Mind-Blowing New Science to Heal You!

In a pristinely healthy person, one who escaped the medical system and enjoyed a more natural upbringing without antibiotics, and the chemicals and toxins of modern life, there are specific types of friendly bacteria that kill and control other types of invading bacteria and prevent them from overpopulating and causing diseases.

Before you say, “Yeah, yeah, I know about probiotics already”, let me assure you that you really don’t know, because the reality is that there are over 1,100 species just in the intestines, and no one knows the full range of duties they perform for us.

The best probiotic supplements we have only supply a pitiful number of types of bacteria.  If it were not for our modern diet, chlorinated/fluorinated water, toxic chemical use, antibiotic and medication use, and almost every other convenience of modern life, researchers know that we would have double, nearly 6,000 types of bacteria living harmoniously within our body, all helping us to stay healthy. So nobody really knows all of the beneficial roles each of the thousands of species of bacteria play in our body.

The modern world’s chemical war on your body’s healthy populations of bacteria, especially the indiscriminate or longterm use of antibiotics, has left us in a situation where the few bacteria that survive are usually mutated strains of bad bacteria which face little competition from the small populations of friendly bacteria and proliferate out of control, giving rise to pathogenic communities that can evade standard treatments.

Most of the diseases of our modern society are the downstream effect of the destruction of the healthy microbiome, the symbiotic community of bacteria that outnumber by 10 times the number of cells in the body and make up the most critical aspect of maintaining a healthy human body. Another way of saying this, according to the National Institute of Health, (NIH) is that 90% of the cells in the healthy human body are non-human, meaning they are are microbial! So if the microbial community of your body makes up 90% of who you are, how important do you think it might be to stop killing them with broad-spectrum antibiotics, and the toxins from foods, personal care products, and environment?

Restoring the diversity and populations of bacteria communities is the next frontier of medicine. Diversity of different species of bacteria is important, since each type of bacteria in the healthy body serves a different purpose. It is very much like our cities, which need farmers, garbage collectors, waste treatment workers, builders, and so on in order for everything to function smoothly.

One of the biggest problems with restoring the diversity is our long-term diet and lifestyle choices.

Predators versus Invaders

It may come as a surprise to many that within the healthy human body there are predatory bacteria that seek out and kill other invading bacteria. The reality is that there are over 3000 different species of bacteria that live harmoniously in the healthy human body. These types of bacteria play a vital role in maintaining health by functioning like a protective army that works in alliance with our immune system to battle it out with invading bacteria and organisms.

For several generations now, doctors have been taught that the human body is incapable of defending itself against invading bacteria, and needs antibiotics to kill them. The science is now in that antibiotics have contributed to the creation of most of the diseases that plague our society. Due to the fact that antibiotics kill your army of friendly “predator bacteria” while they are killing the invading bacteria, your body is left defenseless since your immune system cannot do the job of killing the now antibiotic-induced, mutated and now deadlier invader by itself.

Questioning Your Doctor

Of course the first question I always hear is, “So what about all the good that antibiotics have done in the past?” The second question is, “What are we supposed to do with serious bacterial infections, such as  C. diff, and Lyme disease?”

To answer the first question it must be understood that what antibiotics used to do, they are no longer doing, since we have overused them to the point that the bad bacteria are now resistant, or gain resistance often within 20 minutes of taking the first dose. Secondly, antibiotics are like an atomic bomb to the microbial communities that would have protected you and prevented even the horrible H. pylori, C. diff., and Lyme bacteria with it’s co-infections, from ever causing you any problems.  People trusted their doctors, and were damaged by their lack of understanding of what would almost certainly happen if they used antibiotics. Even in people who never previously had antibiotics, their multi-generational dietary, hygiene, and lifestyle choices damaged their overall integrity and microbial community, predisposing them to chronic illness.

To answer the second question of what we should do instead of antibiotics, is going to take another article, but I will answer this question in the near future.

So, not only has your army been decimated by antibiotics, and the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), over-medication, chlorinated/fluorinated water, toxic personal care products, and more, but also the tissues and environment of your body that is necessary to colonize and grow back your friendly bacterial army have been damaged.

Unfortunately, often the bad, invading bacteria are firmly intrenched from having no competition. It will take some serious preparation and time before the tide can be turned and your army can be restored. Almost all of this preparatory work can be done by yourself, without the help of a doctor. The nice thing is that once you get started you can almost always quickly notice the benefits as the way you feel improves.

It is time to prepare your body for war! In my next article I will give you a starting plan that you can implement immediately.