Although it is difficult to read this picture, the blue box at the top left shows what a normal phonocardiogram should look like. Each of the other boxes show some of the problems that can be found in a dysfunctional heart.

Phonocardiology, is the use of a high-definition, digital, electronic stethoscope, linked to a computer program in order to record the sounds of the heart. From these recordings we can identify problems in heart that are often undetectable using ECG’s and other conventional heart tests.

Phonocardiology, when used in tandem with the powerful testing ability of Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing™ is a system of treatment now called NeuroCardial Synchronization™(NCS). Since NCS is such a new innovation, a Google search will likely not get any hits on the topic. At this time NCS is only available at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas.

Phonocardiology has the potential to identify problems in the heart arising from toxins, infections, hypoxia from poor hemoglobin synthesis, emotional and mental stress, structural, biochemical, and neurological problems.

Correcting the problems identified on Phonocardiogram requires the doctor to determine what is interfering with the optimum structure and function of the problem area. This may be a musculoskeletal interference, a neuromuscular interference, an neuropsychological interference, a nutritional deficiency, a metabolic toxicity, allergy, just to name a few, but in all cases the treatments are using natural means to work to restore the optimum function and structure of what has gone wrong. No pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments are ever used by our doctors.

It appears that virtually every chronic illness has different heart problems associated with the illness. This shouldn’t be a surprise when one considers that the heart plays such a huge role in regulating all of the DNA of the body, and is indeed secreting hormones that influence every tissue and organ in the body.

People treated with have often stated that they experience not just a disappearance of their heart rhythm problems, but a greater sense of well-being on every level. As sense of well-being, peace, is the normal state of the heart that is functioning optimally.

At this time, our doctors are only working with people who are chronically ill, but who do not take pharmaceuticals for their heart. If you, like so many other people, abhor the idea of taking a pharmaceutical for the rest of your life to deal with a heart issue, NeuroCardial Synchronization may offer a better solution.

If you have any heart problems, such as cardiac arrhythmia, dysautonomia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive disturbances, or other chronic illnesses this may offer you a way out of the nightmare. Clinical outcomes have been very encouraging. Without the use of pharmaceutical drugs we have been able to correct almost every case of arrhythmia, valve regurgitation, and tachycardia, when there is no irreparable damage to the heart.

The technology used in this treatment is so new that we have not trained any doctors outside of the Biologix Center yet. NeuroCardial Synchronization™ is a technique that we have pioneered here at the Biologix Center. The really nice thing is that the repeat phonocardiology testing verifies the effect of the treatments within each office visit, so there is no “over glamorizing” of this process. It either works and you can see the change on your phonocardiogram during that same visit, or it doesn’t which you can also immediately see. Thankfully we are almost always seeing impressive improvements.

To learn more watch a lecture presented by Dr. Jernigan on this topic:

The ideal doctor is not a specialist in diseases, but one who understands disease, yet specializes in restoring what is optimum.

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