Pain is your body’s way of saying, “Don’t do this or it is going to damage me!” It is the pain of a broken leg that prevents you from attempting to walk on it, which would make the break even worse.

Any symptom, including equilibrium problems, blurry vision, upset stomach, tingling, numbness, fever, headaches, fatigue, etc., are all simply ways your body is telling you something is going wrong inside.

When a person takes a medicine, eats something, puts something on their skin, or smells something and starts feeling increased symptoms, it must be understood that the symptoms are the body telling you that it is having a hard time handling whatever it came into contact with.

Listen to your body. I have tested patients and found that they are allergic and/or toxic to many of the pharmaceutical or natural medicines they were trusting to heal them. Many of these people have said, “I have never felt good since my doctor put me on that medicine!” I am amazed that these people often have been taking the medicine for years and trusting their doctor’s best guess over their own body screaming at them saying, “DON’T TAKE THIS MEDICINE! IT IS HURTING YOU!”

Very often a doctor has many choices of medicines to do the same basic function. Tell your doctor if your body is screaming at you with symptoms and ask the doctor to put you on something else.

Ask your doctor if he expects you to feel worse on the medicine. If he does then get a new doctor! The reason anyone goes to a doctor is to feel better. Your doctor should at least make every effort to ensure that the treatment plan supports every area of your body that may be challenged/damaged by the primary medicines.

Listen to your body. It is not stupid. Nor is it your lot in life to have increasing symptoms the older you get.

If you will listen to your body, it will let you know if the perfume you are using is messing up your hormones. Your body will let you know that the NutraSweet product you are eating is harming you. It will tell you that the fluoride toothpaste is causing cognitive disturbances and apathy. And your body will let you know that the mindset of negativity is dragging your energy levels down.

Everything in life is either helping us or hurting us. Every sign and symptom that is other than perfect health is your wise counsel on choosing more wisely in life.