Many millions of people spend sleepless nights, suffering physical and emotional pain. They cannot sleep so nights are spent surfing the internet in search of what they can do in order to get well. They often lurk on support groups and internet forums listening to the members chat about what they are doing, what is and working for them, in the hope that they can find something that resonates with their own issues.

These people often get very educated after years of living with their unique nightmare, often surpassing the knowledge of their classically trained medical doctor, who often blow off their questions and get angry for being challenged.

No doctor knows everything that can be known about the human body. Most doctors, even the most celebrated ones, have their favorite field of interest, which biases them when it comes down to treating their patients.

There is a New Breed of Doctors

A relative few doctors have made it their mission to take responsibility for understanding every system of the body, specializing in understanding the interconnectedness of the entire human organism.

These doctors are true detectives, looking, listening, and correlating all the clues. They are not in a rush to get you out of their office with a script for antidepressants because obviously you are sick because you are depressed…right? Wrong!

These new doctors understand that 80% of the time where the symptom is felt is not where it is coming from. They understand that for a bacterial infection to take place in the body, that it too is only enabled by a breakdown in the biochemical and bioregulatory systems of the body.

They understand that if they can identify what enabled the bacteria (or any other microbial issue) to flourish in your body and correct it, then the bacterial problem would fade away without even needing to directly go on a bacterial killing spree with antibiotic meds.

Indeed, illness is usually not the symptoms. Symptoms are just the most obvious manifestation of the breakdown of the biochemical and bioregulatory systems in your body.

Unfortunately most of natural and conventional medicine is simply pushing symptoms around. I hate to say it but even I.V. vitamin C, I.V. glutathione, I.V. Meyers Cocktails and all the other antibiotic cocktails are just building blocks that often are just bypassing the real problems.

The celebrity doctor’s/author’s remedy protocols are randomly selecting remedies and medicines are designed for a generic person with a given diagnosis. Funny though…I have never met a generic person. As a matter of fact, as different as we look from the next person on the outside, we are infinitely more different on the inside from each other.

If you have been sick for any length of time, you likely have a cupboard full of half used medicines and natural supplements that where all the latest and greatest on the news groups and internet forums sure to end your misery. While some may relieve symptoms in the short term, for the majority of chronically ill people, in the long run the symptoms worsen, and fad runs its course and everyone realizes it isn’t the hoped for cure.

There is a Better Way

The news is touting the emerging science of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. People are buying watches that can tell you and your doctor more and more about what your body is doing between office visits. This is great, but where the rubber meets the road, the treatments are still just pushing the symptoms around, often just supporting the pharmaceutical industry.

The better way is to access the body’s information via Biological Intelligence (BI) rather than Artificial Intelligence (AI). Both use subtle, imperceptible energy to test, diagnose, and come up with potential treatment solutions. At this time BI is much more sensitive than AI, enabling the doctor to literally have an energetic conversation with your body’s bioregulatory software, enabling the doctor to figure out the primary issues, not according to some non-reproducible computer gadget, and not just in the physical body, but even stored issues from mental and emotional traumas, and then using the BI testing, determine the specific therapeutic treatment needed by the body itself to resolve its own unique issues.

There are several emerging technologies that are incorporating aspects of BI, such as Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing (BES) and Fractal Frequency Modulation (FRFM). Both of these technologies combine to help eliminate much of the guesswork for the doctor. If your doctor doesn’t do a BI-type of testing, then yes, he or she is just guessing when they recommend or prescribe something for you. They don’t know if you will respond good or bad until you take it.

With BI testing your doctor can know if their treatment is going to work, know if you would be allergic or toxic to it, BEFORE you even take it! Even the optimum tolerated dosage can be determined before you ever take it.

As these are emerging adjunctive technologies, BRS only available in approximately 12 different health care centers, and the combination of BRS and FRFM is only available at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Nashville, TN, where it was developed.

The writing is on the wall, blood tests are often very unreliable, and Biological Intelligence in Medicine and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine will eventually completely replace blood tests. It will likely take decades for these new technologies to reach the mainstream, but they are available now.

Better tests with better solutions yield better results.