You know the story…Goldie Locks helped herself to the bear’s house and food.

The bears came home. Progressively the Father, Mother, and Baby Bear went through the exasperated and irritable growling about, “Someone has been sitting in my chair…someone has been eating my porridge…someone has been sleeping in my bed!”

In life and healing we often get so very self-centered that we go through our life very conscious and reactive to how unfair and offended we feel by the actions of other people. We are just like the bears!

In our heart we are saying, “Someone was less than we wanted them to be. Someone did something in my space. Someone messed with my sense of security.”

We must learn to get outside of our pseudo-self-love and learn to be less reactive to the many changes in our environment. (Pseudo means that something is not what it appears to be.) In pseudo-self-love one cannot truly have love for themselves when they have no love for others.

Allow, love, and consider others before ourselves.

As you go through the day, observe yourself and your interactions with others as if it was a movie that you are watching. See that you can respond with love, sending joyful emotional energy in the directions of those things that we DO want, yet allowing others to flow and move in and around your space.

When faced with situations where others have “Sat in your chair…eaten your porridge…slept in
your bed” remember that you have two choices.

You can respond in anger and with hurt feelings, which only makes you feel more hurt and sick, or you can trust God’s perfect plan and relax your heart feelings and expand them to include the other person’s needs and realities.

Choose to absolutely love others without judgment, if for no other reason than this: that you feel happier and healthier when you come from love.