One of your first lines of defense against infections is your stomach!
Very often we dilute our stomach acid by drink copious amounts of liquids while we eat. This dilutes the stomach acid and aggravates our body’s ability to digest the food and also the microbes that may be entering our body in those foods.
One might read my Health tips and say all this about restoring the integrity and functioning of the body all is well and good if you don’t have a “truly dangerous” bacteria involved. Lets look at some compelling research to demonstrate the flaw in this mindset.

Tests on volunteers revealed that when given Cholera bacteria to swallow it required extremely high concentrations at up to 100 billion cholera bacteria before any one of the volunteers became sick with the cholera disease. Interestingly the amount of cholera bacteria needed to cause disease dropped by half if they neutralized the volunteer’s stomach acid. (Hornick W, et al, Bulletin of the Academy of Medicine, 47 1971 p. 1181)

How do you neutralize stomach acid? By drinking water and other liquids…not to mention using antacids, such as TUMS, Rolaids, other acid blocker type medicines.

So we see here how abnormal changes in the body increase the chance of developing a disease even from a potentially very deadly microbe. Need more convincing?
Other research has shown that only one out of 100 receptive polio-virus infected individuals will actually come down with polio, the disease! (Joppich G, Lehrbuch der kinderheilkunde, Stuttgart 1975) As you see, the microbe is almost the last determining factor in coming down with a disease.
Yes, once you do come down with a microbial illness the microbial population does need to be brought down, however ultimately the body must be brought back to optimum integrity usually before anything but remission can be achieved.
So to summarize, just eating potentially deadly bacteria and viruses and getting them in your body does not mean you will ever come down with a disease from those bacteria, if your body is healthy and maintained well. If you realized just how many different bacteria and viruses you come into contact with throughout the day, without getting sick, you would be amazed how well your body handles most things when it is functioning correctly.
Maintain your body. Don’t just assume that you are healthy just because you don’t have symptoms. In the same way that we don’t assume we are physically fit just because we can function fairly well in our daily life. We must exercise to keep our body fit. Do the same with your health. Take action to insure every system in your body is tuned to its most optimum levels. By doing this you don’t need to worry about infections and disease nearly as much.