The latest scientific research has revealed that 90% of all the cells in your body are microbes. Another way of saying this is that there are 20 times more “bugs” in your body than there are of your own cells. Our society has completely bought the concept that we get sick because of the presence of microbes, but is that the complete story, or even the true story?

In cases of Lyme disease for instance, it seems very self-evident in some cases that “I was bitten by a tick which regurgitated its stomach contents into the body which introduced Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria into your body…a bulls-eye rash developed around the bite site…and soon many symptoms started showing up. This definitely sounds plausible that the bacteria caused the illness. But does it really explain everything? Not really.

Consider that only about 40% of people ever develop a bulls-eye rash. Many people never were bitten at all. Many who test highly positive never have any symptoms…ever!

How you act and the physical symptoms you suffer from may have more to do with your ancestors than with your lifestyle.

The theory of epigenetic miasms may explain some of what makes you uniquely prone to the types of problems you experience that are collectively called Lyme disease. This is not “new age”, nor are we talking about genetic mutations, but it is more of an epigenetic phenomenon.

An Epigenetic miasm, by definition, is a predisposition, or tendency, of certain psychological and physical problems that are set in motion by illnesses in your family history going back seven generations, or acquired within your own lifetime.

Epigenetic miasms are due to changes in the expression in genes that are not due to underlying changes in the actual DNA sequences.

Epigenetic miasms are not to be confused with genetic abnormalities, such as missing or mutated genes. Epigenetic miasms are more of an energetic and epigenetic abnormality. John Davidson, a researcher and author on bio-energetics, states that, “Miasms are essentially an energy disharmony, disease pattern or imbalance.”

Scientific research dating back over 200 years documents the reality of these epigenetic problems, though the term epigentetics was only coined recently when researchers on the Human Genome Project realized that instead of the expected 200,000+ gene sequences they only found humans have only 25,000. What this means is anyone who is expecting genetic engineers to be able to come up with a cure for every illness can stop waiting. The problems are not to be found in incorrect sequences of genes in most situations. Therefore the term “epigenetics” was coined to explain the energetic phenomenon that expresses through the DNA as opposed to the actual DNA structure be the end all cause of illness.

Epigenetic miasms are usually started by improperly treated illnesses that can go back as far as seven generations of your family tree. In other words, some of the tendencies to problems you have could be the result of illnesses or medications experienced by your great, great, great…grandparents.

For over two hundred years, scientists have been tracking the epigenetic miasms caused by specific illnesses. Today we have immense collections of data outlining what kinds of problems future generations may experience due to different illnesses. Gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, cancer, and many more, all will generate a specific set of problems unique to the illness when suppressive therapies are used to treat them. Homeopathic texts have pages of symptoms of the body and mind, which are completely predictable in a miasmatically affected family line for each type of miasm.

Antibiotics are a suppressive therapy and, some agree, the major culprit to creating epigenetic miasms. The antibiotics do kill most of the bacteria that cause these different illnesses, but they do nothing to address the damage already done by the bacteria on a physical and bio-electrical level in the patient’s body.

For example, if you find that you have termites in you house, you can call an exterminator to come out and kill the termites. By killing the termites you have eliminated any worsening of the problem; however, you have done nothing to correct the myriad of tunnels through the woodwork of your house. To make matters worse, you now have a very toxic chemical insecticide in your house. The energetic (epigenetic) tunnels and toxins in the body, in a nutshell, are what cause epigenetic miasm to occur.

It can be also likened to using a computer that is infected with a computer virus to build new computers. The new computers will be similarly affected. Epigenetic miasms are very much like a computer virus in your body’s operating system…It doesn’t kill you outright. It only corrupts various aspects of your body’s operating systems when activated by certain stressors in your life.

Epigenetic miasms predispose you to reacting to the tick bite and developing the myriad of symptoms we call Lyme disease. It is very obvious that the bacteria affect the areas of the body, which were epigenetically weakest first, and then as more body systems become compromised they move in and cause even more symptoms.

The point that is clear is that if the underlying epigenetic flaws are addressed in advance or even after the initial bite, and the overall coherence of the body is restored, and the microbial load is reduced, then we would see a gradual disappearance of symptoms.

One of the primary reasons to be treated for epigenetic miasms in young people is to avoid passing on to their offspring, the epigenetic flaws that were associated with having had Lyme disease.

The following is a list of known epigenetic miasm tendencies or predispositions from two major categories related to Lyme disease…Antibiotic-Induced epigenetic flaws and Syphilis epigenetic flaws (a very close relative of the Lyme spirochete). Remember, a person may never manifest any of these tendencies unless their life is unbalanced in some way.

Antibiotic-Induced Epigenetic Predispositions:

  • Friends to the world, very charismatic, but hardest on the ones they love the most.
  • Emotional abuse, psychological warfare, never physically abusive. Wild feeling, abrupt, impulsive.
  • Get better if left alone.
  • Say they are sorry a lot, because the recognize when they are wrong but are somewhat helpless to stop the anger once initiated.
  • Night people. Get happier the later it gets and most symptoms are worse in the morning getting better in the evening.
  • Grumpy/irritable in the morning, generally like a darkened room over bright sunshine in the morning.
  • Melancholy, sad dismal outlook, but hurried and anxious
  • High sex drive
  • Prone to morning mucus but clears as the day goes on.
  • Prone to low back pain and rheumatic aches and pains.
  • Nocturnal bedwetting.
  • Craves oranges, ice, very thirsty
  • Ravenous appetite, hunger soon after eating
  • Heels and ball of the feet tender
  • Burning of the hands and feet.
  • Asthma, Diabetes, Ovarian pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, warts, headaches, Liver abscess, Pelvic cellulitis, vertigo.
  • Sensation of a cavity where the heart ought to be.

Syphilis/Lyme Epigenetic Predispositions:

  • Mindset: Hopeless and despairs of recovery
  • Antisocial and apathetic
  • Fears the night all symptoms worse at night.
  • Fears the suffering from physical and mental exhaustion upon awakening…utter prostration and debility in the morning.
  • Pains from darkness to light
  • Very nervous, laughs/weeps without cause.
  • Feels as if going insane or being paralyzed.
  • Family history and predisposition to alcoholism.
  • Impulse to wash hands.
  • Profound Insomnia with great restlessness at night.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome…impossible to keep the legs in one position.
  • Excessive saliva which runs out of the mouth when sleeping.
  • Vomiting/nausea, chronic for weeks or months
  • Heartburn with pain and rawness of the stomach
  • Stupefying Headaches…deep crushing pains across temples.
  • Hair Loss
  • Asthma and coughing, worse sunset to sunrise.
  • Chilly but sweats at night with exhaustion.
  • Pain in the back in the kidney region, worse after urinating
  • Chronic tooth decay

The items on these lists are by no means complete. They simply give you an idea of what symptoms may be seen in a predisposed individual that gets bitten by a tick and is treated with antibiotics and who has a family history of Syphilis and antibiotic usage for any reason.

In this world of antibacterial soaps, cleaners, and prescription antibiotics, you can see that the “Germ Theory” is alive and well in America. But are they truly the “cause of your illness”? What I have told you so far undoubtedly sounds totally contrary to everything you thought you knew about germs and infectious disease.

Germs are not the cause of illness; they simply initiate the reaction in a predisposed individual. An analogy presented by Dr. Otto Wolf, M.D., likens infectious disease to that of an explosion. Dr. Wolf says, “The spark is the not cause of the explosion, it merely initiates the explosive potential of the dynamite. In this analogy the spark is the bacteria, which initiates the disease potential of the individual.” Husemann F. and Wolf O., The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine, Vol III. 1989If your body has no “explosive potential” then bacteria cannot “ignite” an infectious disease.

No one who is not predisposed through imbalance/dysfunction can ever develop an infectious disease. At this point, we need to clarify a very important point…there is a big difference between “infection” and “infectious disease”. Infection is a component of the tissue of the body, while infectious disease is a factor of the human organism. Letterer, Die Medizinische (1953) 1

In other words, infection merely means that you have a microbe in the tissues of the body…quite an understatement when considering 90% of what you think is you is actually them (microbes). The integrity of the human organism dictates whether or not that infection proceeds to cause the symptoms of infectious disease. You may have a potentially lethal microbe in the tissues and never manifest any disease because of it. However, once an infectious disease is initiated, it will take a course independent of the type of microbe. F. Horing, Klinische Infedtionslehre, 3rd ed. (Berlin: 1962) Its course is dictated by the host’s ability to adapt instantly and correctly to any changes in its internal and external environment, as well as the epigenetic miasms that are altering the person’s adaptability. This is why 600 thousand people can have the same type of bacterial infection and yet have totally different symptoms.

With the Human Genome Project only being completed in recent years, very few doctors have even heard of epigenetic miasms and still fewer are trained in dealing with them. It requires special knowledge in recognizing the many types of miasms that may be present in a patient. These epigenetic miasm cannot be treated until a level of integrity and coherence is achieved in the patient and their case is somewhat stabilized.

Epigenetic miasms are a bio-energetic flaw in the “software” bio-communication/bio-regulation systems of the body, and therefore there is no “hardware” solution in the pharmaceutical realm. Complex homeopathic and tautopathic medicines are required to effectively address these issues.

David A. Jernigan, D.C. is the founder of the Biologix Center For Optimum Health and the American Biological Medicine Association (ABMA). Training courses in Epigenetic testingand treatment as well as Biological Medicine are available to Health Care Professionals through ABMA.