No country in the world takes more nutritional supplements than the United States, we also have the most doctor per capita, the most doctor visits, the most high-tech hospitals, and yet compared to all the other nations in the world the people of the United States are reported to have some of the worst health. It is so bad, that the World Health Organization stopped publishing their list of global health scores a few years ago.

The top reason for your nutritional supplements to not achieve what you hoped for from them comes down to one word…utilization. A person can take all the most ideal forms of vitamins and minerals and still get only minimal effect when the body cannot utilize them correctly.

There are many nutritional experts who seem to believe that a person can just push the body to use their recommended nutritional products with ongoing supplementation. While the SAD diet, the standard American diet, is largely devoid of vital nutrients due to the way they were farmed, the processing methods, and chemicals in the food, the fact is true that most people are severely deficient in the many nutrients and minerals necessary for restoring and maintaining health. These people may even feel better while taking the supplements, but many, if not most people realize that their improvements were short lived.

It is all about the utilization of the nutrients.

A person may think that if they take the most metabolically active form of a vitamin or mineral that the body will be able to use it better. This is true, but only to a certain degree.

One of the biggest realizations of my career was something I “accidentally” discovered, more likely it was a Divinely inspired discovery while testing a severely ill patient of mine while using Biospectral Emission Sequence (BES) technology, a sequenced frequency Raman-like spectroscopic analysis that enables real-time access of the patient’s bioinformation/bioregulatory system to determine what is wrong inside their body and exactly what their body needs to correct the problem. BES essentially allow the doctor to pose sequenced, yes/no electromagnetic questions into the body. In this case I ran the sequencing in a slightly different way which essentially led me to find the nutrient the patient’s body needed, but when I was inspired to test deeper, I then discovered that although the body tested as needing the nutrient, it could not efficiently utilize it due to many enzymatic blockages in the body! This may not seem earthshaking, but it has transformed our awareness that every single remedy testing system, be it muscle testing or computerized testing, or even our sophisticated BES testing, has been possibly testing correctly that a person needs a certain supplement or remedy, however, we now know that in almost every single case, the person cannot correctly use the supplement!

Consider that every vitamin functions in the body as a co-enzyme. Every single step in our biochemistry requires a specific enzyme to get from one step in the assembly line of your metabolic pathway. Between the many tens of thousands of enzyme steps is a co-enzyme that facilitates it to go from one enzyme substance to the next. For example, many people have now heard of the MTHFR fad of treatments. MTHFR is just one enzyme in one metabolic pathway with a whole string of other enzyme steps. While beneficial to know if the MTHFR step in the pathway is messed up, it must be understood that often, not always, there is a breakdown in the body’s ability to absorb, transport, convert, and utilize the co-enzymes necessary to unblock that pathway in every tissue where it is needed.

I am not slamming the promoters of nutritional supplements for people with true genetic problems of the MTHFR pathway, however as a result of the promise of MTHFR treatment protocols, many people were switching to different forms of nutrients in the hope of feeling better, only to be disappointed in the long run, due to this issue of taking the right nutrient form still does not mean your body can get it where it needs to go and then utilize it correctly.

What Exactly is Blocking the Utilization of Nutrients?

  • Altered biogenic regulation of enzyme production
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and loss of nutrient balance in the body. Too much of some things and too little of others.
  • Blocked transportation of key nutrients
  • The presence of electromagnetic interference from cell phones, 5G, WiFi, Smart-devices, and other sources which are altering normal bioelectromagnetic regulation from the body.
  • Inherent bioenergetic dysregulation from illness and past harmful treatments.
  • Environmental toxins and their residual damage to the metabolic pathways. It is great, but not enough to detoxify the body. Toxins are called toxins because they damage, and often burn the tissues, causing essentially micro-scarring of the cells and their internal mechanisms.

What Can You Do About Poor Utilization?

Once you realize that every single nutrient and even food you eat is likely being minimally utilized by your body, you begin to understand the profound importance of my discovery of a way to determine, using BES testing, if you are correctly utilizing a nutrient or any remedy or natural medication.

If it were easy to fix, then all of your other doctors and your own efforts would have already worked! The reality is that if you want the best chance of regaining the quality of life you have lost, at this point I know of no other way but to have you come and be tested using the BES technology to find and hopefully correct the many potential causes of the breakdown of your body’s regulation of its systems. A person must set their restored health as their main priority.

The quick fix, celebrity doctor protocols, and the mentality that you can just take a pill or even a selection of the perfect supplements and fix these things is misguided and is why the people of the United States suffer some of the worst health on the planet. Illness is not just your lot in life! Everyone is messed up by the sick-world-conditions that we were born into! Every single person has their own issues, even when they are symptom free. It comes down to how do YOU specifically achieve your highest potential of health, happiness, and quality of life.

What can you do right now? If you realize that we often are messed up from things we are doing to ourselves, you can begin to reduce, or better yet, eliminate the definite things in your life that are hurting you, such as:

  • Turn off all of your smart devices from your house. Unplug your WiFi router. Use only hardwired Ethernet connections for your computers and devices. Get rid of anything that may be sending electromagnetic frequencies into your body. To discharge these random accumulations of EMF energy from your body, find a bit of ground that has not been sprayed with weed-killer or pesticides and stand or walk barefoot for 5-10 minutes, one or more times a day. The earth will draw out the harmful frequencies, but keep in mind, just like chemical toxins, chronic exposure to EMF radiation can cause residual dysregulation in the control mechanisms of your metabolic pathways.
  • Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not eat. If you look at all the personal care product labels and see anything you cannot pronounce, stop using it! Most stores will give your money back on products if you say your doctor says you are allergic and toxic to them. You can say I told you that you are if your doctor will not.
  • Stop using anything with synthetic fragrances. Anything you can smell is a chemical floating in the air that you are breathing into your lungs where it has to be sent to your liver to detoxify. Don’t buy the scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, air-fresheners. All of these are residual in your clothes and absorb into your skin. They are all toxic and bioaccumulate over time. Use non-toxic, “free and clear” with as few ingredients as possible, and none with unpronounceable ingredients. If you wouldn’t eat or drink it, don’t use it! No scented garbage bags, hair products, deodorants, and anything else that comes with a warning label. All of these are endocrine disruptors…they mess with your neurotransmitters and hormones! Women, if you have hormone problems, stop using perfume! They are designed to mess with men’s hormones and will also mess with your own hormones…leading to fat and loss of muscle, since they are estrogenic in action!
  • Place your phone on “Airplane mode” unless you are actively using it. If you are using your cell phone, then always use the speaker mode or hands-free in if you are in your car, never put your phone against your ear. Even the fine print in the paperwork that comes with your new phone says not to get it within a certain distance from your ear. Never keep your cell phone on your body, in a shirt or pants pocket without it being on airplane mode! Cell phones are one of the most harmful sources of random electromagnetic radiation inside of your body. Of course, you will have times you need to have your phone on because you are expecting a call, however, if possible set the phone to the side on a table near you so you don’t have to hold onto it as you wait for your call. If you are surfing the internet to find some website, then once you find the website, turn your phone on Airplane mode again as you read the website.
  • Eat only organic certified food as much as possible. Stay away from processed foods. Essentially shop only on the periphery of the grocery store, since everything in the aisles is processed with chemicals that give those foods a long shelf life. Processed foods can be organic, but by the processing of the ingredients and final product the food is dead from a nutrient and vitality perspective. Break your bad food addictions. Keep a food diary.
  • Definitely eliminate the sources of toxins getting into your body at the same time as you are working to get the toxins out that are already in your body. Detox baths can be highly beneficial, such as 2-4 cups of unscented Epsom Salts with 32 oz. of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (both usually available from grocery store pharmacy areas) in a bath and soak in warm, not hot, water for no more than 20 minutes before going to bed. 2-3 times a week to start, then as desired.

Complete Body Overhaul

Eliminating the sources of harmful things is a life-long challenge. The only way I know to have any hope of correcting the many issues so that your body can use all the best nutrients and medications is to come to the Biologix Center for our all-inclusive programs of care, where our doctor will see you daily and use the BES testing to guide everything that is recommended is being correctly utilized. I know that many people cannot come to the Biologix Center for financial or distance and time constraints. I cannot fix someone in one visit, nor is it easy to figure out everything that is going wrong inside a person. It takes time, skill, many tools and techniques, and did I mention…TIME! This is a short list of items we test on everyone who we treat in no particular order of importance:

  • All detectible musculoskeletal issues
  • All detectible Neuromuscular issues
  • All detectible biochemical pathway issues
  • All toxin issues
  • All associated bacterial issues
  • All associated fungal issues
  • All associated viral issues
  • All associated mycoplasmal issues
  • All associated parasitic issues
  • All associated microbial and environmental toxin issues
  • All associated hypersensitivity issues
  • All associated stuck mental/emotional issues
  • All electromagnetic interference issues
  • All fascial restriction issues
  • All Cranial bone fixation/TMJ issues
  • All associated biophotonic regulation issues
  • All systems bioregulation issues
  • All associated heavy metal toxicity issues
  • All associated mitochondrial energy production issues
  • All associated hormone, neurotransmitter, neuropeptide issue
  • All associated gland and organ issues
  • All associated foreign toxic, inflammatory enzymes, PLA2 and more
  • All associated foreign substances in the blood issues (graphene, hydrogels…)
  • All associated foreign programmable substances in the body and blood (graphene, hydrogels, programming…)

Consider now, why we ask for you to give us at least a week for those with uncomplicated illness and two to three weeks and ongoing care for the complicated cases! We are striving to find and help your body correct EVERYTHING we can find that is wrong in your body. Thanks to BES testing and a huge toolbox of treatment options we can often do what no other clinic or hospital has been able to do for you.

Even if you have no symptoms, that is no guarantee you are truly healthy, especially with all of the recent events in the world. Consider letting us give you a complete overhaul. You will never be unchallenged by the global environment, but you can keep it to a low roar!

The Truth

Yes, to those who will scream, that this is an ad to come to the Biologix Center! It definitely is. No, we cannot fix everything or everyone. No we cannot take insurance. No, we cannot fix everyone’s finances. Yes, we have scholarships to help those in financial distress. No the scholarships to not pay for everything.

We are striving to restore and maintain the most optimum condition of humanity in a day and age where we are rapidly losing pure blood and pure DNA. If you do not want to succumb to the manipulations of nefarious actors, we are working to put together a program of restorative care that can lead to restoring the original structural and functional integrity of everyone who can partake of our program. We want to reset the integrity of humans.

Or call (855) 992-3337 to speak now.