Science has revealed that there are over 1.5 quadrillion bacteria living harmoniously in the healthy human body. ScienceDaily (June 5, 2008) Due to this new discovery, it has become apparent to scientists that the immune system is not the primary way in which the healthy body keeps the thousand-plus different types of bacteria in your body from causing disease.

Martin Blaser of New York University has been studying the number of types of bacteria in skin. Blaser estimates that there are over 500 different types of living in healthy human skin.

Researchers reporting on the human microbiome (a fancy term for the bacteria and microbes that virtually are the human body) estimate that healthy people who have generationally never received antibiotics may have over 1000 different types of bacteria in their intestines. Preliminary research has resulted in staggering cures of degenerative illnesses when these thousand strains were introduced into sick individuals.

With only an estimated 150 trillion cells in the human body, bacteria outnumber cells over 10 to 1.

So does your immune system really work like the simplistic Pac-man game, with your macrophages and phagocytes (Specialized White Blood Cells) going around gobbling up all the “bad bacteria”?

When we take “immune system boosters” what are we really boosting?

How can many people be highly positive for infectious bacteria, like Borrelia burgdorferi, the primary bacteria thought to cause Lyme disease, and also test very highly positive for the presence of several of the coinfections often seen in this same illness, yet never have any symptoms, year after year?

In order to answer these questions we must first answer what exactly regulates and controls what we call optimum health.

Many people think that if they are symptom-free most of their life, that they are healthy. This thought process is obviously erroneous, because of the pandemic of cancer arising in the world population, often in people who report virtually never having symptoms of any kind, never having abnormal blood tests on physical exams, and rarely missing a day of work.

Being symptom-free is not the same as having optimum health.

It must be understood that optimum health is a very rare condition in the world population. Optimum health is that point where the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly at all times to any change in the organism’s internal and external environment.

Optimum health by this definition describes the ideal condition of what is called bio-coherence.

It is the unifying force of coherence, within the incredible complexity of bio-communication and bio-regulation, which enables the body to adapt to every challenge to optimum health.

The immune system plays a small role, comparatively speaking, to the forces of bio-coherence regulating the disease-causing aspects of the vast populations of microbes in the body.

One might say, “But the bacteria responsible for serious illnesses such as Lyme disease, Diptheria, and Strep, just to name a few, are not part of the healthy human microbiome.” While this statement is true the reality is that even these “infections” seem to merge into the total microbiome of the healthy body, once bio-coherence is re-established.

It could be accurately stated that every illness is the result of the breakdown of bio-coherence.

The restoration of optimum health is not the result of killing all the “bad” bacteria and microbes, but is at best in the conventional medical model of antibiotics, the result of the suppression of bacterial populations and the resultant polymorphism of the bacteria to less pathological microbial shapes as the bacteria morph to escape the treatments.

As the bacteria shape-shift to less virulent forms under the pressure of antibiotics, bio-coherence can often keep them from re-emerging in their more virulent form.

It is this author’s opinion, that the use of antibiotics does more harm than good in the short run and in the long run. Anti=against, biotic=life is pretty clearly stating antibiotics effects on the 1.5 quadrillion bacteria that make up the healthy human body.

With antibiotics one may win the battle, but lose the war, as the bacterial infection is defeated, yet at the cost of over 400 different strains of friendly bacteria being also destroyed, leading to profound disturbances of the microbiome and ultimately leading to the loss of bio-coherence resulting in degenerative diseases, and premature death.

Armed with the knowledge of the microbiome it is now thought that the ultimate and far superior aspect of immune regulation is the microbe regulating aspects of the bio-coherent energetic fields that naturally regulate all microbes and all the systems of the body.

In an essentially whole person, who has not been damaged beyond repair through medical interventions and injury, modalities that strive to restore bio-coherence on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit is the medicine of the future.

It is suggested that bio-coherence even plays a large role in epigenetics, the expression of our genetic blueprint.

The many systems and innovative treatments developed at the Biologix Center, such as NeuroCardial SynchronizationBiospectral Emission Sequence Testing, and NeuroPhotonic Therapy, just to name a few, often enable rapid and true bio-coherence resulting in often-dramatic improvements in conditions affecting every system of the body, mind, and spirit.

We do not believe that you have to feel worse while you are treated before you can feel better! You have suffered enough with your illness. We feel that the sign of good treatment should be that you feel better as rapidly as possible.

It is not unusual for a person being treated to report almost instantaneous improvements in pain, cognition, flexibility, strength, tremors, musculoskeletal alignment, emotional stability, and environmental sensitivities. Patients often report sensations of increased sense of wellbeing, and never before achieved improvements within their first two weeks of care.

When these improvements are seen they are the result of the gradual and possibly rapid restoration of optimum function and integrity of every regulatory system of the body. Our doctors work with the expectation that every treatment may cause immediate improvement, not like so many doctors who only expect improvement months or years down the road. We cannot always get immediate improvement, but wouldn’t you want a doctor to put that type of pressure on himself to perform at that expectation? We achieve same day improvements often enough that the desire to achieve improvement through better, more strategic treatments, drives us in each office visit.

We all have bacteria and viruses all the time, yet we all are not sick, nor are we walking time bombs. Restore what is optimum in every tissue of the body and health will follow speedily.

Our passion and drive is to win every case, as rapidly, and gently as possible. Come let us help you.