It was a phone call from my mother around 1998 that ended up changing the standard office visit structure of my clinic to the 2 to 3-week, all-inclusive programs of out-patient care that persists to this day. My mother and father, who lived out of state, called because mom had found a large lump on her thyroid, and they were both understandably very concerned and wanted me to see what it was and treat her. They had listened to me as I excitedly told them about all the successes I was having with many other people with serious illnesses, using my new advancements in testing and treatments.

My parents traveled to my clinic, and after a thorough examination and testing, I determined it was not cancer, but was a toxic goiter. I told mom she needed to move for three months so I could treat her often. We found her a small rental house close-by, and my brother stayed with her since Dad was still working and couldn’t take time to travel.

I pulled out all the stops, provided some of the most comprehensive treatments, and put a lot of thought into her treatments and to her credit, she was a very compliant and willing patient.

After a month of treatment had passed, her brother and sister were quite concerned and wanted her to go see, “a real doctor,” meaning a medical physician, me being “just” a Chiropractic physician, a common sentiment I sometimes still hear from prospective patients even today, almost thirty years later. It is understandable, since the traditional medical profession has done such a good job of educating people that a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine most often specializes in treating the spine. However, most people do not know that a few decades ago, medical schools across the country realized that few of their med students wanted to be General Practitioners, essentially family doctors, preferring instead to become higher paid specialists such as surgeons, cardiologists, and such. The Chiropractic colleges collectively came together with the medical schools and agreed to match the medical school curriculum so that the profession of Chiropractic would take over as General Practitioners, even taking on the title of Chiropractic Physician, as D.C.’s were now trained in all the same coursework, including histology, microbiology, pathology, neurology, and the rest of the -ology courses. Click this hyperlink to learn more about why I love being a D.C. instead of an M.D. or D.O., and to learn about our specialty.

Getting back to Mom, about halfway through the three-month treatment and under pressure from family, I had her get an exam with a Medical doctor. He looked at the lab tests I had ordered, felt her thyroid, and finally said to her, “So you say your son has gotten this to reduce by 50% already? Then keep doing what he is doing!” Mom was less than thrilled that she had to pay for the exam just for him to tell her to keep doing what we were doing.

After three months and many diverse and inventive treatments, her lump was completely gone. It has never returned and she has had no thyroid issue to this day.

My point in telling you this is that I was not born rich, so although I thought I never let money get in the way of my treatments with patients, it was only after treating mom, where money was no object, that I realized that I was not treating even my seriously-ill patients to the same degree. I was worried about the expense, and so were the patients, as I felt I had to sell or convince the patient to do all the treatments and therapies I wanted them to try. I was sick of seeing people piecemeal their treatments. I wanted to win 100% of my cases, but I couldn’t treat in the unlimited manner that I did my mom.

Even with just a few years of experience under my belt, I was already attracting more people from around the world as word of mouth spread the news that my new testing and treatment innovations were winning against some tough illnesses. People would call from other countries and tell me their long stories of how sick they were and how none of the doctors could fix them, and as if I could help. I would tell them I can only do what I can, but that I had some new innovations that just might help. Money was still an issue, because they would ask how much it would cost and I would have to guess, giving them a range of possibilities depending upon what I needed to do to treat them and how long I would spend on their case each day. Often the people were okay if it was the low estimate in the range I gave them, but they were not willing to come for fear the bill would be toward the higher amount.

I just wanted to stop having to sell everyone on everything I wanted to do to treat them. When some of the top physicians in the top hospitals, and other top alternative medicine practitioners had failed to budge their case, I knew I would need to be inventive, comprehensive, and unrestricted in my treatments, as in my mom’s case.

It was at this point that I decided to implement an all-inclusive program of care and only see the toughest cases, those cases that didn’t just need the easy, family-care type treatments, but those that would need an all-out blitz approach to their case. With the all-inclusive programs, I could finally do anything and everything I could think of to get a person to start responding to the care and not just help them feel better temporarily and eventually get them well “if possible.”

Most people are used to their doctor not really doing that much, beyond looking at them from behind their desk, reading the results of a blood test that most often was done two or more weeks prior, and adjusting their prescription dosage or changing their prescription. In our programs of care, our doctors are going to work through every single system and issue in a person’s body on each and every day of the program. We do not specialize in disease. We specialize in restoring the structural and functional integrity of every tissue in the body.

The world’s most astute and celebrated physicians cannot heal even the simplest papercut! True healing is a function of the body. If your big name physician is doing for the body what the body should/could be doing for itself, prescribing a symptom-masking drug, or using a prescription that harms the body while supposedly “treating the cause” through the now popular “evidence-based or science-based medicine” that has been prevalent in the media for the last few years, consider a truly science-based and evidence-based alternative at the Biologix Center.

We understand that finances are a limiting factor in coming, however we have purposely kept our programs of care often four to ten times lower than other similar healthcare facilities. We also offer foundation scholarship programs to help those in financial distress who want to receive our care.

Let us treat you like family!