Recently I was asked the question “Dr. Jernigan, what are the keys to perfect health?”

To answer this we must first define what “Perfect Health” really means. We definitely know that it is not the absence of symptoms, since feeling good is no guarantee of being healthy.

This point is clear with so many people are diagnosed with cancer and other illness that take years to become manifest, yet these people would say they were symptom-free for many years prior to their diagnosis.

I like the term “Optimum Health.” I like it so much that I put it in the name of my clinic… Biologix Center for Optimum Health!

Optimum Health is the product of living with the highest degree of functional integrity within the body, mind, and spirit.

Optimum Health is manifested by the ability of the body, mind, and spirit to adapt instantly and correctly to any changes in its internal and external environment.

True Healing is the product of guiding and facilitating the restoration of integrity of every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit through thoughtfully applied physical treatments, natural medicines, and therapies, as well as through teaching and coaching one back to optimum health on all levels.

True healing can never occur by simply masking the symptoms. It might as well be magic if one must take a pill forever in order to feel good.

If one takes the pill away, the reality is obvious…

Not only do you still have your problem but underneath the pill it has gotten worse. So the keys to Optimum Health cannot be found by creating Drug-Induced Illusions of Health!