The night is excessively cold. A blistering wind is whipping around my house, seeking cracks through which to create a draft in my house. It’s a great night for some of my Detox Tea as I finish my work day by answering my emails.

I have the television on in order for my brain to gradually step its way down from its busy pace of the day to the much slower pace of the silent emails. I am watching one of my favorite Food Channel programs, “Beat Bobby Flay” and suffering through the myriad of commercials.

While waiting for the commercials to end and checking my emails, the onslaught of Christmas-related advertisements drone on and on, until a phrase catches my ear, “It’s the season for giving…”

Something about the way it was phrased made me think they said, “It’s the season for forgiving…”

I glanced up over the top of my laptop at the TV and realized my mistake – just another ad designed to sell you something that would likely be broken by next Christmas.

I sat in deep thought about the idea of a Season of Forgiving and wondered how many people thought, as I did for most of my life, that forgiving was that thing your mother always had you do when you did something to one of your siblings, and always was marked by “Say it like you mean it!”

Saying we are sorry is fine, as is saying it like we mean it, however, I have found that it is just the thinnest crust of what forgiveness really entails.

One of our highest human achievements in life should be demonstrating what is known as “perfect love.”

In my book, “Everyday Miracles by God’s Design“, I discuss in great detail how science has discovered that we are indeed beings of light and how important the heart is in creating health and realizing an abundant and happy life.

The heart is now known, with each beat, to imprint the command information to the trillions of DNA in your body through “laser-like emissions of light!” What we think of as matter, such as tissue, bone, organs, glands are really just a condensation of light energy. We are more fiber-optic than we are electrical and chemical!

Have you ever experienced a situation where you were in such a good mood that nothing anybody said could upset you?

This is what we should feel like all the time.

In our highest spiritual maturity, we should be the embodiment and personification of God’s Love! In this existence, we love without respect to whether or not anyone deserves our love.

Our own negative emotions emit light frequencies that can aggravate the body of another person. “The body is wonderfully and mysteriously made.”

The U.S. Army even did a study where they can take a sample of live DNA and watch it under electron microscope in another room.

For research purposes they will call into the room and tell the participant to think of something bad, negative, or get angry. Instantly, as they watch, the double helix of the DNA, like a ladder that has been twisted, will twist even tighter, getting shorter, and various codons will start turning off, unique to the type of negative emotion they are feeling!

The researchers will then have the participant think of being joyful, thankful, and loving. Instantly the DNA strand unwinds to its optimum twist and all of the codons turn on perfectly!

By the way, the room in which they observed the strands of DNA in this study was 200 miles away from the participants’ bodies! For more interesting studies click here.

Your genetic blueprint, the illnesses you are experiencing, the messed up hormones and neurotransmitters, are all following the instructions of your thoughts and emotions as laser-like light beams of commands are sent to the DNA.

What does all this have to do with forgiveness, you might ask?

When we have unforgiveness (resentment, irritability or by whatever other name) it demonstrates that we are withholding love. This is like taking poison, hoping someone else will suffer! Your DNA is creating the most optimum YOU (and the most healing biochemicals are being produced by your body…) only when you are operating from perfect love.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is that no one can make me anything!

No one can make me mad.

No one can make me have self-esteem.

No one can bum me out.

I am responsible for my own reactions, and I choose to stay in a position of complete peace and love, and complete and utter trust in God’s plan, in spite of any life circumstance!

“To err is human, to forgive Divine,” the saying goes. It is always the Season of Forgiving.

When we forgive, it means we no longer hold back our love, but we release the person/s from any debt.

This Christmas, do yourself a huge favor, save yourself from certain poisoning, and forgive all who have hurt you or let you down. In all your forgiving, be certain to forgive yourself in the same way!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!