The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine just went to three biologists (1,2,3,4,5 — Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young —) for their discovery of master genes that control your body’s circadian rhythms and how energy regulates health and healing.

Why is this so important? Your symptoms worsen or improve at different times of the day or night because of what this important science reveals.

You may not cough at all during the day, but like clockwork, you start coughing at 11 p.m. or some other time of night. You might have anxiety, pain, or some other symptom that only shows up at a certain time of day, only to disappear later at night. This science explains why you worsen or feel better at different times of the day. The science also enables your doctor to now dig deeper and get more effect from treatments that are non-pharmaceutical and non-toxic, and that actually respect the wisdom of your body, as they work to restore your body’s ability to heal itself of virtually every malady that plagues mankind.

It turns out that each organ, tissue, and indeed every cell in your body, receives more energy for a two hour period at specific times of the 24-hour body clock. Your symptoms will often get worse or better at different times of the day when these rhythms shift in your body. This awareness can lead to more strategic targeting and treatments to correct the epigenetic expression of these master genes, that create the cyclical worsening of infections, and systemic organ/gland dysfunctions.

The human body regulates its functions via electromagnetic signals. Naysayers and scientific-know-it-alls will likely come out of the woodwork to attempt to debunk this fact and indeed even the Nobel-winning science, screaming “pseudoscience.” Pseudoscience” is often screamed by those with pseudo-intelligence to justify their narrow view of the issue, but I digress.

The body is controlled by regulatory-encoded energy that flows through somewhat dedicated circuits. The heart is the primary generator of energy in the body, producing 60 times more electromagnetic energy than the entire central and peripheral nervous system combined! Of course, every tissue also produces energy via the energy factories called mitochondria. The heart is now being considered as a second brain that sends out bioregulatory information with its powerful electromagnetic pulses.

Another Nobel-prize winning scientist, Luke Montagnier, Ph.D., demonstrated how profoundly important the body’s energy is when he was able to spontaneously construct perfect strands of DNA using just the electromagnetic signature imprinted into water containing all the individual ingredients necessary to make DNA. The individual DNA ingredients self-organized into perfect strands of DNA. The body’s energy is not just on or off, such as a light bulb. The body’s energy contains your dynamic regulatory information that controls every bodily function.

Dr. Montagnier demonstrated he could create perfect strands of HIV DNA and he also created perfect Lyme bacterial DNA by imprinting the water with each microbe’s unique electromagnetic signature! (On a side note, interestingly, this remarkable and reproducible research so scared the “powers that be” that they ostracized Dr. Montagnier and have done every they can do to discredit him and his research.)  Even though the most advanced research around the world of biomedicine has already demonstrated much the same basic concept using encoded microwave technology to create self-organizing and self-assembling polymers, which bear a shocking resemblance to those suffering from Morgellon’s disease, an illness where star plastic polymers are isolated from the skin, urine, and saliva. One might get the idea that “the powers that be” don’t want the public to understand that subtle energy controls everything and that potentially the microwaves emitted from your cellphone, wifi signal, and even vaccines are delivering frequencies into your body that could, in theory, either purposely or incidentally disrupt genetic expression. The more subtle the energy, the more profound its effect on your body’s electromagnetic regulation.

This may be one reason that the FDA and FTC are going after homeopathy to severely limit its availability to the public. Homeopathic remedies are the electromagnetic signatures of therapeutic substances. Homeopathy uses subtle frequencies to counteract pathological subtle frequencies. The only profound way to treat what is essentially your body’s software is to counteract the energetic glitch in your body with a strategically selected energetic remedy, homeopathic remedies.

When the energy production and therefore the bioregulation of your body breaks down, becomes dysregulated, or loses its synchronization, dysfunction, and disease will always be the end result. It is important to know that if all of the organs of your body got all of the energy all of the time there would not be enough energy to go around. Each organ has its time during the day when it gets the most energy. Indeed, when more energy is needed, such as when exercising, every tissue has to increase it’s energy creation and output if not then your body is profoundly drained and it can take a long time to recover from the exercise, and may even lead to bringing down a circuit low enough to allow an illness to arise.

Based upon the organ circuit clock we can see that the bio-rhythms of the body can get very messed up. The whole body clock can be altered due to illness, jet-lag, and switching work shifts from day to night, medications, vaccines, and electromagnetic pollution from wifi, cell phones, and computers.

The Chinese discovered and mapped the organ clock thirteen centuries ago and it has stood the test of time, and now with this Nobel-prize winning research, we can understand just how important it is to achieving your most optimum health and quality of life. Understanding this body clock is important for both you and your doctor.

Many people tell me their symptoms get worse or better at a certain time of day. This is a great clue to a doctor who knows the organ clock. If the symptoms are worse at night between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. then the doctor knows that the liver is a good place to look for the source of that problem, since the liver is most active at that time.

Notice that the bladder and kidney circuits should be essentially “turned off”, or just operating at a low energetic level at night when you should be sleeping since they have their turn of highest energy between 3 p.m.-7 p.m. So for all of you who urinate all night, yet justify it by the fact that you drink a lot of water, your clock is likely messed up.

It is interesting that your bowels should eliminate soon after you awaken to start the day “fresh”. Also interesting is that the heart’s time of highest energy is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Lunchtime is when most heart attacks occur.

All this is just to show how beautifully we are made, and how just killing bacteria, detoxing, taking supplements, exercising, and eating well is often not all that is needed to heal from today’s complex illnesses. It is my opinion, after almost a quarter-century of treating only the toughest, chronic illnesses from around the world, that if you have to continually take something in order to feel better, then it is likely not addressing your body’s primary issues. If you are addressing the primary issues then you should reach the point where you can stop taking everything and the body will maintain itself with just a good diet, and healthy lifestyle choices.

So…not only does it take time to heal, but we must also heal our organ time zones!

Your body organ clock:
5-7 a.m. —   Large Intestine
7-9 a.m. —   Stomach
9-11 a.m. — Pancreas
11 a.m.-1 p.m. — Heart
1-3 p.m. —   Small Intestine
3-5 p.m. —   Bladder
5-7 p.m. —   Kidney
7-9 p.m. —   Reproductive system
9-11 p.m. — Thyroid, adrenal glands
11 p.m.- 1 a.m. — Gall Bladder
1-3 a.m. —   Liver
3-5 a.m. —   Lung

Organ Time Zone (OTZ) problems are caused by interferences in the body’s regulation, such as illness, medications, and environmental factors. All of the organs and glands are interdependent and must work in unison. If one organ is struggling, it throws off all of the others. It is like an orchestra playing a beautiful classical piece of music, and suddenly a trumpet player breaks out into a Hip Hop song. The rhythm of the entire orchestra is thrown off.

Organ time zone problems are medically referred to as desynchronosis, or chronobiology, which is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body’s circadian rhythms. Anyone who has traveled overseas has experienced desynchronosis in the form of jet-lag. The circadian rhythms of the body are most often associated with our waking and sleeping schedule, however, it also includes the shifting of the organ energy levels.

The following chart was developed by Thomas Rau, M.D. of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and is the most detailed Organ Time Zone or “circuit chart” available:

People with thyroid and adrenal weakness often feel best just before bedtime. From the chart, you can see that energy shifts to supply these glands with more energy between 9-11 p.m. It is sad because they feel horrible all day long, and just when everyone else in the house is tired and ready for bed, these people are just hitting their best time of day and don’t want to go to sleep. In this case, it is not that they are in the wrong time zone, meaning maybe their liver is going active and is getting the most energy when the thyroid and adrenal glands are supposed to be having its time of highest energy.  In this case, you can see that the thyroid and adrenal glands are weak (often even with medication to treat these glands) and the reason these people feel better in the evening is that there is more energy being sent to the glands. Once the time and energy aspects of the thyroid and adrenals are corrected, as well as all the other associated tissues and issues, these people can often get back onto a more normal sleep schedule and feel energized throughout the day.

There are many potential strategies your healthcare provider might use to address these organ circuit problems. It must be understood that organ time zones can be off for multiple reasons within each organ circuit. It will require the ability to test the circuits individually as well as collectively in order to synchronize your cellular and organ body clock. 

The doctors at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, TN, have developed tests and therapeutic strategies to address and reset the circuits of the body. If your healthcare team is not addressing the totality of what is going on in your body circuits, you can take all the right sounding medications and remedies with little effect on your symptoms. Correcting the timing and organ circuits at the Biologix Center involves synchronizing the heart-brain with the head-brain via NeuroCardial Synchronization (NCS), and NeuroPhotonic Therapy (NPT), as well as strategic use of low potency homeopathic sarcodes made from Biodynamically-grown sources, to increase energy in a weak circuit, or high potency sarcodes for helping the body in situations where there is an overactive circuit. Indeed every treatment our doctors utilize is strategically targeting and reinforcing all of the highly specific issues, as well as the overall integrity of the body’s circuitry.

Another common example of OTZ problems is seen when the bladder circuit, which should have its time of highest energy between 3-5 p.m., instead turns on in the middle of the night. You can see from the chart that the bladder’s time of highest energy should be between 3-5 in the afternoon, so if it is active  at 3-5 a.m. it indicates that the body’s time zones are off off by six time zones!

Organ time zone problems cannot be detected by blood tests, nor are they corrected by medications and natural supplements that strive to do for the body what the body should be doing for itself. Thyroid medication is a good example of this because they are most often providing the body with the thyroid hormones, instead of working to restore the thyroid’s ability to do it for itself, the way it was designed. Of course, if the thyroid has been destroyed for whatever reason, these medications are the best thing you can do. The OTZ for the thyroid can still often be reset to the correct time and energy, even if the gland itself does not work perfectly.

Often the body clock will be temporarily shifted when an organ or gland is so dysfunctional that the wisdom of the body knows it needs to keep the majority of its energy going to that situation. Although all of the other organs still get some energy throughout the day, the majority of energy is going to fight the infection or whatever issue is affecting the organ.

A real problem is seen when multiple organs and glands are being attacked and are dysfunctional, as seen in infections that can affect every system of the body, such as Lyme disease, mold issues, and other microbial attacks. Now the body’s energy is spread out all the time, in an attempt to provide each affected organ or gland with the energy it needs to fight and repair. The body’s energy production cannot keep up with the demand and global chronic fatigue sets in.

OTZ problems go largely undetected and unaddressed by the vast majority of doctors because they are focused solely on the numbers on your blood test. Not only that, but the energetic nature of the human body is only mildly acknowledged in the mainstream. Doctors would need to actually come out from behind their desk or look up from the patient file and do energetic testing. That is not likely to happen anytime soon.

OTZ problems can only be addressed by a doctor trained to detect and correct the body’s energetic clock and organ time zones. In the mess that most chronically ill people’s body are in, it makes sense that if the goal is to restore the body’s ability to heal from the inside out, then resetting the proper body clock time zones would be an important thing to do.

Of course, not every case of excessive urination at night will be due to OTZ issues. Not every case of insomnia, coughing, pain, neuropathy, and such, can be blamed on OTZ problems. The concept goes much deeper than this article can cover. Click on this hyperlink to see that organ desynchronosis includes all the rhythms of the body, right down to genetic rhythms. This is why the simplistic idea that drives most of modern day medicine, that every organ and biochemical can be pharmaceutically forced to behave, is really flawed. Forcing the body into drug-induced illusions of health, symptom-suppression, when there are better treatment options, is just throwing off the rhythms of everything. Much of the conventional and even many natural medicine treatments are what I call, “Pieces and Parts Doctoring.”

Resetting the organ time zones requires advanced testing and treatment skills, and can result in virtually instantaneous improvements in many individuals, however beyond just quick improvements,  our desire is not just to help you feel better, but to help you stay better in the longterm. This is one reason we most often ask you to allow two or more weeks so that we can continue daily to help facilitate the fine-tuning of your physiology. As your body changes in response to our treatments, we are addressing how your body did or did not shift correctly overnight during your daily testing and treatments. 

Ideally, in this day and age of electro-pollution and other life challenges, you would see a healthcare professional every three months, at the very least, to check and readjust things in order to maintain optimum cellular and organ circuit rhythms. No matter what treatments the doctors at the Biologix Center use, from the first office visit to the last, they are always checking to ensure that the remedies and treatments are all working with the natural rhythms of your body. 

Call today and let us help you get your body clock set correctly!