Exercise intolerance and sluggish healing are common problems in people suffering from chronic illness. For all of the great intentions, exercise machines are most often used as a place to hang clothes. It is the proverbial “catch 22,” you know you need to exercise to get back to the health you desire, but your body is too weak and the post-workout pain it too much to endure, to continue working out. Many chronically ill people have a veritable pharmacy of half used and now expired natural and prescription bottles in their cupboards due to worsening symptoms or no relief when they took them. As you will see both situations are often from the same problem.

Blown Circuits in the Body
What most people, and unfortunately most doctors, don’t know is that the many muscle groups of the body are set up on dedicated circuits, much like the circuits of your house. If you go to the circuit breaker box in your house you will see that there are many different circuits dedicated to the various areas of your house.
In a circuit in the body you will find the following all sharing a somewhat dedicated electromagnetic circuit… one organ, gland, certain teeth, certain nerves, joints, and certain muscles. For example, the front two teeth on the upper and lower jaw sit on the same circuit as the kidneys, ears, pineal gland, and the psoas muscles on both sides of the body.

The big quadriceps muscles that are located on the top of your thigh, that help you climb stairs, sit on the same circuit with the small intestines, and so on… If there are problems anywhere on these circuits the body will not give 100% energy to the blown, dysfunctional circuit, so that you will not damage things further by being able to go full-tilt on a damaged circuit.

So problems anywhere in the circuit from structural, chemical, stress-related issues, or bioenergetic “software/bioregulation” problems in the circuits will cause the entire circuit to “blow” and everything on that circuit suffers the same fate.

When these circuits are “blown,” the muscles on these circuits will only work at about 40% of maximum integrity. “It isn’t a problem with not working out enough.” With just 40% of the normal strength available, there is not enough strength in the muscles to stabilize the joints, leading to pain, nor is there enough mitochondria (energy factories in the muscle fibers) to produce enough ATP (what your body uses for energy) to enable you to do many repetitions of your workout.

Post workout pain is often due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles (loading up on Lipospheric Vitamin C before workouts can help minimize this from happening), the stirring up of toxins, as well as inflammation set up by the many micro-traumas in the tissues from the strain of working out without any circuit integrity.
“Blown circuits” happen when there are any type of physical, chemical, stress, or bioenergetic problem in the body, not to mention when multiples of these issues are going on at the same time.

One can work out, and even make strength gains, but it will still be only about 40% of what should be available. Taking all the right sounding remedies, if they are not what is needed to turn on the circuits, will only provide brief symptom relief after which they stop working.

Working to detoxify the body, while always a good idea in this day and age, or killing bad bacteria will most often not result in turning on the full power to the circuits.

It would be nice if it were that easy, but it unfortunately requires a health care professional trained to test and treat the entire circuit…especially in any chronic illness.

60% Faster Healing?

Imagine how fast you would go, or how much more rapidly your body could heal, having 60% more integrity in the muscles!”
Again, while eating and living with integrity are definitely steps in the right direction, only a doctor trained to identify and address the myriad of circuit problems can get your body truly reset.
The key to understanding how important these connections are is that any problem anywhere in the circuit will cause everything on that circuit to “blow”, much like overloading the electrical circuit in your house. Everything on the circuit will suffer the same fate!
So in the above example, if the tooth has a bad infection or is being affected by a large silver amalgam filling, or even a bad root canal, it will “blow” the energetic integrity of everything else on that circuit, and the psoas muscles will reflect the problem as a loss of strength.

Athletes depend upon their muscles to ultimately perform and excel in their sport. Few people understand that it is not enough to simply exercise a lot. Not if you want to become a truly world-class athlete, or to simply get back to health and endurance after a prolonged illness.

Can Instant Results be Truly Possible?

We have used this new understanding of body circuits to virtually instantly “cure” people who have been paralyzed and others who have not been able to walk for years.

It would be nearly impossible to do without the many testing and treatment options that we can bring to bear on each case. When asked “How can you get these amazing results so quickly?” I answer with, “When the circuit in your house blows, how long does it take the lights to come back on once you have flipped the switch back on?” “Instantly!” Healing, especially from any chronic illness, is a process, just getting the circuits online again can often achieve phenomenal, virtually instantaneous improvements in muscle strength and endurance, it can take months and years of work to get back to the level of physical strength and health that you desire.

Restoring Healing in Chronic Illness is like…

All the vitamins, supplements, and treatments in the world should be seen as numbers in a combination lock for the bank vault door, behind which lies the wealth of your health. Unless you get the numbers in the correct order, you will never get the door to open. This is why most chronically ill people have a virtual pharmacy in their cupboards of supplements and remedies, often given to them by top natural doctors, using all manner of muscle testing and computerized testing devices, all to no avail.
You can have the right numbers (remedies), but in the wrong order, or the actual missing treatments are not from a pill, but need manual or energetic corrections, and the bank fault of your health will not open.
To complicate things, the sicker you are, the longer you have been sick, the less likely it is that you will be able to heal at home on a generic protocol.
The success we enjoy at the Biologix Center is based upon our incredibly sensitive testing via Linear Polarization enhanced signaling Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, Alfa Thermodiagnostics, phonocardiograms, software enhanced blood test analysis, and so much more.