can even process what it is sensing. The Biblical truth which says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…,” or so does he manifest, reflects this research!

From past posts you have heard me say that in all aspects of life we are all manifesting the truths written on our hearts. I have written about how the heart generates over 95% of the energy production of the body. Scientist have determined that the heart fields project potentially infinitely out from your body.

You have heard me say energy goes where you focus, that every thought is every cell’s command to make that thought come true by shifting its chemistry and energy, that from your heart you absolutely project energy into the world drawing to you that which you greatly want or what you greatly don’t want without fail.

Recall now that the heart cannot lie about what it believes is true as demonstrated with polygraph machines, that we must guard your heart with great diligence as to what you put there as truth, that sincerity is no guarantee of truth, that the boundaries and limitations of the boxes of our reality are outlined by everything that we have correctly and/or incorrectly identified as truth.

We talked about that in the quest for optimum health that no pill will rewrite your heart truths or bypass the need to ask forgiveness, forgive, and express true love, and thankfulness to yourself and others.

Another ancient truth says, “The heart of the wise teaches the mouth, and brings understanding to the lips.” I ask you now. If your heart knows the truth of all things before your head concerning every aspect of a joyful life and optimum health, doesn’t it make sense that we should be learning to rewrite any untrue “truths” we may have in our heart, and consciously and purposely use our heart more as we go through each moment of our life?

If you feel lost in life, in any respect, I encourage you to make the commitment to yourself to heal your body, mind, and spirit. From optimum health follow the path of joy for all of life’s decisions. Fill your heart with knowledge and truth…and your wise heart will know the way by heart!