All Quotes By Dr. David Jernigan

“The lungs are one of your body’s primary pathways of getting rid of toxins. Deep breathing exercises are very important.”

“We all choose how we respond to stress. To some degree, the way you respond to stress is a learned process.”

“We must all strive to live only in the moment we are in, no matter how busy our life. In truth, the busier you are, the more disciplined you must be to stay focused in the moment you are in to complete the tasks that lay before you.”

“Believe in your doctor. If you cannot believe in your doctor, find a new one that you can believe in.”

“Tick bites are not the only way to get Lyme Disease.”

“A wise man once said, ‘We are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.’ Choose your medicine wisely!”

“In every epidemic, there are those who walk through it unscathed; this immunity goes beyond simply having a healthy immune system.”

“As I have told so many of my patients, “We are co-mentors upon this journey.” True healing and existence is a team effort.”

“Balanced, healthy living requires one to want and do the right thing, to be self-disciplined, self-observant, and patient. Balanced life is a learned process. It requires lifelong effort to unlearn the past imbalanced living patterns and learn from the present-moment challenges. Each must learn to not be so disconnected from his/her internal and external environment.”

“The more healing you have to do, the more disciplined you have to be to get the desired healing done. The more sick you are, the more disciplined you must be to regain your health.”

“No microbe can replicate out of control in an optimally healthy body!.”

“Walk as if people can hear what you are thinking.”

“The greatest part of education is learning to think for yourself.”

“One must be as willing to unlearn as to learn.”

“Health restoration is a function of the body, not a function of a drug.”

‎”Treat the human condition and health will follow. Treat the bugs and more bugs will follow.”

“Be patient with yourself.”

‎”Action cures fear. Non-action strengthens fear.”

“Don’t sacrifice your whole life because you have a wound in one area. Lyme Disease is not who you are.”

“Negatives are like ticks on a blood hunt. They stick to you. Eliminate the negatives and accentuate the positives.”

“Practice every moment of every day to remain content and unchanged, by any internal or external circumstance.”

“It’s your body, and it’s your decision on how to treat it. Don’t allow a doctor to do anything you are truly not in alignment with.”

“You will only get the answers to questions you are asking. Ask a better question and you will get a better answer.”

“It’s not ‘all in your head’, but illness requires your head to be into and in line with your healing.”

“In order to be stronger and live longer, we must choose to create a healing habitat that effectively eliminates toxins in our bodies and reduces the source of toxins in our environment so that restoration of optimum health can occur.”

“We must change our body’s internal environment, so that it’s not the perfect home for microbes.”

“Toxins are a global problem. There is virtually no one on the planet who does not need to detoxify the body on a continual basis. Every person on the planet should be working to eliminate the sources of toxins in our house and life.”

“I find it interesting that over the course of literally tens of thousands of treatments on people that it is so very apparent to me that the restoration of health, no matter what the diagnosis, very often has little to do with blood tests and drugs.”

“I find it interesting to see that a woman’s cancer went into “spontaneous remission” when the she shifted her point of perspective and was transformed instantly.”

“I find it interesting to see people who have fought the impulse to be ugly and mean or even being depressed and sad for their entire life find health, joy, and peace after an imbalance in their teeth and jaws was corrected.”

“I find it interesting to see a person filled with excessive sinus congestion and pneumonia can stand up after one treatment of their spine and breathe clearly with no sign of pneumonia ever again.”

“I find it interesting when chronic daily headaches for over a year disappeared after a lady stopped chewing gum containing NutraSweet.”

“I find it interesting that years of many symptoms disappeared in a woman after she quit a highly stressful job in a bank.”

“I find it interesting that a man’s heart arrhythmia and heart palpitations went away whenever he would take his dentures out.”

“I find it interesting that when a woman forgave those who injured her in the past, and learned to live the embodiment of love, her chest pain and chronic anxiety disappeared.”

“I find it interesting that after four and a half months with the inability to walk, a young girl could walk after one hour of treatment once the organ circuits were turned back on.”

“I find it interesting when a man with a frozen shoulder was instantly restored to strength, mobility, and no pain after the application of an essential oil over his liver.”

“It is a wonder to me that we give so much credibility to doctor’s concepts of incurable illness, the concept of health through the analysis of blood, and the prophetic prognosis of “just learning to live with your illness.”

“I encourage you to not accept that it is just your lot in life to need to take drugs for the rest of your life.”